Course: Learn Exactly How to Build a Super Profitable Accounting Firm

Rob's coaching and training on how to get sales, build high retainers, and build a scalable & profitable accounting/bookkeeping firm.

Accountant Training Course

Learn how to be an "outsourced accountant"

I want to help you build a practice like I did, because it's a truly fantastic opportunity for people to build wealth, add big-time value to people's lives, and run their own business.

Learn to Stack Value

This course is all about helping you add more value to your customers, and I'll show you exactly how to do that.

How to Sell Retainers

I'll show you exactly what works to land significantly bigger retainer clients.

Sales Training

You'll also learn how to market & sell so you can actually build momentum & grow. Practical, real-life advice.

Target & Close the Right Niches

Get the truth about the most profitable niches & approach to getting accounting clients.

The Back Story of My Accounting Firm

Hear about how I built Nuance Financial Tax & Accounting with my best Friend Nick Meester.

3 Major Fails Leading to Low Retainers

Get a taste for my coaching here.

The Perfect Niche for Accountants & Bookkeepers

Get a taste for my coaching here.