Startup Story: Dylan Hendrickson Accounting Firm Startup Story

Dyland Hendrickson started his own accounting firm right out of college, hear the real story about starting his own accounting firm.

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Startup Story of an Accounting Firm

If you're looking for stories about people starting their own accounting, bookkeeping or CPA firm?  Here's an interview I did with Dylan Hendrickson.

Dyland has an inspiring story.

  • Dylan had some family struggles when he was young.
  • Dylan got a Masters in Accounting & Played division 1 football
  • Dylan started an accounting firm RIGHT out of college
  • Dylan used college the way it should be used, to get practical and real skills

If you're looking for strategies, stories, or inspiration as you start your own accounting firm or bookkeeping business, you should watch this video or listen to it on our podcast.

Dylan's Story of Starting His Own Accounting Firm Out of College:

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Dylan and his business partner specialize as accountants for E-Commerce and Online Marketers.

Key Takeaways for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Dylan's story offers valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Break some eggs: Don't be afraid to experiment and learn on the job.
  • Build strategic partnerships: Collaborate with others to expand your offerings and reach.
  • Invest in community: Surround yourself with supportive and like-minded individuals.
  • Create consistent content: Establish your online presence and build brand awareness.
  • Embrace challenges: View setbacks as opportunities for growth.

By following these principles, you can increase your chances of building a successful and fulfilling business, just like Dylan Hendrickson.

Dylan's Website: STAXX PRO:

Here's a fun summary of the video:

Dylan Hendrickson: Building the Ferrari of Accounting Firms

An interview with Dylan Hendrickson, co-owner of Stacks and founder of Sledge Accounting, by Rob Satrom of Feedbackwrench.

In the heart of St. George, Utah, a young entrepreneur named Dylan Hendrickson is shaking up the accounting world. At just 25 years old, Dylan has already co-founded Stacks, a fractional CFO firm, and launched Sledge Accounting, specializing in services for online businesses. His rapid success can be attributed to his relentless drive, strategic partnerships, and savvy content creation on platforms like Twitter.

Early Career and the Birth of Sledge Accounting

Dylan's accounting journey began in 2019, juggling college, football, coaching, and a part-time bookkeeping job. During his bookkeeping tasks, he stumbled upon Rob Satrom's YouTube videos, which sparked his interest in starting his own accounting business.

In November 2021, Dylan took the leap and launched Sledge Accounting. His first clients were friends and acquaintances, including a childhood friend who owned a landscaping business. Dylan's willingness to "break some eggs and figure it out" by offering his services at a lower price helped him gain valuable experience and build his reputation.

A pivotal moment occurred during a tax internship at The Tax Company. By preparing tax returns from scratch, Dylan realized he could earn a substantial income in a short amount of time. This realization solidified his decision to pursue entrepreneurship full-time.

Strategic Partnerships and the Power of Community

Dylan attributes much of his success to strategic partnerships. By collaborating with a tax firm specializing in high-net-worth individuals and a CPA firm focused on payroll, Sledge Accounting expanded its service offerings and increased its value proposition.

Joining Client Ascension, a premium coaching program, provided Dylan with a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs. This community offered valuable insights, mentorship, and helped him overcome the loneliness often associated with early-stage entrepreneurship.

Content Creation and the "Ferrari of Accounting Firms"

Dylan's active presence on Twitter has been instrumental in attracting clients and strategic partners. He emphasizes the importance of "existing on the internet" and creating consistent content to build brand awareness.

"Most of my clients come from Twitter," Dylan explains. "You need to be in front of their face consistently so when they do make the decision that they need an accountant, you're the person that they call."

Dylan's content creation strategy involves batching his efforts, focusing on his strengths (writing tweets), and leveraging tools like OBS and to create visually appealing and informative videos. He advises aspiring content creators to focus on authenticity and value rather than hyper-edited productions.

Dylan and his partner Alex envision Stacks as the "Ferrari of accounting firms," catering to the underserved market of online businesses with revenues between $300,000 and $10 million. Their services include comprehensive bookkeeping, custom financial reports, KPI tracking, payroll automation, tax preparation, and strategic tax planning.

Overcoming Challenges and Looking to the Future

Dylan's entrepreneurial journey hasn't been without its challenges. He acknowledges the loneliness of early-stage entrepreneurship and the difficulty of deciding which levers to pull to grow his business. However, his athletic background has instilled in him a sense of resilience, delayed gratification, and relentless effort, all of which have been instrumental in his success.

Looking to the future, Dylan is excited about the growth potential of Stacks. He believes the firm can achieve 2x to 3x growth in 2024 and plans to continue expanding its services and client base.

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