Marketing Funnels that Command Market Share

We'll setup a marketing funnel using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Display Ads and Marketing Software.


What Works for Marketing

These concentric circles show what are the most reliable, and consistent marketing strategies. You can read more about them below.

Paid Search Ads with Remarketing

We drive predictable traffic with paid search ads, and then create audiences and then follow them with targeted follow up ads on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Display & Linkedin (omnipresent remarketing).

Lead Magnets with Nurturing & Sequences

We generate warm traffic by advertising a free resource to your niche prospects.  This builds an email list which we then nurture with emails & content till they convert.

Personal Outreach with Remarketing & Nurturing

We provide tools to support cold calling, messaging and outreach. Gain permission to introduce yourself via email, then remarket to them with omnipresent remarketing & nurture them with content.

Content Marketing Written & Video

On your blog & Youtube Channel, we create helpful written & video content that users will find through Google.  We then use that content to close more sales & drive more traffic.

Social Media Engagement & Posting

We post social media content that's helpful & engaging, and then help you engage with other people and organizations that matter to you.

Marketing Funnel Process

After hundreds of ads written for an array of small businesses, we've developed a pretty simple system to get your business setup up excellently.

1 - Create strategy

We'll identify your capacity & goals, and then develop a strategy that will get you there.

2 - Create Landing Pages & Ads

We'll write the ad copy, design creative assets, develop landing pages & write followup email campaigns.

3 - Launch

We'll get your ads up and running, but that's just the beginning.

4 - Continuously Improve

We'll manage your ads to ensure they're accomplishing your goals and running efficiently.

5 - Nurture Leads with sales Funnels

Ad should be watched carefully, improved and tweaked as things change over time.

Different Types of Ads

The tools we use to drive traffic

Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

Lead Generation on Social Media

Paid search ads will show up in the search engine result pages on Google & Bing. Paid search ads are excellent because they show high intent & we can assume they are ready to find a solution and close.


Youtube Bumper Ads & Discovery Ads

We can use Youtube pre-roll bumper video ads, as well as discovery ads, to have excellent conversations with people.  Ads can point to either a landing page a Youtube video.

Youtube provides inexpensive reach for companies, and amazing targeting capabilities.

Youtube is also excellent for remarketing ads, showing video bumper ads and Youtube search results to people who've already interacted with your website before.


Google Display Ad Network

Websites & blogs across the internet, as well as Google websites, have advertising installed called "adsense".  

We can create an array of graphics which will be used in advertisements across the adsense & Google network.

We can use Display ads to target a very specific audience, and then get very inexpensive brand impressions.

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