How to Get Bookkeeping Clients 3 Best Niches for Bookkeeping Business Marketing

3 best B2B Niches to Get Bookkeeping Clients. Watch the best video teaching about bookkeeping niches on the internet.

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How to Get Bookkeeping Clients: 3 Best Niches for Bookkeepers

If you're a bookkeeping business trying to get more clients, you'll hear a great deal about niches.

In this article, I'm going to give you the best advice I can to get bookkeeping clients both quickly, and in a sustained manner over time.

Here's a video talking about the best bookkeeping niches that you should target.

These niches will absolutely lead to more bookkeeping clients, and if you're smart about it, it will turn into the most productive marketing tool that you have.

So, if you're wondering what are the best niches to get bookkeeping clients, then watch this video or read the article!

Here at Feedbackwrench, we build accountant and bookkeeper websites that really sell, advertising funnels and PPC for accountants.

We’ve set up scores of websites, marketing, advertising, and search engine optimization for accountant bookkeepers, which has taught us exactly what works over the long haul.

See Feedbackwrench Web Design Examples.

The advice I’m about to give will help you generate the most momentum in the shortest amount of time

Don’t settle for just a sales funnel.

One of the biggest things I need you to understand is that if you settle for a simple sales funnel built around a lead magnet offering on Facebook, LinkedIn, or some other social media, you’re going to be missing out on long-term momentum in terms of inbound marketing.

Here's the Typical Marketing Guru Funnel:

Here's the marketing plan that most bookkeeping & accounting marketing gurus teach.

- Target a sector niche

- Write a compelling lead magnet

- Advertise the niche with a lead magnet.

- Put a video sales letter and a sales page which the person will be redirected to after downloading.

- Send emails to the person that talks about benefits and solutions.

- Keep emailing, calling, and sending marketing.

The sales funnels can definitely work, but there are several problems when trying to do this for bookkeeping and accounting, and it also neglects the long-term potential of search engine optimization.

If you build a robust, search-engine-optimized website, you will get free traffic over time without having to spend money on Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, or anything else

Sales funnels require advertising, whereas a well-optimized website and landing page will show up for searches and get you free traffic over time.

Organic Ranking for Niches is a Long Term Gold Mine!

I’m going to dive into what the best industry sectors are for bookkeeping companies and accounting firms, but first, I want to talk a little bit about how to get lots of free traffic over time by choosing specific niches.

Optimizing a bookkeeping website for your local city creates free traffic over time.

Local Cities as Niches Are a Google Gold Mine!

Google has determined that most of the keywords associated with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax should trigger the Google Business map.

I believe that bookkeepers, no matter how remote they’re trying to be, should pick a location that they can optimize for so that over time they’re able to get this free traffic from local search engines.

Local businesses will find you and want to do business with you

The best niche for a bookkeeping business is the major metropolitan area where you reside.

Now, lets get into the three best niches for bookkeepers.

#1 Bookkeeper Niche - Your Closest Major Metro Area Local Niche

The best B2B niche for a bookkeeping company is going to be the major metropolitan area located near where you live.

If you optimize your homepage and Google Business profiles to send signals that you are in that location, and you build up lots of Google reviews and overall, SEO signals, you’re going to show up when people make simple searches.

How to Market & Optmize a Bookkeeping Business for a Local Metro Area

A - Create a Google Business Profile

You will have to choose either a location-based or service area-based profile.

If you don’t have a physical location within the actual terms of service from Google Business, then choose a service area-based business.

Your home base for your location ranking will be wherever your postcard gets sent to and registered, so it’s best to do this in the heart of the major metropolitan area.

You’ll only get about 10 to 20 miles worth the local reach in the search engines, so make sure you plan this well.

After you set the profile up, ensure that you put in all the cities within a 10 to 20-mile radius of where the postcard is, starting with the most populous cities first.

B - Optimize Your Home Page

Your Google business and website send signals about what you do and where.

Besides optimizing the Google business profile for your bookkeeping business, you’ll also want to add some location-based terminologies and keywords to your homepage and overall website.

You don’t have to be an in-person and traditional bookkeeping business because you target local, you can still be completely remote and enjoy the benefits of a virtual bookkeeping firm.

C - Create Service Pages

The other thing I wanna do is ensure that your website has a robust service page system.

Your car service pages should be optimized to send signals about what you do, where you do it, and the benefits that they’ll experience.

The service pages are not major selling tools, but they send signals to Google and users about what individual services you will provide.

If you pay close attention, many of the Google business profiles as well show a little blurb that explains a service that’s provided based on website content.

It’s very hard for one page to rank for lots of different keywords, so using a services system, and having a four page for each of your services will help rank for all of the various iterations of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax keywords.

D - Use Google ads and get reviews.

Another major thing available to local businesses is to couple your Google advertising with your business profile.

You can cut to the front of the line on Google Maps if you set up a Google Ad Campaign for keywords that show in the map pack, and if you win the Google Ads bid.

You can use Google Ads to show your Google business profile.

For this and many other reasons, the major metropolitan area near your physical location is probably the best business niche that you can target, because it will create an inbound trickle of leads.

Search engine traffic is valuable because people are looking for a solution then and there.

Optimize for the metro area and your website, Google Business Profile, and other marketing material can show up in front of people.

#2 Bookkeeper Niche - Cater to Local Cities in a 15-Mile Radius of Your Google Business

The second best niche for a bookkeeping business is the suburbs within a 15-mile radius of your Google business profile.

Over time, your Google business profile will be able to show up in many searches for cities and towns in a close area for you.

You can show up in Google Maps and you have a high likelihood to trigger a normal organic search result when you optimize for the cities

Here at Feedbackwrench, we will help bookkeeping businesses create pages that target all the locations and cities that are relevant to them, and there’s almost always a massive improvement in their Google business ranking as well as simple organic traffic to their website.

Landing pages and listicles

We’ve found that there’s a huge opportunity for small businesses to show up alongside, yelp, thumbtack, bark, and list articles.

If you create a compelling landing page for each city in your area, and you create a handful of other blog posts, communicating that you’re a bookkeeper or Accountant that services that local area, and you build up your overall length profile for those pages, you will eventually get to a point where your business will dominate in these areas.

Having people find your business when they’re searching for tax strategists and bookkeeping services is a fantastic way to get customers.

The second best niche for your business is going to be the other cities within a 10 to 15-mile radius of your business profile.

#3 Bookkeeper Niche - Sector or Industry Niches

There are so many great niches for a bookkeeper to target.

What is the best type of niche overall for a bookkeeping business or accounting firm?

I think targeting industries, sectors, and niches, that know how to do very specific, high-difficulty work that usually wants to just put the seed up at the end of the day is a really good start.

What types of niches are like this? CONSTRUCTION and Marketing.

We found its home services, CONSTRUCTION, creatives, and marketers, are all types of competencies that are on the other spectrum of strengths.

You don’t want to assume anything of a prospect, but it’s safe to say that certain industries and activities require complementary strengths to the monotonous and highly detailed work of bookkeeping, tax planning, and accounting.

Home services, construction, creative and professional services. All have amazing opportunities to be great customers of yours.

Before I jump into the specific business niches, that seem to be the best, let’s acknowledge that there’s a certain size and type of organization that will value an outsourced bookkeeper, search for the accountant or virtual service rather than hiring somebody internally.

The best business clients are those that have employees!

No matter what business niche it is, any organization that is used to hiring people to do the work will value a flat monthly retainer to tackle the full-time employee would have to do.

An outsourced bookkeeper or accountant can be a fraction of the price of a part-time in-house bookkeeper or a full-time Accountant.

Your best business niches will have a small team of employees, have net, profits higher than about 100,000 at minimum, and can do work and projects that are seemingly geared towards high execution or specific competencies other than detailed record-keeping.

Best Home Services, Construction & The Trade Niches:

Now, I like trade niches the best because the lack of tradesmen and even fewer that are

Remodeling contractors

Landscaping contractors

Concrete companies

Excavation contractors

Gutter companies

Roofing, siding, and window companies

Sod, installation companies

Tile contractors

Masonry contractors

Framing companies

Deck builders and deck contractors

Asphalt and blacktop contractors

Electricians and electrical contractors

Plumbing, sewer, and water contractors

Garage door repair and insulation contractors

Painting contractors

Window repair and window installation contractors

Cabinetry and carpenters

Pool building contractors and pool service companies

Fence companies and fence installation contractors

Foundation repair contractors

Soil, remediation contractors

Custom home builders.

Commercial general contractors

Home service niches for bookkeeping and accounting businesses

Lawn care and tree removal services.

Pest control and insect control.

House, cleaners, and maid services

Janitorial services

Pressure washers and soft wash

Sewer line cleanouts and drain clog specialists

Autobody & Detailing Businesses

Car mechanics & repair shops

Professional services and creatives Niches

Digital marketers and marketing agencies, fine graphic designers, and logo companies

Wedding videographers

Wedding photographers and family photographers

Web Design and website companies

Search engine optimization companies

Online businesses and digital entrepreneurs

Realtors, Real estate agents and brokers (even specific brokerages)

Independent insurance agents and their offices

Real estate investors and rental companies or landlords

Property Management Companies & Services

Salons, Beauticians & Aestheticians

Insurance Brokers (preferably independent insurance agents with 1099)

Dentists & Oral Clinics (orthodontic etc.)

Doctors, Physicians and Medical Practices

1099 Doctors & Nurses

How to Target These Bookkeeping Niches:

Now that you've figured out some good niches, you should know how I recommend targeting them.

  1. Create a Highly Optimized Web Page
  2. Create a Paid Search Ad with the niche modifier
  3. Create targeted "new traffic" ads to the niche, in the niche. (going to the niche page)
  4. Setup retargeting to the landing page
  5. Write lots of content about the niche, and interlink to the niche page
  6. Get backlinks to the niche page - we do it like "Best Accountants for Contractors"
  7. Create many many youtube videos to the niche
  8. Create Roundup content of you niche/service (Best Accountants for Contractors or Best Accounting Firms Miami)
  9. Do write ups, reviews, comparisons of NICHE industry software, services, tools and other things. (Corvee Critical ReviewReview of CPA Site Solutions
  10. Show off & do case studies on your website, youtube & social about existing clients in the niche
  11. Create listacles of the niche, "Best Sewer Repair Contractors Minneapolis6 Best New Construction Neighborhoods in Prior Lake Minnesota
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