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March 26, 2021

New Spaces Remodeling

New Spaces Design Build Remodeling

We've built New Spaces build a beautiful website that converts traffic into sales, but we've helped a great deal with their event marketing, Facebook marketing, and video testimonials.

A Website to Convey Trust & Workmanship

New Spaces had an antiquated website, and needed build a system to showcase their amazing portfolio of renovated homes, and to help them build engage deeper with people virtually, as well as in-person.

A Captivating Showcase that Converts

We built a system that organizes their portfolio of homes, shows their images & 3d tours, while supporting a sophisticated event registration system.  We wanted a simple, elegant design with predictable ontology and visuals to move prospective clients through their portfolio, earning trust.

Events & Paid Ads

A major strategy we help New Spaces implement and manage is their monthly, quarterly and annual events.  Whether it's their "Virtual Home Tours", or the  Parade of Homes Remodeler's Showcase, our system and advertising has helped keep their funnel full.

Targeted Facebook Ads

To support New Spaces in-person event strategies, we run highly nuanced facebook ads in order to drive registration from their target clientele.

Event Registration & Advertising System

We've built an easy to use, highly customizable event registration system within their website that enables them to drive signups no matter what content the user is looking at.

SEO & Website Updates

New Spaces uses our outsourced marketing service to get sophisticated website updates, search engine optimization content, and content creation. We work collaboratively to help them win online without hiring web staff.

Full Web, Design & Marketing Support for their Remodeling Team

Full Support for Staff

Feedbackwrench supports the staff in their in-person sales efforts.

Portfolio Showcase & Customer Videos

We provide video production services to capture their customer testimonials, and we also capture their before and after video projects.

High ROI Paid Ads

We help them get top return on every dollar invested into Facebook and Google ads.

Customer Review Video by Feedbackwrench

We had the honor of supporting New Spaces with multiple customer testimonial videos with our video production service.