5 Fails of CPA Site Solutions Websites 2022

CPA Site Solutions Review 2022 Critical Review os CPA Site Solutions Websites for CPA Firms, Accounting Firms & Bookkeeping Businesses

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Review of CPA Site Solutions 2022 - 5 Fails of their Website & Marketing for Accountants & CPA Firms

Looking for a review of CPA Site Solutions in 2022? 

CPA Site Solutions is a competitor to us here at Feedbackwrench in some ways, because they are the largest and oldest website system for accounting firms, CPA Firms, Tax firms and such,.

This is a very critical review of CPA Site Solutions, because I've found that every other review of CPA Site Solutions seems to be a paid review article they've placed in a publication of some sort, whether it's CPA Practice Advisor paid article, the AICPA website, or others - no critical reviews exist for CPA Site Solutions because they seem to go under the radar. I can't emphasize this enough, almost every review you read online of the CPA Site Solutions accounting firm website system appears to be a fluff piece that simply describes their pricing tiers and their features.

When I read reviews like that, my bull-crap radar goes off.

Also, I've watched over the last 10 years as CPA Site Solutions has, positioned themselves in the market as an SEO Company for Accountants, a great marketing company and held themselves out to do much more than what their system will actually accomplish.

CPA Site Solutions is a template based system, and it has some really deep flaws which I'm going to touch on here.

You might be out there thinking that CPA Site Solutions is a great idea for your accounting website, but I wanna tell you a couple of reasons why it may be one of the worst decisions you can make for your CPA firm, accounting firm, bookkeeping business, Tax Firm or whatever kind of financial industry you’re looking to implement with.

This is a highly critical review of CPA Site Solutions websites for CPA’s,  as a competitor and as an informed website professional.

It’s easy to want to take the easy road for your website and maybe check out the various turn-key website for accountant providers out there, and no other accounting firm website and marketing company spends more on advertising than CPA Site Solutions.

First off, we provide web design services to help accountants build fantastic websites, but we specialize in providing a stack of value that’s absolutely fantastic.

We build beautiful websites, we do the sales copywriting so that the words on your accounting website are compelling, we build advertising campaigns and we set it up for deep SEO>

Your accountant website from Feedbackwrench will absolutely dominate the competitors over time and we make it easy to get setup with the perfect advertising and marketing funnels

What we provide with Feedbackwrench Websites for Accountants:

  • Top tier sales copywriting for B2B accountant marketing (Ron is the best in the business)
  • Access to Robs Outsourced Accounting Firm Course
  • Storybrand Copywriting for Accountants DONE for you.
  • Outsourced Accounting Based Value propositions.
  • Super fast, high ranking custom website built on Webflow
  • Unique content for your services pages for SEO
  • Full advertising setup for lead generation.
  • Hookup to all of Googles systems and tools

2022 Review of CPA Site Solutions Websites for Accounting Firms

As I dive into this critical review of CPA Site Solutions, I’d like to point you to the preferable future.

2 Things to Note About What an Excellent Accounting Firm Might Look Like:

I want to serve as your guide really quick, and show you two things that will be critical for you as you build.

A - The first is to encourage you to build an outsourced accounting firm.

We guide accountants and bookkeepers to build what we call an outsourced accounting firm, where they sell a stack of valuable services all together for a monthly recurring retainer.

Your website needs to rank in Google for Accounting Keywords, for the simple keywords like “bookkeeping services near me” and “business taxes” or “Accounting firms”, but you’ll also want it to serve as a tool to close the right kind of clients and help convey the value proposition of the outsourced accounting model.

So you should work to become an outsourced accounting firm.

B - The second encouragement I have is that if you do the right things online, you will eventually dominate

You need to build a fantastic website presence, build up your google reviews, and then build up authoritative content, and you’ll be able to outrank your competitors on Google, particularly in the local areas.

You can outrank, and really suck up all the search traffic, for about a 30 mile radius.

The key is to build up your reviews, and your online presence and backlinks, till you get to a point where you’re much better than the competitors.

The thing that most people don’t really grasp, is that you simply need to outrank your local competitors, not everyone nationally.

The keywords associated with accounting firms all show the local google maps pack, and that means you’re able to go toe to toe against other local accounting firms.

If you build a sweet online website, get lots of great reviews, and build up your SEO, you will absolutely dominate over time.

5 Terrible things About CPA Site Solutions Websites

1 - Ugly and Outdated Design & Structure

Listen, their designs are very 2007 in many respects.

I'm going to be careful of my criticism, because I've received letters from their lawyers demanding to take down my critical reviews of CPA Site Solutions in the Past.

They seem to start with a template system and provide customization options on top of that template.

I'm sure if you invest in replacing the template content & system with your own unique content, my criticisms won't turn out to be as relevant, but a cursory overview of the CPA Site Solution Website I find across the web generally support my criticisms.

CPA site solutions, in my opinion, is terrible for customers and good for their company.

They can quickly give you a template that appears to have lots of features, but the truth is that those features don't provide the benefits that you think they do.

CPA SIte solutions has a great business model for them, but they don't deliver on all the claims they make.

They quickly turn it on and start charging you, but the website will only become great with excellent writing & content.

Back to what I think are outdated website designs:

The designs are really dated, and they are not aligned to good value propositions either.

Now does it take a fancy looking website to drive business leads for your CPA firm?


But if you have a premium looking website, you’ll definitely not struggle as much to attract and close better clients.

Also, your website should be geared to communicate value, benefits, earn trust, convey credibility and authority.

Besides not looking really good, the CPA Site Solutions are not quick and easy to deploy beautiful custom designs, because when you do request something custom, their team really has to develop it.

Feedbackwrench accountant websites, compared to the CPA Site solutions websites, are custom built and designed websites that look fantastic, just compare what you see here:

2 - There’s Lazy, Duplicate Content Everywhere

Our accountant websites start with Rob Satrom’s copywriting, the CPA Site Solutions writing start from boiler plate template content.

The CPA Site solution websites push the same content or copywriting, for almost all goes (unless you write yourself), to their entire customer base.

In my professional opinion, CPA Site Solution Websites are terrible solutions because they create websites where the vast majority of the content is duplicate content.

If most of your website content is duplicate content, google and Bing take note and will not rank that duplicate content in their search engines.

Google rewards unique, customer first content in its search engine result pages.

It does not reward duplicate content.

Your CPA Site Solution website pages with duplicate content won’t get much organic traffic or rank for the keywords that matter to you.

While your site does not get penalized for the duplicate content, you simply miss out on a ton of opportunities and it’s really a lazy and confusing situation for your customers.

I can’t emphasize this enough, the writing on a CPA Site Solutions does nothing to help your accounting firm with SEO, nor does it help you with communicating real value to your customers.

The Duplicate content on the CPA Site Solutions accounting websites, does nothing to help your business and really creates missed opportunities to rank in Google, convey values and connect with your prospective customer.

3 - Their Writing is Weak & Not Compelling

The other major problem with the CPA Site Solution website is that all of their copywriting is non-compelling, and does very little to actually convert customers.

The sales copywriting throughout the website is sometimes augmented by their staff when you pay for extra services, but for the most part, you’ll be in charge of creating additional contact that doesn’t come in the original template.

You need somebody to help you craft excellent, unique, customer focused messaging that helps move people from stranger to customer and I guarantee you that Feedbackwrench accounting websites will have significantly better copywriting than what you’re going to find on the website of CPA site solutions.

4 - Noisy Generic Marketing & Emails

Your reputation and business deserves more.

When you email or post on social, mediocre boiler plate content, you’re not doing anything for your marketing.

In fact, you’re actually teaching your clients that you’re not worth reading from.

Email after email, pummeling your customers with non personalized content actually pushes your emails into the spam or promotional folders and it’s not helpful.

Besides that, their promotional activity lacks any coherent value proposition.

I would encourage some simple, authentic social posting OR just enough to use in remarketing campaigns.

There’s no value, in my opinion, to have CPA Site Solutions robots post their own lazy content to your friends, prospects and family.  The content is weak, and it trains people NOT to listen.

Their blog content is also duplicate content in almost every case that I can see, here’s a copyscape plagiarism finder result for one of the blog posts recently placed on a CPA Site Solutions Accountant Website.

5 - Expensive Overall with a Weak Value Proposition

Is CPA Site Solutions Worth Purchasing?

The opportunity costs are too high in my opinion

A CPA Site Solutions Accounting website won't lead to the momentum building, super dominant online presence that you deserve.

A Feedbackwrench website for accountants, built up the way we coach people, will grow into a high converting, high-ranking accounting marketing machine that will take market share and keep you dominating.

A CPA Site Solutions accounting website really has limitations because of lazy writing, bad messaging, duplicate content and sideways energy marketing.

Overall, I think that you can’t afford to choose a lazy system like CPA Site Solutions websites and marketing, I believe you really need to invest your energy in a better footprint, excellent content and remember that you’re on a mission to build something special.

If you build correctly, if your accountant marketing is on point, you will eventually get a sweet place where you get lots of B2B customers and you’ll be really enjoying things.

But if you sell yourself short, all that duplicate content will miss out on ranking opportunities, all your marketing efforts will fall flat on ears, and you will have missed an excellent opportunity to do something great.

My conclusions of CPA Site Solutions is that you really an’t afford to use them.

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