10 Google My Business or Google Review Hacks to Rank on Google Maps & the Local Snippet 2019

Thursday, August 22, 2019


Hey what's going on guys? Rob from Feedbackwrench. We want to help entrepreneurs go further, faster. We want to help you maximize every effort, keep more of your money. Today I'm going to talk about Google My Business.

What are some things that you can do in Google My Business to really help your local SEO?

Now, if you're a small local business, I would just encourage you to take Google My Business dead serious.

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GMB should be the number one platform that you spend time on besides your most engaging social media platform.

Start by reading the Google My Business Terms of Service here. Nothing matters more than to abide by their terms of service.

Google My Business for a local My Business is the most important thing that you can do. Now, when you're on there, here's some tips that I just … I want to walk you through how to have a great optimized and powerful Google My Business page.

The first thing would be make sure that you think through your business name. Okay? When you create a Google My Business page, your business name needs to be somewhat unique. You should start … You have to think through when you even start your business, when people search your name, don't be … Don't have a name that 9,000 companies have. I was just engaging with somebody that has a really broad name that is not really descriptive, and the result is there's like 25 different financial planners, and different people that have that namer on them, and it's really hard to stand out.

It sounds weird, but one basic optimization to Google My Business is to think through your business name, and then the second thing is to think through your core commercial keywords, you'll hear this all the time, but what is your category and what are your top three core commercial keywords?

The core commercial keywords are when people are finally choosing a solution, what is it that you're in the business of doing? It's the main thing. You know, if you are McDonalds you're a restaurant. That would be a core commercial keyword. When people search restaurants near me, that's what you want to do.

There's a little housecleaning. For housecleaning, you have maid service, house keeping, house cleaning. Those are all core commercial keywords for the housecleaning business. If you're in remodeling, remodelers near me. Remodeling contractors, general contractor, basement remodeling, kitchen remodeler. And you think remodeler in general contractor, those are the core commercial keywords because that means somebody's actually searching for a solution. You have to identify those core commercial keywords. From there, you want to back into one to five niches that you … Niche services, or niche solutions you really want to specialize in.

I know you may … Here's a little pushback that always happens. I don't want to narrow things down too much. If you think about it, what the niche is meant to do, the niche isn't that you will only do business in that niche, the niche that you're going to declare in your Google My Business and on your website, is really about to intersect with terminology and problems that you can actually target in the search engines and online. If you don't niche, and you don't find some areas for you to specialize in, you're really not going to have a ton of success. If you think about this in the digital marketing world, you have web design. That's a huge, broad, amazing term. If you can rank on webs design, that's sweet. Usually the cost per click on that is super expensive.

From there, you have web design Minneapolis. That's the next core commercial keyword. From there you probably have websites for salons. Right? You have construction websites Minneapolis. Websites for construction, Minneapolis. As you niche down, what is going to happen is you just … The search volume's not as high but people in that niche will be searching it, and what you're deciding is you want to partake in those core commercial keywords.

That would be what you need to work through is your business name, your core commercial keywords, and then the niches and the region that you want to specialize in. If you don't do that hard work, Google My Business is nonsense. Your SEO is nonsense. Your business is in a sense up to you just connecting with people, which is fine. But if you want to have success, you've got to do that. You've gotta figure that out. That would be the first two things that I would recommend. Get your business name dialed in. Get your core commercial keywords and your niche figured out.

Now, what you want to do is launch your name and your business across every platform. That's Facebook, your website and Google My Business. This is all how to optimize for Google My Business but you need to have consistency in your name, address and phone numbers. What we call it here in the industry your NAP. Name, address, phone number. But what it is, is you need to have this consistent footprint and description system across everything. When you go into Google My Business, you need to have your name for your business needs to be identical.

Think for a minute of all the minute that are named AAA Lawn. I had a AAA lawn care company that we've been trying to help out, and boy that has been hard, because there's so many AAA Landscape, AAA Lawn, AAA everything, from back in the day. The first thing you do is make sure that every assets has the exact same name, right? A precise name. A precise tag line. What you're doing is in the descriptions on your Facebook, description on your YouTube channel, description on your Twitter account, descriptions in all of your citations like on Apple Maps, and Yellow Pages, in Yelp, in all of these different footprints that you launch into, because you need to launch them all … That would be a tip. This is all for Google My Business. I'm telling you Google My Business tips.

But, consistent name. Precise name, so that in the trillions of websites, Google MB can go, Aha, that's this guy. This is this guy. I'd also … That would be the next step, is having NAP consistency. From there, in your Google My Business services tab … You go to Google My Business, you get it verified. You need to be verified. Observe the terms and conditions of the Google My Business accounts, because you cannot have … You have to have a storefront. People need to be there. You actually have to … Not storefront. You have to have an office. There needs to be people there.

I would also … Here's another tip. Make sure that your office that you use for Google My Business is in the honey hole that you want to have success in, right? It's worth going and getting an office in a higher population area where your clients are going to be. It might be worth a monthly rent check for you to be in that region, because here's a little unknown thing to a lot of people is that that Google My Business, when it has more reviews and it's optimized is going to be one of the most dominating forces that you have for SEO. It is locality driven, primarily.

Within about an eight mile circle around your Google My Business is where you're going to pop up. You will not pop up very well at all outside of that. As you optimize, you will … It's almost like Google trusts you more, and more, and more. But what you need to know is that there is a huge, huge opportunity to be in your honey hole. That's another tip.

From there, your services tab. Fill out your services. You have a services category, and then you have each service. I would use that to write meaty, compelling, great optimized descriptions for your core commercial keywords in your core niches, right? If you're a remodeler, you have a section in there about basement remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement … Or, additions. Whatever it is. You want to breathe that out. Have it be thick, and use the full description. Write good, compelling copy. You need to have that on there. That would be the next step.

Another thing that you're going to want to do is go into your website, and in the footer of your website on your address, I would hyperlink to your Google My Business account. Then, the way you do that is you take your phone, and you search your name. You find your Google My Business. There's a little share icon. That's the great way to get the URL, the shortened Google URL of your Google My Business. That's what I get to get reviews, is you text that link. But take that link, email it to yourself so you have it, and then hyperlink in a new tab. So when you click, it opens in a new tab. But take your address in the footer of your website and have it point over to your Google My Business.

All we're trying to do is do all these signals that'll cause you to … for Google to understand what's going on, because our goal is to rank for the core commercial keyword, with a local snippet and then each of those individual subcategories or services, right? That would be the next thing to optimize your Google My Business page. In each one of those services, you want to hyperlink. It won't actually link, but what you want to do is have a page on your website that is specifically for each one of those sub services, right? You need to have service pages for those core keywords, or those core services that matter to you.

It sounds silly, but if you have five, you need to have five pages dedicated exactly to that, and also probably for your region. You don't want to go crazy about making regional web pages every single time, but you definitely need a services section, and then a sub page for each service. Here's how you can see that this is why this will matter, is because if you start searching those, Google now actually says if you search for basement remodeling expert, or basement remodeler near me, you'll see that on the Google My Business account it says their website indicates they do basement remodeling. Or, it'll just pop up, because the GMB is optimized.

Here's the next thing that will matter, is in your posts … You didn't know this, but you can post on your Google My Business page. Go to that Google My Business page on your phone, and be posting about those core categories. Sure, you can run all sorts of sales and put information in there. You can share YouTube videos, short videos, photos. Share your team and everything. The key there is make sure that you're at least posting about those core commercial keywords periodically. Don't keyword stuff from random for people, make them be compelling, but be posting. Having your website … If you do all these optimizations, it's going to be helpful.

Google My Business is the primary thing that you should be investing in. I hope that's helpful. That will help you dominate. Here'd be my last bit of information. You have got to get more reviews than everybody else in your sector, right? It's all about outrunning the bear in this, okay? If a bear is chasing you and your friend, you don't have to outrun the bear, you have to outrun your neighbor. As long as you can drive more authentic, good, real reviews than your competitors, you're going to start dominating in the Local My Business, that will be phenomenal for you. Subscribe if this is helpful.