How quickly text or email your Google Review link to get more reviews

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How to Share your Google My Business or Google Review Link

You can text your Google Review link to people, which makes getting reviews much easier.

This guide shows you exactly how to share your GMB link through text, email or other forms.

Watch the video or keep scroll down for the step by step guide.

There's a bunch of articles that complicate the process of sending the Google Review Request, articles like this, this, this and others. They might be worth a read if you'd like.

Here's the simple way to share your google review link in order to get more Google Reviews.

Whether you decide to leverage a customer review software like Feedbackwrench, or you just want to have your employees or your team manually email or text your Google review link, this is the quick guide on how to find the Google review link and share it.

Where is the Google Review Link?

The Google review link is found in your Google My Business Website dashboard. Here are the steps.

  1. Log into your Gmail Account that has the Google My Business Profile.
  2. Hit the 9 Squares in the upper right hand corner, and then the Google My Business Square.
  3. On the main dashboard, you can scroll down a bit to the "Get Review" box.

How to Get more Google Reviews.

Here's a talk I gave on my Youtube Channel about how to get more reviews, and some fo the strategies people can implement to get more.  Check out the transcript below as well.

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How quickly text or email your Google Review link to get more reviews

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