Our Pricing

Setups & Ongoing Services:

Most setups take between 60-120 days, depending on the complexity of the project. We might be able to create quick landing pages, but generally speaking, our process leads to superior results and our process is methodical.

3 Stages to Building Digital Momentum.

Generating sales using digital marketing has many components, but it comes down to two parts.  The first part is to create a high converting website that actually moves people to take a step, and the second is to develop market share & traffic.

1: Build a High Converting Website & Footprint

It's like building a better mouse trap that actually makes sales.

2: Generate Traffic & Market Share

It's like buying seed for your farm once you've built the tractor bought the field.

3: Become Dominant in Search Engines

Become the ten-ton gorilla in your industry & suck all the oxygen out of your region.

Simple Website
+ Branding 
+ Writing
6 x $833
Monthly Installments
We will create an excellent, simple website that's built to convert.
Branding, logos, colors & typography
Simple Brandscripting for messaging
Google reviews widgets & review page
Writing & messaging done by Feedbackwrench
5 Pages: Home, Services, About, Reviews & Contact
Social Media Graphics
SEO setup & optimization on website
Safe, secure & easy for users to update
SEO optimization for 1 core location and niche
We provide all stock images, graphics etc.
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Enhanced Website
+ Deep SEO
6 x $1,333
Monthly Installments
We will create an excellent, advanced website that has everything you need to rank well in SEO, convert leads, build credibility & build content easily in the future
Everything from Simple Website
In-Depth, strategic keyword planning
3-7 Core Service Page Writing & SEO Optimization
4 Location Page & SEO Optmization
2 Industry or Sector Pages & SEO Optmization
Build out of portfolio / our work systems to showcase your projects.
Testimonial system to easily show people's reviews
SEO Citation Burst for Google Business
Deep SEO Setup - Bing, Apple, Google & Social
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Enhanced Website
+ Lead Generation Ad Setup
6 x $2,000
Monthly Installments
Summary: Enhanced website with enhanced lead generation advertising setup.

We do a one-time, amazing advertising setup, we support it for 90 days, and you pay the advertising costs.

Recommended ad spend varies between $20/day - $400/day, with more aggressive businesses spending more.

We will setup a fantastic advertising funnel, manage it for 90 days, and you will pay all the ad spend.
Everything from enhanced website.
We setup ads & remarketing and we manage them for 90 days after the ads go live.
Outside of the initial setup, all your spend goes to advertising
We handle the strategic planning, messaging, writing, graphical design & implementation for the ads you need.
Advanced Machine Learning Setup: Conversion setups for our "marketing machine" setup for Google, Linkedin, Facebook/Instagram and Youtube.
Google Search Ads: We build 4 core search ads to drive leads.
Facebook Ads: We will setup up to 4 Facebook ad groups
Youtube Ads: We will implement a Youtube ad setup if appropriate.
Linkedin Ads: We will setup up to 4 LInkedin ads as well.
90 Days of Ads Management by Feedbackwrench
Enhanced Setup of Retargeting & Conversion Actions
You own the setup forever, whether you work with Feedbackwrench or not.
We design multiple editions the creative, images & posts needed.
You spend, with the ad platforms, minimum of $10/day per campaign (varies).
Average Necessary spend is $20 - $400/day total, depending on needs.
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Search Engine Optimization Services

Monthly SEO & Content Services


Reduce your dependence on advertising by investing in content marketing & SEO.

Ranking high in google requires more reviews, authoritative content creation, on-site optimization and backlinks.

Our SEO service is a white-hat, content-focused SEO service.  We research & write the content necessary to cause your website to rank high in search engines, and then we will do what's necessary to improve it's prominence, authority and engagement.

Content Marketing takes time, and the content usually takes 8-24 months to pay off.

SEO is an investment for the future, as it will dramatically reduce your dependence on advertising spend, and create a steady flow of leads to find you without paying.

Strategic SEO & Keyword Roadmap

We will identify the perfect long-tail and short tail keywords according to your business goals.

2x In-Depth Content Pieces a Month

We will write and develop, in-depth, hyper-optimized content on your website.

Report & Tracking for Locations

We will provide in-depth, super-helpful tracking and reporting on keywords and business locations.

Content & SEO Service
Content Creation, Backlinks & Optimization.
Two in-depth content pieces a month.
Build backlinks to new content & old content.
On-page & on-site optimization for new & old content.
Post content to social media to help jump-start engagement.
Create graphics & visuals for content to rank in images.
Build out citations & monitor local SEO
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Local Video Content Service

Video Production

$500-$8,500/video shoot

We will shoot & edit an amazing business
For local Twin Cities clients, within a 20 mile radius of Lakeville MN, we have a service to provide month

Average of $500 per day of editing & shooting

Some videos are quicker, and the more often we shoot a company, the quicker and easier videos become.  

Each day of shooting & editing = $500.

Connect for a Precise Quote

We will listen to your needs, and provide a more detailed pricing quote.

You own the footage, with multiple outputs

We've built a customer friendly video service for small business.

Video Production
Content Creation, Backlinks & Optmization.
per shoot
Professional Audio & Video
Meet on location or in our simple studio
Professional lighting
Output of 2-4 videos
Long form, short form & various outputs
Upload & optimization for ads, SEO content etc.
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Website Hosting

Built on Webflow

$74 / Month

Website Hosting, SSL, CDN, & Review Tools


Customer Service by Feedbackwrench

No Plugins to Update, Incredibly Clean Code

AWS Hosting that’s Lightning Fast

CDN for Increased Speed

SSL Included

Secure Form Storage & Notifications

Incredibly Secure & Safe

Multiple backups a day

Blazing Fast Load Speeds

Customer Support

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Services We Provide:

Branding & Websites

We do the logos, branding, messaging, writing & website development.

Lead Generation with SEO & Ads

We do the logos, branding, messaging, writing & website development.

Local Video Production

Within a 20 mile radius of Lakeville MN, we create videos for businesses.