Ways Your CPA Firm Can Use a Blog to Attract New Clients

Check out how writing a well-executed blog can grow your outsourced accounting firm's business.

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Did your marketing agency or internal marketing team recently recommend (well, tell you) that you need to create a blog on your website?

We get it – because we make the same recommendation to our clients.

But we understand your confusion, and maybe even a little fear. You might be wondering “Why do I need a blog?” and “What am I going to write about?”

Relax. We can help!

Check out our tips on how to use your accounting firm’s blog to reach more clients -- and look at examples of who is doing it well. You might even get some ideas for your blog!

Why Your Accounting, Tax, and Bookkeeping Firm Needs a Blog

First, let’s cover the basics. We know you’re wondering why you need a blog. There are two main reasons:

  1. It helps you showcase your thought leadership to gain trust and establish authority with prospective clients.
  2. It helps your SEO ranking, meaning when prospects do an internet search for “accounting firms near me,” you are more likely to show up higher on the results page. It’s essential to show up on the first page! Why? Think about the last time you went to the second or third page of search results when looking for a service. It doesn’t happen often, right?

Both reasons will help you attract new customers to your CPA firm. Let’s dig into how.

#1 Way to Use Your CPA Blog to Attract New Customers

Share Important Information

Your outsourced accounting firm’s blog is a way for you to share information prospective customers are looking for. Your blog should be focused on topics relevant to your business and should answer questions your clients and prospects commonly ask.

Then, when prospects do an internet search on these questions, your firm’s blog will give them the information they’re seeking. This helps build your credibility and puts your name, branding, and lead forms in front of them.

Asnani CPA does this really well in their blog, “7 Advantages of Outsourced Accounting.”

#2 Way to Use Your CPA Blog to Attract New Customers

Show Who You Are

Your blog is your space to share who you and your firm are. Your posts can demonstrate your outsourced accounting firm’s expertise on various topics and share your personality. These posts let your potential clients get to know you and what your firm stands for before they even meet you. Even if they are not looking for an accounting firm right now, your content and your knowledge will stick with them. Then, when they are looking to hire a firm, you’ll be at the top of their list.

#3 Way to Use Your CPA Blog to Attract New Customers

Educate – Don’t Sell

This is going to sound odd – especially since we just told you to create a blog to attract new customers – but you don’t want to use your blog to sell your services. You want to use your blog to educate people who are interested in your services. Create content related to your niche, and provide information to prospects that they are looking for.

You can turn readers into customers by offering insights, telling stories, and showing how your firm has helped solve problems for other clients. By doing this, you are demonstrating your authority and thought leadership without making an obvious sales pitch.

Your goal is to provide helpful content that will encourage readers to take the steps to become your client. Check out these examples from Passageway Financial and Performance Financial LLC.

#4 Way to Use Your CPA Blog to Attract New Customers

Include Photos and Videos

While your words are the bulk of your blog, it’s essential to include some visual elements like images and videos. These elements help break up the text, and make it more enticing for users to read.

And, while images are great, videos are even better. These elements give you another chance to tell your firm’s story in the blog and allow you to connect with your prospects by letting them see you and hear your voice. It will help them feel like they know you and establish a relationship before they contact you.

Whyte CPA does a fantastic job of incorporating videos in their blogs. Here is a great example!

#5 Way to Use Your CPA Blog to Attract New Customers

Use Headers

Adding headers to your blogs is also important. They break up the text, making it more digestible. Readers can skim through the content and read the headers to see what will be covered in the blog. It also makes the content seem less dense and more manageable when it’s broken into sections.

There is also another important reason. These headers – typically H2 and H3 tags – impact your SEO rankings. Using keywords in these headers can help your content show up higher during internet searches.

Pulver CPA and UpFront CPA do a great job breaking up the text on their blogs with SEO-friendly headers.

#6 Way to Use Your CPA Blog to Attract New Customers

Include CTAs

While the focus of the blog is not a sales pitch, you do want to provide a way for users to connect with you. Include links throughout the blog to other pages on your website to drive them to your services and other key pages, and include links to your Contact Us page or lead forms. This will make it easy for intrigued readers to connect with you and schedule a consultation.


While creating a blog for your outsourced accounting firm might seem intimidating, it can be an incredible tool for growing your business. Using the top keywords and writing about the right topics can grow your SEO and increase your leads. Check out the examples we shared above for ideas!

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