How to Get Your First Clients for a Bookkeeping, Tax, Accounting or CPA Business

Here's how you can start getting B2B clients for your CPA, tax and accounting business.

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I started & grew a super dominant, outsourced accounting firm here in the Minneapolis region, and I'd love to help you learn how to do it, and you can hire us to build you an amazing website & setup Google ads to drive customers your way.

How to get your first business clients for your CPA, tax and accounting business

Starting a business is hard, but the most difficult part is finding your very first customers.

There's a ton of reasons why the first clients are the hardest:

Why getting the first clients is really hard for a startup accountant:

  • you feel like a fake
  • you're not confident
  • you have no experience
  • you have not practiced
  • you're making things up as you go
  • you might not be gifted in sales and prospecting
  • you're and accountant, not a sales person
  • you're not sure where to start
  • you're just awkward and bad at it

Starting your own tax and accounting firm is a beast, but it's made even harder for the reasons I mentioned, and a host of others.

Here's a free video I put together of some extremely practical steps you can take to get your first customers, and I'm sure it will be helpful.  

Watch the Video to Get Your First Customers

Getting your First B2B Customers for your Accounting Firm

If you're looking to get business clients for your accounting firm, bookkeeping business, Tax Firm or CPA firm, We'll show you the practical tips that work.  I'll cut to that eventually you'll want to implement digital marketing to intersect with people that are looking for a solution for the taxes, bookkeeping, payroll and accounting needs.  Here at Feedbackwrench, we can help you implement the superior outsourced accounting model, build and design a website for your accounting firm, perform all the copywriting for your accounting marketing, setup paid ads & lead funnels to get accounting clients, and help you build up your SEO for your accounting firm.

Step One- Think 2 Phases

The first thing is to realize that you're going to go through 2 phases.

In the first phase, you're going to do just about any kind of work, tax returns, coaching, bookkeeping cleanup, WHATEVER - in order to build up revenue and credibility.

You see, while you drive towards becoming and outsourced accounting firm, where you don't waste time with one-off service, but you provide an all encompassing service, you'll need to build up your credibility.

Phase 1 - Building Credibility Phase

You need to get experience, and you'll need to get Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews.

You see, it's much easier to close business when you believe in yourself, and there's evidence on Google Reviews that you actually do good work.

So in this first phase, i recommend you do as many types of work as possible, in the hope that you can make them really happy and get a google review.

The goal is to have a portfolio of customer reviews, testimonials and testaments that show you're actually worthy of trust

The other thing to note is that until you have a couple of monthly retainer clients, you don't have any money, so you need to be scrappy and just do any work that you can drum up.

The goal in phase 1 is to build up reviews to help you close more outsourced accounting clients.

Phase 2 - Prune and Focus

The second phase is when you start to prune back your non outsourced accounting clients, so that you can deliver excellent results to that service model.

If you do lots of tax returns, and non outsourced accounting clients, you'll be too busy doing "good work" to actually do the great work.

If you're not careful, you'll get busy doing nonsense work and drop the ball on your best clients.

You must eventually prune your book of business down to include only the outsourced accounting clients.

The goal in the pruning phase is to create margin in your time to service outsourced accounting clients

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