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We help Masonry & Stonework Contractors fill their sales funnel & dominate their competitors with exceptional Websites, Ads & SEO.

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Dylan Fredrickson - Fredrickson Masonry

Don't Get Out-Maneuvered Online by Lesser Masonry Contractors

We've built a reputation helping masonry, brick and stoneworking companies command market share in their local regions. We'll create a steady stream of the right kind of masonry leads.

Get the right kind of masonry leads at the right price, using Bing & Google paid search ads

Get a superior, custom website

Rank in Google and Bing for advanced keywords for Masonry, Chimney & Stonework in your region

Finance your company growth with sales, build your team with consistent leads

The websites we've built for masonry companies are simply faster, better and rank higher

Drive selective leads from new construction, service & repair

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Get an Advanced Team for the Price of a $12.50/hr Employee

Feedbackwrench will setup your Masonry and Stonework company website, digital footprint, and then create a steady flow of sales using paid advertising and SEO.

We'll Make the Web Your Best Employee

Bing & Google Ads to Get Masonry Leads at Your Budgeted Cost-Per Lead

We will run paid ads that deliver phone calls, quote forms and other leads at the cost per acquisition that's worth it for your operation.

Show Above Your Competitors in Google & Bing

To beat your competitors in Google and Bing SEO, you'll need to develop your authority, content and trust factors. We'll help you win the long-war of SEO, which eventually overtakes the need for paid ads.

Send us Photos & We'll Post to Social & Your Website

Every job you complete should be a part of your resume.  Our team serves yours and makes it easy for you to take photos on your phone and upload them to our tool which gets them on the website, Google My Business, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and more.

Win at Modern Marketing with an Advanced Website & Marketing System

Don't get left in the dust, we'll develop an advanced, fully custom website that actually drives sales because it's crafted to move your end-user, and win their trust.

Our Services

We help fill your sales funnel & get great ROI, here are our core services

Custom Web Design & Development

Learn what's different about Feedbackwrench websites.

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Search Engine Optimization

We hustle to get your company ranking for queries that matter to your business.

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Strategy & Messaging

Learn about how all our other services stem from strategy.

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Paid Advertising & Remarketing

Google & Bing can be hacked with ads, here's how we do it.

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Affordable & Effective

We built Feedbackwrench to be a great alternative for small business to fill their sales funnel & outmaneuver their competitors online, without the need for staff.

Rob Satrom here, I'm the Owner and Founder of Feedbackwrench.  We have a small team of competent, rigorous and enjoyable staff that will help you get your business in position to conquer the future.

The future is in digital marketing, and we're certain that you'll love the finished product and end results, when you work with us.  

Whether we're building you a website, or serving as your outsourced digital marketing team, we'll relentlessly pursue your best interests and do what's necessary to amplify your business online.

Thanks for your time and please book some time on my calendar for a consultation.

Rob Satrom
Founder & CEO of Feedbackwrench

Don't Waste Time & Money on Mediocre Digital Marketing

We know exactly what works when it comes to digital marketing, and our team is highly proficient.

For the cost of a rookie employee, you'll get top-tier digital marketing that will fill your sales funnel, but by now, you've probably read that enough on the website.

Rob founded Feedbackwrench after seeing the missed opportunities his tax and accounting clients were leaving on the table.

Small businesses don't have the time or expertise to implement the digital marketing that actually gets results.

Rank Above Others on Google My Business & Bing Places

Masonry contractors need to beat their competition on the local Google My Business and Bing Places platforms, we'll help you do just that.

Command Market Share for the Right Cost

Paid ads, when run expertly, will acquire customers at a consistent cost and pace. This means you can grow your company with a steady flow of sales. Don't leave it up to chance.

Updating Social Media & Websites

Don't waste any time updating social media or your website. Just snap some photos of your projects, and upload them to the backend of your website and our team will handle it from there.

A Stunning & Dominant Website

Our websites are faster, more secure, safer, easier to update and longer lasting.

The website we build and maintain for you will be custom built, and contain features that your competitors will not.

The Plan & Process

Marketing to Get More Chimney Repair Jobs

One of the best marketing approaches we do for masonry companies is to help them identify the best, low complexity and highly profitable type of jobs.  Some of the best that we’ve identified here in the Minnesota region are chimney repair, fireplace brick and stone, and exterior brick and stone.

We believe in adding value at every turn and while we'd love for you to give us a call and enlist Feedbackwrench to be your marketing & advertising gurus, we're not afraid of giving away some value for free. Here's some of the basic ideas and strategies we recommend local masonry companies should use.

What’s the Best Way to Get Local Masonry Leads?
  • Build a website that converts
  • Build up trust signals & reviews on Google & Facebook
  • Optimize to rank & convert for critical keywords & services
  • Use targeted paid ads to gobble up search impression share
  • Use google review ads to get your reviews to show above others
  • Use optimized sub-landing pages to drive phone calls & forms for each keyword
  • Use separate ad groups, keywords, ads and landing pages for each unique search ad
 to get more leads, start with optimizing your website

Below you’ll see some of the best keywords and search phrases for Masonry, Chimney and Stonework companies.

To Get More Leads, Start with Optimizing Your Website

Below you’ll see some of the best keywords and search phrases for Masonry, Chimney and Stonework companies.

Each month, there’s well over 27,000 searches for these exact searches and that monthly search count excludes the non-exact variants of these masonry keywords. There are probably hundreds of thousands of searches every month in the United States and you can optimize your website to not only rank for these keywords, but to compel people to call you to solve their problems as well.

Below are the monthly average searches in the United States for these distinct, exact-phrase keywords.

Look at the Opportunity Each Month!

27,000 searches each month for these keywords.

Create Content & Landing Pages

Each of your core services, such as chimneys, fireplaces, and exterior stone, need to have their own landing pages that communicate to web visitors how you solve their problems and make their life better.

It’s nearly impossible for one home page to rank for multiple high-valued “core commercial keywords”.  You should have a sub-landing page system that speaks to those search users uniquely.

Your Masonry Website Sends Signals to Google My Business & Bing Places

One reason you’ll want to create service pages for each of your masonry services, is because it sends the signal to Google My Business and Bing Places that you’re in the business of these competitive masonry services.

Answer Masonry Questions with your Blog & Build the Services Page

You should use your blog as an FAQ and a platform where you can answer questions, teach and supply important information to people about their brick, masonry, chimney and fireplace.  You should think through every question someone might have concerning fireplaces, chimneys, and exterior stone siding and then create content around these questions.   Feedbackwrench writers and content strategists do this for you, by the way!

As you build up your written content on your website, you should hyperlink to the core services that the content is speaking about.  This helps with “internal linking” to send the signals to web crawlers about which are the most important pages on your website.

External Links & Citations

You’ll also want to find ways to get “backlinks” from other websites to your home page, and your sub-services pages.  Every time Google and Bing crawl another website and see a high quality, contextual backlink to your website as a source, it builds up your authority just a little bit, and tends to work in your favor.

Google and Bing Ads = Immediate Local Masonry Leads

You can capture market share TOMORROW by running highly optimized Google and Bing Search ads to each of the keywords we've shown you (on the other tab).

Bing ads are important because anyone that get's a new Windows PC will have their default search engine set to Microsoft Bing, and unless your a bit more technologically savvy, you won't always take the time to reset it to Google

The case for paid search ads is compelling, because when people search these keywords, they're obviously ready for a solution to their problem.  Social media posts have their place, but when it comes to generating real sales, nothing is more important than being at the right place at the right time.

How much would you pay to have someone give you a call?

Google Search ads for masonry contractors is a little bit like bribing Google, but there's quite a bit of science and art that goes into creating a targeted, highly-profitable search ad, and that's a major thing Feedbackwrench does for Masonry and Chimney companies.

Landing Page + Ad + Keyword = Auction Savings

When you run Google or Bing search ads, you'll want to make sure you've created compelling, moving, and optimized ad copy, landing pages, and selected the perfect search phrases, keywords or topics.  We've perfected this in the masonry space, which leads to some consistent stone, exterior siding and other chimney or fireplace customers.

Google My Business Reviews + Feedbackwrench Ads = Domination

When we work with our customers to become the most dominate Google Review (and Facebook review) presence in their region, we can use the Location Extension feature on Google and Bing Ads, to show your Bing Places or Google My Business reviews.  

If you have more reviews than the other masonry contractors in your area, people will be VERY likely to click on your profile, call you or contact you.

If you can build up more reviews, that are of a higher quality than the competitors, and we can use ads to boost you above everyone else.  

When we have the location extension attached to an ad, our click through rates skyrocket and we can also perform some compelling competitor ads.

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