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About Feedbackwrench

Our Services

We help fill your sales funnel & get great ROI, here are our core services

Custom Web Design & Development

Learn what's different about Feedbackwrench websites.

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Search Engine Optimization

We hustle to get your company ranking for queries that matter to your business.

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Strategy & Messaging

Learn about how all our other services stem from strategy.

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Paid Advertising & Remarketing

Google & Bing can be hacked with ads, here's how we do it.

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Our History

We exist to help maximize the efforts of business owners & entrepreneurs, so they can focus on what they do best. Our team is committed to being trustworthy, competent, enjoyable and rigorous in all we do. We relentlessly pursue the best interests of our clients, we seek to be excellent at anything we do, we hate coddled ideas, and we want you to love interacting with us at every level.

2012 - Nuance Financial Tax & Accounting

Rob Satrom started and founded Nuance Financial Tax & Accounting out of Lakeville, helping small businesses with pro-active tax planning, tax services, bookkeeping and more. He left Nuance to start Feedbackwrench to help those clients with more than their taxes.

2015 -2018- Feedbackwrench Grinding

Between 2016 - 2018 we spent time helping smaller customers, building our credibility, and learning what actually gets results for them.

2018 - Present Feedbackwrench Team

After building momentum, we've been fortunate to build a team of designers, copywriters, and project managers that help us work efficiently for our customers.


We've built a team and process to live out our mission - to maximize the efforts of business owners and entrepreneurs by making the web their best employee.

Our Process

We try to create a simple, predictable process for our customers to achieve success with our services.

Identify Your Company Goals

We start with a questionnaire that helps us understand your business goals and challenges, and find out if we're a good fit for your organization.

Agree to Scope of Work & Schedule Your Project Launch

This is about creating a relationship where we can accomplish our mission; to maximize your profitability and create the type of ROI that makes us a no-brainer for you.

Kickoff the Projects

We have a simple 4 stage process to get your website, messaging, and marketing projects headed in the right direction.

We love working with Home Services Companies, Builders, Financial services, and any other company that does a great job in person and needs to amplify what they do with a top-tier online strategy.

Our Leadership

Allow me to introduce ourselves.

Rob Satrom

Owner & CEO of Feedbackwrench

Heather Satrom

Project Manager

Daniel Naumoski

Web Design & User Interface

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