CPA Site Solutions 9 Reasons to Convert to Feedbackwrench

CPA Site Solutions Review - 9 Reasons to Convert to Feedbackwrench - Compare and Contrast Feedbackwrench with a CPA Site Solutions Review

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Let's Review CPA Site Solutions & Compare Feedbackwrench Accountant Websites

We would be honored to serve your accounting firm

We make the web your best employee as a top-caliber salesperson and prospector to help you close more of your core focus clients.

Our main goal throughout this article is that CPA firms and accountants deserve much better websites, marketing, and search engine optimization setups than they get with CPA Site Solutions. I wrote a review of CPA Site Solutions, and we want to continue to provide professional comparison and critique of CPA Site Solutions so that people can have a greater perspective when they choose the best website for accountants or marketing for their CPA Firm.

If you are a current customer of CPA Site Solutions, we'd like your business. We're confident that you will obtain far more leads at a higher quality who are ready to buy large retainer services - compared to any other accountant website or marketing solution.

Our websites are built to convert, you will see a significant rise in the number of business clients reaching out to you and signing up for higher retainer, outsourced accounting services.

Don’t just take our word for it. Go read our customer reviews and take a look at the websites of our clients.

Compare our work to what you get when working with us and then compare it to a CPA Site Solutions template, and you’ll quickly realize they are not in the same class.

Accounting firms deserve an excellent website that serves as a world-class salesperson.

We want your business. We will set you up with a website that converts, advertising that actually builds momentum, and we'll help you dominate in search engines so that you become the most successful and authoritative accounting firm in your region and niche market.

CPA Site Solutions Review Video 1:

Don’t settle for mediocrity; the upside of your accounting of business is too significant.

Feedbackwrench CPA firm and Accountant Websites and Marketing:

Feedbackwrench accountant websites will generate high-paying business clients.

Let us create a high-converting, high-ranking website and marketing setup for your firm, and you’ll get scores of high-retainer business clients.

We’ve done it for countless other Accounting firms, and we’re certain it will work for you.

CPA Site Solutions misses the mark, and your business has a tremendous upside that CPA Site Solutions, marketing, and websites simply cannot help you achieve.

If your accountant website was done with CPA Site Solutions, you're more than likely settling for mediocrity and are missing out on vast opportunities you might not even be aware of.

We do website setups for accountants and CPA firms that cost between $4500 and $15,000. With our website and marketing, you will attract and close 3 to 10 new outsourced accounting clients within the first month or two.

We'll pay for ourselves almost immediately, and you'll begin to see the upside of having a significant and compelling accountant website and salesperson right away.

We are one of the leading web design and marketing companies for accountants, CPA firms, and bookkeeping companies. One of our favorite things to do is to help people move away from CPA Site Solutions template-based websites.

We love converting CPA Site Solutions along with other mediocre, template-based accountant website systems into something spectacular that gets clients.

9 Specific Fails of CPA Site Solutions

1 - Their Websites Aren't Compelling, Can't Sell, & Don't Position Clients

We truly believe the results speak for themselves. Head to CPA Site Solutions, look at their customer's sites, read the copywriting, view the designs, and then compare it to Feedbackwrench.

When you review & see CPA Site Solutions customer websites, you'll probably come to the same conclusion that we do.

We think CPA Site Solutions is really built to empower their company to scale large, rather than build compelling sales-focused websites for their customers.

Head below to see links, examples, and reviews of CPA Site Solutions.

What you see on a CPA Site Solutions website is a system built to scale for the owners of CPA Site Solutions. It is not meant to be what’s necessary to build a significant accounting firm. It's designed to be good for the owners of CPA Site Solutions.

The entire CPA Site Solutions website system seems to be geared more towards being highly scalable so that they can take on even more than their current 6- 7,000 accounting clients. This means that it’s a template base system without compelling and unique imagery, messaging, or value propositions for each accounting firm.

See for yourself, compare a Feedbackwrench website to a CPA Site Solutions website, and you will see a dramatic change in capabilities and results.

CPA Site Solutions Review - even their "custom designs" are lacking.

At one their custom design pages here, you'll see a graphic showing off one of their sites for a well-meaning firm called Marin & Montanye.

Here's how they show off this design in their site:

This website is called out on the custom design service page of CPA Site Solutions

When you head to the Marin & Montanye CPA Site Solutions Website and then review its content, you're left with the realization that while the headers, navigation, and structure are organized, it's just not a very compelling website. All due respect to Marin & Montanye, who we'd love to serve one day, but this site is simply not compelling.  This is apparent in the messaging, the visuals, the call to action, the structure, and more.

Is this example of CPA Site Solutions Review completely awful? No. I't's just not up to snuff with the potential of this accounting firm and doesn't really do anything but serve as an online business card providing words about what they do.

These customers deserve better. They're missing out on so much potential opportunity that it pains me.

We believe that when you review CPA Site Solutions websites, at nearly every turn, the sites just miss the mark. They don't help sell, position, or rank in SEO, and they're even difficult to consume with all the text.

Home Page of Marin & Montanye:

example of CPA Site Solutions "Custom Design"

Integrated Real Estate Services Page:

Another example of CPA Site Solutions "Custom Design"

CPA Site Solutions Review Concludes it's built for THEM and not their clients

In my opinion, a quick review of CPA Site Solutions leads to the conclusion that the service and website they provide is built to help them grow a scalable website template system, rather than provide compelling solutions for their customers to rank higher in search engines, close more business clients and make a great connection with the readers of their website.

In my review, CPA Site Solutions is built in order for them to scale their own revenue, not provide compelling solutions to accountant clients.

Let's Review More CPA Site Solutions Websites:

I'm going to head to the CPA Site Solutions Client Reviews page, and go to the customer links provided in each of the customer reviews.  Then, I'm going to screenshot the client's website and show it here so you can review their work for yourself.

We will continue to provide reviews of CPA Site Solutions, but my argument here is that when you look at nearly every single example of a CPA Site Solutions website, they don't have compelling designs, compelling messaging, imagery that connects or a structure that's easy for users to consume. Anyone who searches for reviews of CPA Site Solutions is going to find some puff pieces done by CPA Practice Advisor,

2 - CPA Site Solutions Is Geared To Sell Outdated Accounting Services.

The outsourced accounting model is superior to the old-school reactive accounting services of the past.

When accountants learn to stack value and sell their service as a comprehensive, all-in-one outsourced accounting service, everybody wins.

The websites at CPA Site Solutions are not geared to selling these compelling, outsourced accounting services.

In fact, CPA Site Solutions website's aren't geared towards selling anything or positioning value at all; they're created more towards saying things that are true about accounting on the website.

If you want to be in a position to sell these services efficiently, and you want to attract clients and close with business owners who like the idea of this type of service, you owe it to yourself to have a website that’s geared specifically for outsourced accounting services.

3 - The Messaging of CPA Site Solutions Is Awful

Messaging on your website is far more important than what you think, and settling for what’s typically put together on a CPA Site Solutions website is a bad idea.

The messaging on your website should have some sections that we know really connect with a business owner.

Your overall goal is to build credibility, convey that you will solve the problem, and cast a vision for a better future they might expect when they choose you as their tax accountant.

Some sections we like to have on your website include the following:

1. The Benefits section - clear and concise messaging about how you will make their life better when they choose you as a solution.

2. Core Differentiators - we want to communicate the clear difference there is when choosing you versus another accounting firm.

3. The Stakes Section - a place on the website where we communicate the cost of choosing poorly or what someone might expect from a competitor. This is where we raise the temperature a bit about how important it is to choose wisely.

4. The Guide section - where we humbly position you as a wise guide to help clients move towards a better future.

5. The Plan Section - a section that quickly and clearly conveys the steps required to do business with you.

I’d love to teach you more about this messaging, but it’s easier to get a sense of it if you go through and read some of the copywriting on the accountant websites we’ve done already.

The bottom line is that the messaging phone on a CPA Site Solutions, CPA website, or Accountant website is really lackluster, and most accountants are not equipped to develop such messaging.

If you do your own messaging, chances are it’s going to be bad.

I might sound a little bold, but we've worked with enough accountants to understand that they are usually unequipped to develop compelling messaging for their website and marketing.

Not only are accountants not good at developing their own messaging, most marketers aren’t very good at it as well.

We don’t want to sound too proud, but this is an area where Feedbackwrench really shines compared to almost every other marketer that you’re going to interact with.

The messaging is developed on the experience of Rob Satrom’s vast business-to-business sales career.

Our messaging isn’t just meant to talk about accounting services and bookkeeping services, it’s geared towards a very particular set of business owners that have an appreciation for the type of solution that you provide.

In short, if you rely on the CPA Site Solutions website compared to a Feedbackwrench Accountant website you won’t sell as many contracts to business owners, and you will have a much lower conversion rate.

4 - The CPA Site Solutions Client Portal Is Terrible Compared To Canopy or Tax Dome

We’ve talked to hundreds of accountants, learned through our own experience, and compared the products; Canopy and Tax Dome have really good client portals and folder systems that will make your life easier.

Everything about Canopy or Tax Dome is significantly better than what you’re going to find on the CPA Site Solutions customer secure portal.

Some benefits of using Tax Dome:

A. It has a mobile app
B. Uses simple folder systems
C. Tied to a task management system
D. Provides a billing and invoice system

These accountant firm software solutions also provide a website, but it’s similar to the website you’re going to find with CPA Site Solutions in that it’s template-based, it doesn’t have good messaging, and it's not built to convert the way a Feedbackwrench website is.

Combining a Feedbackwrench Accountant website with either Canopy or Tax Dome will lead to significantly better outcomes for your CPA firm or accounting practice than using CPA Site Solutions websites and their secure portal.

It’s important to know how vital a task management and secure portal are to your operations. You should expect nothing short of excellence from the solution you utilize to run your accounting firm.

5- Their Web Designs Are Dated & Template-Looking

When it comes to design, the CPA Site Solutions websites are just mediocre.

Sure, your website doesn’t need to be the leading graphic design inspiration for the rest of the universe, but it should look great, connect with users, exude professionalism and excellence, and have authentic imagery.

If you pay close attention to the designs you see on CPA Site Solutions and accounting websites, you’re going to notice a couple of things.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the homepage is really the only place where there’s much design at all.

As you page through a CPA Site Solutions website, you’re going to notice that everything, except for the homepage, is a really basic blog style page.

Go to the service pages on a CPA Site Solution website, and you’ll notice that they are very basic and are not very compelling.

Each service page and communication on your website deserves to have an excellent design and approach. We are confident that when you compare a Feedbackwrench accounting website to a CPA Site Solutions website, you’ll see that the designs are simply better on the Feedbackwrench examples.

6 - Advertising Setups From CPA Site Solutions Miss The Mark

You’ll have to trust us on this one, but the Google Search Ads and Facebook marketing that CPA Site Solutions will do just miss the mark in many ways.

Take note of the messaging on the advertisements for a CPA Site Solutions customer. Then, when you peer in the back end of the Google ads and social media advertising setup, you’ll start to see that it’s not done by a sales expert, but it's done by a company concerned with scaling itself.

We convert scores of accountants away from CPA Site Solutions and their advertising setups. We'd also want you to know that the conversions and remarketing audience setup are not done to a level we would recommend.

There’s a very distinct set of advertising that works well for accounting firms and CPA firms, and much of it is based upon getting the conversion systems correct and then dialing in the messaging of your advertisements.

The bottom line is that the customers we convert away from CPA Site Solutions to our solutions, end up getting significantly more traffic, converting more business and clients, and getting significantly higher quality leads in droves compared to what they had before.

7 - Local SEO Is Almost Non-Existent

Another major failure of CPA Site Solutions is that it does not provide much in terms of enhancements for local search engine optimization.

CPA Site Solutions has been around for a long time, and it’s easy to see that the content within the website, along with its overarching system, doesn’t provide an accounting firm with what it needs to dramatically increase local search engine ranking.

If you do it right, your accounting firm can become the top contender in your region. Your website, Google business profile, and overarching search engine optimization signals are what goes into that.

Our websites and SEO end up helping your business rank much higher in the Google local listings than a CPA Site Solutions website typically does.

8 - There’s Hardly Any Niche Marketing

One of the best ways an accounting firm can attract and close significant amounts of business is to gear its content towards an industry sector or niche.

It almost goes without saying that any website that doesn’t have compelling messaging for a business owner in the first place is not going to have compelling messaging and conversion tendencies for an individual industry sector.

When we build a website, many of our accountants will upgrade to have their package include significant search engine optimization for individual industry pages and SEO.

When you position yourself as an expert in certain industries, you’re going to find that people are far more inclined to reach out to you. The messaging on your website, along with value, adds a contact, and can speak more directly to the end user.

We will help you get in front of individual industries, niches, such as:

Marketing in web design companies

Remodeling contractors in renovation companies

Custom home builders and new construction builders

Concrete companies

Landscape, lawn care, and patio companies

Deck builders

HVAC contractors

Plumbers in plumbing contractors

Electricians and lighting companies

Flooring, painters, irrigation companies

Pool contractors and pool service companies

Real estate agents and brokerages

Real estate investment groups

We can get you in front of all sorts of industries and niches to help you rank in search engines and even set up remarketing and social media advertising directly to the industry in niches.

Can CPA Site Solutions help you target and convert industry niche clients?


Do we see evidence that this is happening readily on any CPA Site Solutions websites we can find?

Not really.

9 - The Extra “Features” of CPA Site Solutions don’t really sell.

When you head to the CPA Site Solutions pricing page, you’re going to see a giant grid positioning there, larger packages that show additional features.

Most of those features are nonsense, in our opinion, and do nothing to actually help an accounting firm sell more high-caliber accounting services.

In our opinion, it’s a lot of gimmicks and psychological positioning to try and show why you’ll get so much more with their larger package.


In reality, CPA Site Solutions costs your business dramatically more than any fee.

They charge you because their solutions don’t position you well and don’t rank well in search engines. They really are just a template-based system that helps them scale their own business rather than providing you with the top-tier website, messaging, marketing, and search engine optimization that your firm deserves.

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