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5 Fails of CPA Site Solutions - Who's the best website & marketing for CPA Firms & Accounting Firms? Compare CPA Site Solutions to Feedbackwrench Websites for CPA firms & Accountants

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5 Major Fails of CPA Site Solutions Review

Scroll down below to see my list of 5 fails of CPA Site Solutions websites for accountants.

First off, we're a competitor of CPA Site Solutions. We are with Feedbackwrench CPA Firm Websites vs. CPA Site Solutions Websites.

We focus on strategy, messaging, web design, marketing, and SEO.

We are committed to providing reviews of CPA Site Solutions, because we've helped so many people convert from CPA Site Solutions to a much more compelling marketing setup for their accounting firm.

Check out our other CPA Site Solutions Reviews, Our 9 Reasons to Convert from CPA Site Solutions to Feedbackwrench, our 3 Major Problems with CPA Site Solutions Review, and more.

I built a million-dollar "outsourced accounting firm" called Nuance Financial and left it only after my business partners pulled some shenanigans that meant I needed to move on.

We build websites according to our "outsourced accounting" value proposition. We also have a fantastic reputation for building high-converting websites that are easy to update, rank in Google and keep up to date.

Feedbackwrench + Tax Dome Technology = Bliss

A Feedbackwrench website & marketing setup, paired with Tax Dome technology, is the perfect setup to dominate the marketing, SEO & firm management setup.

Before you sign up for CPA Site Solutions, you should read this article and watch this video because there are some significant problems with CPA Site Solution websites that you should be aware of before you ask them to steward your accounting firm's marketing and web design.

CPA Site Solutions have been around for a long time, and their technology seems just old. In fact, I've written my own review of CPA Site Solutions web designs by Feedbackwrench.,

They started doing niche accountant and CPA firm websites far before anyone else did, which led them to be the largest player in the accounting firm marketing and websites.

I have some major criticisms, and I want to point out five major fails of CPA Site Solutions in this critical review.

We are a competitor to CPA Site Solutions, and we're different in how we approach web design, sales copywriting, search engine optimization, and pay-to-advertise.

We strongly encourage you to check Feedbackwrench accountant websites and marketing compared to CPA Site Solutions websites for accountants and CPA firms.

Compare our work to their work and our reviews to their reviews.

CPA Site Solutions reviews - 5 Fails of CPA Sites Solutions

#1 CPA Site Solutions Review Fail - Subpar Designs, Marketing & SEO

Your accounting firm deserves a more professional and high-converting website.

Head into any current live CPA Site Solutions website, read the copy and think if this copy-pasted information is selling.

Let’s Dive In:

First off, I found a live CPA Site Solutions website here: HBEG

Just read that copywriting and ask yourself, “is this something that the owner of a landscaping company, HVAC company, or a real estate broker would read?

In fact, would ANYONE read this?

The answer is no.

CPA Site Solutions writing just says things about accounting, the messaging quality on this page is so incredibly sub-par it’s embarrassing.

We often put niche SEO copywriting lower in a service page to help Google latch onto the content. Still, we always ensure the top-fold accounting information is built for small business customers.

Just look at the design of HBEG, and ask yourself if it brings people through the 3 stage customer journey.

  • Does it pique their curiosity about how they solve small business problems?
  • Does it show credibility and build trust with the reader quickly and easily?
  • Does it connect with their community or industry niches?
  • Does it have an authentic look and feel?
  • Does it have customer-focused, concise messaging that connects?
  • Does it have anything to position them against its local competitors?

We contend that when you read through this and the other examples of CPA Site Solutions that we will show you, the answer is that the NO, CPA Site Solutions websites do not help the accounting firm connect, position themselves, or move the client in the right direction.

A quick review of any live CPA Site Solutions accounting website shows that these websites regurgitate the stuff that accountants do. 

CPA Site Solutions built their sites on a template system, and they've since started to get into "custom WordPress blogs", which are still not up to the caliber that an accounting firm or CPA firm should be at.

The Potential of an Accounting Firm is too Great to Settle for Mediocre Web Design & Copywriting.

You can build a multi-million dollar firm if you do it right, but relying on these mediocre CPA Site Solutions websites makes you sell yourself short.

CPA Site Solutions has some customization options; you can hire them to develop custom websites. Still, you're going to see that the messaging, designs, imagery, and overall sales psychology needs to be improved.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, we want to point out that while our websites and marketing are beautiful, our understanding of B2B sales drives our customers' success.

Our websites connect and move small business owners rather than just say things about the accounting firm. 

#2 CPA Site Solutions Review Fail - Duplicate Content Everywhere

Besides being full of just weak & unengaging content and copywriting, which is bad enough, they're also full of duplicate content.

Most CPA Site Solutions websites don't have much unique content.

The foundation of most CPA Site Solutions sites is templates.

When your website is full of duplicate content, let alone burning and un-engaging content, it's unhelpful.

Let's look at just how much duplicate content happens to be in a CPA Site Solutions Website Review. 

Here's a "Live CPA Site Solutions Accountant Website" we can look at. 

It’s Hafen & Buckner Tax Accountants. 

Once I got there, I went to one of their important service pages, such as the small business accounting page.

Small business accounting page is the most important service a CPA firm can specialize in.

Look at the page here.

Notice how crap the design is, how unengaging the website copy is, and how mediocre the entire webpage is.

Not only is this web page pathetic, but it’s full of duplicate content.

I jumped into the free Copyscape tool to show other sites with the same sentences and copywriting.

Here are a handful of other sites that show substantially similar content to this sorry page.

They’re not all 100% identical, but they’re really close.

The Upside of Your Firm is Too High to Settle on Such Mediocrity!

In their policy, Google tells us that search engines will gloss over and de-prioritize duplicate content.

I’d argue that the duplicate content of a CPA Site Solutions Website review is only one part of it; it’s really much more about the sloppy, meaningless, and unengaging nature of copywriting.

I probably wouldn’t care if their websites had some duplicate content if it was worth duplicating, but these web pages are not even up to 

Why duplicate content that CHAT GPT can replace in a couple of seconds?

#3 CPA Site Solutions Review Fail - Poor Sales Copywriting & The Homework’s Still On You

Let's assume that you want to utilize a CPA Site Solutions website but want to customize it and make it your own so that you don't have all these failures I just mentioned.

You shouldn't be on the hook to create your own written content. Instead, your marketing team should be able to get your sales copywriting to a point where it's excellent.

Feedbackwrench does sales copywriting and SEO copywriting for our customers;. At the same time, we're not sure how CPA Site Solutions handles its copywriting, and we're unable to identify examples of strong brand scripting or writing on any of the CPA Site Solutions websites we've been reviewing.

If you have to do your own writing, it will take considerable time, and it's usually not your strength.

Most accountants struggle to do their own writing.

It takes accountants a long time to do their sales copywriting, and the time they have to spend doing their own writing usually leads to poor results.

Feedbackwrench will do your writing for you so that it's unique, optimized to connect with small business owners, and all done in line with our brand scripting process.

#4 CPA Site Solutions Review Fail- Lack of Sales Acumen & Customer Focus

This might sound more of the same, but the writing and marketing within the CPA Site Solutions systems lack salesmanship and a focus on the customer.

You only have a couple of seconds to connect with a customer, and letting them get lost in long paragraphs of non-engaging babble about accounting doesn't help your business.

The great struggle for most accountants is that their perspective customers don't really want to read about accounting; they want to know how you will make their life better.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, the salesmanship within the voice of most CPA Site Solution websites is really not very good.

Your accountant website will be your best salesperson and prospecting machine if you do it right.

Your website's tone, voice, and messaging are more important than you can ever dream.

Sure, it's only one part of the sales success equation, but there's no reason to settle for something poor.

Head to the CPA Site Solutions websites we show off here and read the copy yourself.

#5 CPA Site Solutions Review Fail - CPA Site Solutions Portal Can’t Compete with Tax Dome.

Your portal and task management system are the key to your productivity.

Your CPA & Tax firm will become a nightmare if you don’t focus on productivity and efficiency.

CPA Site Solutions provides a secure client portal but can’t hold a candle to the Tax Dome or Canopy solutions.

Rather than use CPA Site Solutions’ secure firm portal, we suggest you use Tax Dome or Canopy alongside a Feedbackwrench CPA firm website.

Occasionally we’ll have an accountant converting from a CPA Site Solutions website to a Feedbackwrench accountant website, and they’ll ask about the portal system.

Your secure portal system is vital to the success of your business, and we’ve done the work to identify which portal system is most powerful for accounting firms.

We’ve found, through extensive surveys, that Tax Dome and Canopy are the best solutions for accountants.

We highly recommend that you get set up with a Feedbackwrench website and a Tax Dome or Canopy subscription.

The result will be a task manager, portal, and even client billing system that’s simply fantastic.

Tax Dome and Canopy have their own little accounting firm website tool, but they’re not on par with the solution we build here at Feedbackwrench.


Your accounting firm deserves better.

The upside to your family-owned CPA firm or accounting firm is so huge that you can’t settle for template-based, mediocre writing, SEO, and marketing for your accounting firm.

We’re passionate about helping CPA Firms & Accountants because we know that when you succeed, your family and community will improve. You’ll be in a position to dramatically improve the businesses around you.

We know how much better a small business can run when they have a fantastic accounting firm serving alongside them.

I started my old accounting firm because when I found out that nobody was delivering the potential value that the outsourced accounting model could, I was dumbfounded nobody was trying to do what I was thinking.

When you get better, every business you interact with can get better.

Don’t settle for a mediocre, subpar website, SEO & marketing for your accounting firm.

I’m this bold because not only do I believe that CPA Site Solutions is a sub-par service, but I’m confident that accounting firms languish due to their websites and marketing.

If you come to Feedbackwrench, we’ll develop a website that not only ranks in Google and is easy to update, but we’ll help your firm become the dominant force in the market.  

We have the keys to delivering higher value, better customer loyalty, and driving higher margins - all in alignment with a marketing and website solution that’s easy to deploy and relatively inexpensive.

Our customers love us, and we’re thrilled to provide you with the service you deserve!

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