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Our video production is complimented by deep knowledge of customers, SEO, marketing & the digital landscape.  Most video production companies understand how to build a beautiful story, but they often fall short in their ability to play a strategic and tactical role within a sales funnel.  

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Video Business Cards

We'll help capture and convey the heart and soul of your organization.

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New Designer Introduction Video

New Spaces Design-Build remodeling hired a new team member, and we worked to get an introduction video put together.

Lensing Realty Video Business Card

Clark Lensing of REMAX Results approached us to help build his website and get more customers.

Meet the New Spaces Team

We crafted a simple video to help prospective customers get a better feel for the New Spaces team and process.

Customer Testimonials

Capture & convey the trust you've earned from the work you've done.

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Remodeling Customer Testimonials

When you've built a good relationship with your customer, we can leverage their story to convey the trust you've earned.

Minimalist or High Production

We can help you capture customer testimonials with various levels of production.  Some customer stories are told best with full lighting, staging and scripting, while others are better if we keep things simple.

No matter what you'd like, we can help you achieve it.

Capture the Story & Feeling

We'll help you simply capture your customer in their own environment.

Short Video for Remarketing & Paid Ads

Use video to move people along your sales funnel through retargeting on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.

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Parade of Homes Remodeler's Showcase Teaser

We had the opportunity to put a short teaser together for New Spaces Remodeling for the 2021 spring remodeler's showcase.

Parade of Homes Remodeler's Showcase Teaser - West Metro

Here's another example of a teaser video we created with the New Spaces team.

Additional Facebook Ads for New Spaces

This is another take for New Spaces remodeling's parade of homes advertising campaigns.

Probuild Construction Short Remarketing Videos

As part of a remarketing campaign, we crafted a series of 7 short videos that would be shown on Facebook and Youtube, only to the people who've already been on their website.

Top of Mind Remarketing

We created an audience of all website traffic users and then served up a series of quick videos to stay top of mind for approximately 60 days.

Landing Page Ads

This video was used on a web page involved in a paid search ad.  The results are fantastic and it helps people understand a more complex subject matter.

Comparison Video for Sales

We identified a search term that contractors were looking up on Google, and we helped Techware craft a simple video explaining the difference.  The result has been hundreds of phone calls and new customers.

Remodelers Showcase Foot Traffic Ad

To help dominate all traffic for the Parade of Homes Remodelers showcase, we created a series of quick videos to use on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Youtube Video Services

We help professional athletes, thought leaders, businesses and brands build their Youtube content and channels.  For a monthly retainer, you can get on-location, professional film, and full-service post production.

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Professional Athlete Youtube Content

This was the first of 2021's content for Jarred Kelenic's youtube channel.  Byron Yang and the Feedbackwrench video team were able to create something pretty special after some simple interviews.

On Location Long Form Storytelling

We had the opportunity to film Jarred Kelenic during the off-season at his Hometown in Milwaukee. We filmed for 2 days and put together an array of content for his youtube channel.

On Location Long Form Storytelling

We had the opportunity to film Jarred Kelenic during the off-season at his Hometown in Milwaukee. We filmed for 2 days and put together an array of content for his youtube channel.

Creating Content During Spring Training

We had the challenge of creating content for Kelenic fans during spring training.  We didn't have access to mic athletes, and we weren't able to be on the field.  

We managed to create a library of content that was really compelling and his fans enjoy on Youtube.

Day in the Life Content

Totally unscripted and unplanned, we had an opportunity to tag along with Kelenic during his workout days and help create content for his fans.

Conceptual Youtube Content

Compelling visuals and interesting subject matter is usually what drives youtube success, but another thing that works is great ideas and answering compelling questions.

We identified this SEO content & created it for Nuance Financial here in Lakeville Minnesota. The results is a massive uplift in new customers & an explosion in sales.

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