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Looking for one of the best tax accountants for small business near Miami Florida?

I work with scores and scores of accountants, and I coach them to focus on delivering fantastic service to small business.

I also serve all types of small businesses across the United States.

I wanted to write an article to everyone that might be searching for the best tax accountants in Miami Florida, or people searching for the best CPA near Miami Florida.

If you own a small business, you need to work with a pro-active, outsourced accountant that will work with your throughout the year to lower your taxes, keep your team focused, do your bookkeeping and just serve you.

Most CPA's near Miami don't provide this service.

Below, you'll find a list of my top recommendations for Miami Accountants, and the end of the list are a handful of virtual accountants that would be PERFECT for any small business in Florida.

These are some of the best accountants in Miami, and here's why:

What Makes an Accountant Great?

Let's get down to it, this is not your typical list of the best tax accountant in Miami Florida's region like you'd find here, here, here and here - this is a list of professionals, that I would actually recommend.

Here's why I would recommend them:

  • They provide year-long tax reduction planning
  • They are humble & wise
  • They are enjoyable to work with
  • They are incredibly competent
  • They are rigorous in their service delivery
  • They are hyper focused on small business
  • They have built sterling reputations
  • They're doing the Outsourced Accounting Model

We are Feedbackwrench and have been working with CPAs and Accountants since 2015 and we really focus on doing websites and marketing for accountants, CPA Firms and Bookkeeping businesses. My experience in the accounting world started when I co-founded an accounting firm that generated one million dollars in less than two years. I know what it takes to be a top accountant, and I will be talking about the best CPAs in Miami, Florida.

If you're a small, medium, or large business looking for a CPA tax accountant near Miami, Florida, we have compiled a list of the best CPAs in Florida that will elevate your business.

Here are some of the factors that we believe contribute to a CPA firm's ability to perform:

  • Experience in your specific industry
  • Open communication and availability
  • Using the latest technology for efficient service
  • Excellent reputation for their services
  • Quality reviews talking about their work

Here are our top 8 CPAs near Miami, Florida

8 Exceptional CPA Tax Accountants Near Miami, FL

These are just some of my absolute favorite accountants, and many of them could be interchangeable as the best CPA firms in Miami Florida.

#1 CPA Tax Accountant near Miami, Florida - Pinnacle Taxx Solutions

My second choice of the best tax accountant or CPA near Miami Florida, is Gino Vargas, who is the founder and owner of Pinnacle Taxx Solutoins in Delray Beach Florida.  Pinnacle Taxx Solutions has one of the best accounting firms serving Miami Florida.

Gino and his team have been accountants since the mid 2010's, and they are focused on deliver fantastic service, lowering taxes, and also working to teach clients how to build more scalable and profitable businesses.

He has the heart of a teacher, but he's not someone who overwhelm his clients

Above all else, Pinnacle Taxx Solutions has amassed, at this time, close to 100 5-star reviews.  Each review on his Google Business profile is authentic and true to his character and service.

Gino's just a good honest man that I think is worth connecting with if you're looking for a CPA or Tax Accountant near Miami Florida.

You'll see that theme in my fully recommended Miami Based accountants, because I've found that the best tax accountants will engage deeply with their clients, and help them grow their business, improve their profitability and help them reach their goals, which is much different than simply providing tax preparation near Miami Florida.

Pinnacle Taxx Solutions, located in Delray Beach, Florida, provides small businesses accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services that take a proactive approach to taxes.

They focus on providing pool builders, cleaners, and general contractors services.

Pinnacle is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to its clients.

Their tax experts take time to fully understand and comprehend your specific tax situation and tailor their strategies to minimize your tax liability.

What sets Pinnacle Taxx Solutions apart from its competitors in Miami:

  • Proactive tax solutions
  • Year-round guidance
  • CFO-level coaching and advice
  • Meticulous tax preparation

Pinnacle's commitment to providing exceptional guidance and service to pool builders, cleaners, and general contractors with their proactive tax services makes them one of the best CPA firms in Miami, Florida.

We designed this website in collaboration with Gino from Pinnacle Taxx Solutions in order to give his business a new look and feel, as well as keep it updated with other CPAs in the region.

#2 CPA Tax Accountant near Miami - Pulver CPA Tax & Accounting

Another of the best CPA Tax Accountant near Miami Florida would have to be Aaron Pulver CPA Tax & Accounting. Aaron is another fantastic, but young Tax Accountant and CPA near Miami Florida, that is fully committed to delivering pro-active tax reduction strategies, bookkeeping, tax preparation near Miami, and year-long guidance to his small business clientele.

Aaron Pulver, Pulver CPA Tax & Accounting Near Miami Florida
Aaron Pulver, Pulver CPA Tax & Accounting Near Miami Florida

Aaron Pulver, the founder of Pulver CPA, is a CPA in Miami, Florida, that offers extensive accounting services to small businesses in Florida and throughout the United States.

While Pulver primarily works with real estate investors and businesses, Pulver CPA also offers services for individual tax returns, payroll, bookkeeping, business tax returns, crypto taxes, and accounting.

Unlike the other CPAs on this top nine best CPA Tax Accountants near Miami, Pulver CPA is the only one offering cryptocurrency support.

Their outsourced accountant model allows them to tailor their accounting to your business and change it for each client.

Pulver CPA's outsourced accounting service offers:

  • An in-depth look at your financial picture
  • Keep books up to date
  • Provide either monthly or quarterly reports on finances
  • Ensure you and your business are ready to file tax returns
  • Mitigate your risk
  • Provide wealth-building strategies

The website for Pulver CPA was also created by Feedbackwrench.

Aaron originally came to us expressing how he liked how cryptocurrency websites looked with their sleek and modern aesthetic, and he wanted something like that for his website.

We designed it based on that, giving it a distinctive look and feel compared to other CPA websites.

Looking for a trustworthy CPA who can handle your finances and support the growth of your business?

Look no further than Pulver CPA.

#3 Miami CPA Tax Accountant - Reduce My Tax Accounting

I've gotten to know Ashley Finneman, who owns Reduce My Tax - CPA Tax & Accounting. She's a hyper-focused, incredibly intelligent tax accountant that has developed an approach to delivering excellent tax reduction strategies, bookkeeping and accounting that's top-caliber, and service that's above and beyond.

Another one the best Tax Accountants & CPA's Near Miami Florida would be Reduce My Tax - CPA Tax & Accounting Firm.

Ashley Fineman CPA & Tax Accountant of Reduce My Tax Near Miami Florida
Ashley Fineman CPA & Tax Accountant of Reduce My Tax Near Miami Florida

Ashley Fineman, the founder of Reduce My Tax, has over a decade of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, business and personal tax returns, and payroll management.

She is eager to help small businesses.

Their primary objective is to free your time by taking care of your bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes while strategically planning how to help you retain more of your money.

Keeping your business compliant with the Florida tax code is the top priority at Reduce My Tax, ensuring your business operates smoothly and efficiently.

How Reduce My Tax sets itself apart:

  • Accountants that know the ins and outs of Florida tax laws.
  • Eases the financial burden
  • Current and updated accounting and bookkeeping software

If you need a CPA tax accountant with experience but who is relatively new to the industry, take a look at Reduce My Tax.

Feedbackwrench can help you achieve a professional, custom website just like Reduce My Taxs'.

Ashley came to us after feeling dissatisfied with the template website offered to her by her hosting provider.

Schedule a free consultation with us today to discuss your needs.

#4 Miami's Westfront Tax & Accounting

Another fantastic tax accountant near Miami, is Jose Cardenas at Westfront Tax & Accounting.  

Jose is another one of these fantastic "outsourced accountants" that do things the Feedbackwrench way, which means he's working really hard to deliver the most value possible to his clients in terms of reducing taxes, delivering pristine financials and helping businesses become more scalable and profitable.

If you're looking for a great Accountant Near Miami, you should really check out Westfront Tax & Accounting.

Jose Cardenas, Owner of Westfront Tax & Accounting

Jose Cardenas is a tax accountant, not a CPA, but delivers CPA level guidance and services to his customers.

Based in Weston, Florida, Westfront Tax specializes in providing tax and accounting services to small businesses.

Westfront's main clients are contractors, realtors, marketers, and manufacturers.

They serve the Miami area, including Weston, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and Hollywood, FL.

With their outsourced accounting, their team can create an effective tax reduction plan, maintain financial records, and create on-time management reports with a comprehensive, integrated service for Miami small business owners.

Westfront Tax will minimize tax liabilities for small businesses and ensure that you stay IRS-compliant.

Many CPA tax accountants near Miami need to provide a personalized plan for each client they work with, and most can't because of the number of clients.

Westfront Tax will take the time to create an individualized plan that fits your needs as a business owner and for the business itself.

We designed this accounting website to keep it modern, inclusive, and unique with all of their services and make it stand out from the traditional CPA website that is dull and repetitive.

#5 CPA Tax Accountant near Miami - Blue Peak Financial Sean Pfalzgraf

My fifth pick for my favorite CPA, Tax & Accounting firms that serve the Miami Florida area, is Sean Pfalzgraf of Blue Peak Financial Miami Florida.

Sean's another fantastic accountant that's providing a full-service, value-based outsourced accounting solution for small businesses.

He will help businesses lower taxes, build pristine financials and provide year-long guidance.

Blue Peak not only provides your regular accounting services you'd expect from a Miami CPA, but he also provides agile project management because Sean's an independent project management consultant as well.

If you're really eager to find a hyper-focused, tax strategist and CPA near Miami Florida, Blue Peak Financial is someone you'll need to call.

Sean Pfalzgraf Blue Peak Financial Tax & Accounting Near Miami Florida
Sean Pfalzgraf Blue Peak Financial Tax & Accounting Near Miami Florida

#6 CPA Tax Accountant near Miami - CBW Tax & Accounting Virtual

My next favorite tax accountant for Miami Based small businesses is actually the first of my virtual accountants that I'd recommend.

On of the best virtual small business accounting firms in America is CBW Tax & Accounting, owned by Catreal Woods.

While there are plenty of highly ranked Miami Based CPA firms and other tax accountants with high ratings, the truth is that I'd much sooner recommend a virtual tax accountant that provides real, high quality accounting service, rather than someone that's utilizing the more antiquated service models.

CBW Tax, Bookkeeping & Accounting is the Perfect Virtual Accountant for Miami Based Businesses.

Catreal Woods is the founder and owner of CBW Tax & Accounting, and she provides this outsourced accounting model.

Not only does CBW Tax & Accounting focus on tax reduction planning, bookkeeping, tax returns and business guidance, she's as second generation business owner that truly understands how to serve and help businesses.

Catreal is perfect for anyone looking for high-caliber business accounting services, and doesn't mind doing everything virtually.

My advice to business owners is that they should not be overly concerned about meeting someone on location, but that you should choose a tax accountant that deliver value, is committed to serving a smaller group of business clients, and has a servant's heart.

Catreal is genuinely one of the kindest, wisest and most competent tax accountants I've met, and she makes the list of a perfect accountant for anyone searching around in Miami.

Catreal Woods CBW Tax & Accounting - Virtually Near Miami Florida
Catreal Woods CBW Tax & Accounting - Virtually Near Miami Florida

#7 CPA Tax Accountant near Miami - Wiggs CPA Tax & Accounting Virtual

My seventh pick for the best CPA Tax Accountant Near Miami Florida would go to another of my virtual tax accountants, Darion Wiggs in Chicago, CPA and owner of Wiggs CPA Tax & Accounting.

 What business does a Chicago based small business accounting firm have on a list for Miami Florida based accountants? Well, he's absolutely fantastic to his customers.

Wiggs CPA is a perfect solution for the Miami small business community, because he's setup one of the most agile & customer-friendly, remote bookkeeping, accounting and tax firms in the country. 

Darion is also an accountant that provides an outsourced accounting & tax approach, where he focuses on delivering reduced taxes, improved financial statements, and he wraps it all together in a fantastic monthly retainer service that allows business owners to reduce the number of vendors they use.

He will help you establish perfect financials with bookkeeping, help you reduce your taxes, and make quick work of your year end tax return.

If you're open to a virtual accounting firm or CPA, Darion Wiggs of Wiggs CPA Tax & Accounting is worth reaching out to and connecting with.

Darion Wiggs of Wiggs CPA Tax & Accounting Virtually Serving Miami Florida
Darion Wiggs of Wiggs CPA Tax & Accounting Virtually Serving Miami Florida

#8 Best CPA Tax Accountant Near Miami Florida - Stance Tax & Accounting Virtual

Ryan Robley of Stance Tax & Accounting is a fantastic virtual tax accountant that delivers excellence to small businesses.

I recommend Stance Tax & Accounting as Florida's best tax accountant because like the other accountants I recommended, he's dedicated to pursuing the best outcomes possible for his clients.

He is highly focused on small businesses, and he doesn't allow himself to get "too busy" with individual tax returns, like so many Miami Based CPA Firms would do.

In fact, one reason why Stance Tax & Accounting is one of the best CPA & Bookkeepers near Miami, is because he totally embodies the outsourced accounting model for small businesses.

Businesses deserve a better level of guidance, service and strategy from their bookkeepers and accountants, and Ryan Robley of Stance Tax & Accounting is absolutely delivering that.

If you're searching for a CPA or Bookkeeper near Miami Florida, Ryan Robley should be one of the tax accountants you consider.

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