10 Must-Open Profiles for Marketing Local SEO Citations & Listings

10 Vital Business Profiles & Listings for SEO & MarketingStarting a business? Here are the 10 most important citations, profiles & platforms you should open to get started.

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10 Most Important Profiles to Open Online When Starting Your Business

When you start a business, it's a good idea to open up lots of platforms that will point back to your website.

Besides the fact that these will point back to your website and help with SEO, these platforms will show up in a branded search.

What's a branded search? 

It's when someone actually searches your business name.

Your goal in a branded search is to have you profiles fill up the entire first couple pages of results.

Go search Feedbackwrench, and you'll see SCORES of profiles that all hold my propaganda , as well as links back to my website.

Watch the Overview of Setting up These Profiles:

Use a Consistent, SEO Rich Naming for These Profiles

Before I show you the best profiles to open, I want you to know about consistent NAP.

NAP stands for "name, address, phone number".

You want to make sure that the name or title of your business, along with the logistical information, is consistent across these profiles.

That means that you should create a specific title for your business that includes your services, and make that the title of your profiles.

Instead of just titling it "Feedbackwrench", I always type it out "Feedbackwrench Web Design & Marketing".

What that does is send the signals across the internet that you're in the business of these things.

If you're "Bettencourt", maybe it would be "Bettencourt Construction & Remodeling"

This is Free Marketing - USE IT!

Another important thing is that these platforms are free, they have their own audiences and users, and CAN be helpful in getting customers.

People are on their devices on social media, they use Google and go to these websites, and we can tap into part of their what's effective for them, and use it to build some sales or momentum.

Fill Them Out Completely & Post

Make sure you fill out these profiles to their fullest, upload your logos and photos, and put in as many links to your home page, sub service pages, and others.

You want these to really represent your company.

Make a handful of posts & stay active!

You don't need to constantly post on these, but you can hire an agency like Feedbackwrench to stay active or help you with this.

Show photos of you and the team, and extend your website messaging over to the social media profile in different ways.

Backlink & Interlink

These profiles need to have links to your home page, and your website should, in the footer, have links that go to these other social media profiles.

As search engines and AI crawl your website, it will see these profiles and take note.

2024 NEW Google Business Social Profiles

As of 2023, Google Business has a "social profiles" section you should fill out.

This will help ensure that when people search on a phone or in Google, your profiles are connected to your business.

  1. Head to the Business Profile in Google.
  2. Click "Edit Profile"
  3. Go the social profile and fill them all out.

Core List of Profiles & Citations for Marketing

1 - Google Business

1.2 - Google Local Services / Google Guarantee

2 - Bing Places

3 - Apple Maps

4 - Facebook Business Page

5 - Instagram Page for Business

6 - Youtube Channel

7 - Twitter

8 - Tik Tok

9 - Linkedin Business Page

10 - Yelp

Additional Citations to Build Over Time

Some of these are only for construction, only for finance, or they require payment and engagement in the profile.

11 - Captera

11.5 - Upcity (paid)

12 - Houzz for Construction

13 - Angi & Home Advisor (paid)

14 - Better Business Bureau (paid)

15 - Chamber of Commerce (paid)

16 - Home Advisor

17 - Porch

18 - Minnbuild

19 - Expertise.com

20 - Best Pros in Town

21 - Brightlocal Citation

22 - Clutch

23 - Crunchbase

24 - Zoom Info

25 - Mapquest

26 - Indeed (paid)

27 - Three Best Rated (paid)

28 - Good Firms (accountants)

29 - Datanyze

30 - Glassdoor

31 - Pinterest

32 - Your own Reddit Channel

33 - Medium.com

34 - Buzzfile

35 - Rocket Reach

36 - Birdyeye (paid)

37 - IMG Pile


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