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Google My Business Reviews: 3 Real Life Hacks to get MORE REVIEWS

Looking for ways to improve your LOCAL SEO? Getting more Google Reviews is a sure-fire way to win, and here's some practical advice on how to get more reviews for your small business.

if you've been looking for ways to improve your local SEO as a small business owner, you've probably heard the Google my business in Google reviews are a phenomenal way to get more business.

In fact, I will say over and over that there is no more powerful tool than Google my business, and I foresee the Google will be cutting into the business of home advisor, house, and the other third party aggregators like thumbtack. Why do I think this is going to happen? Because Google has made them what they are today. The only reason why home advisor or thumbtack even get leads is because they have giant sites that have become authoritative because they have review systems the Google tends to like.

google my business

so there's pretty much nothing more important than to build up your Google reviews on your Google my business page

In fact, notice how you cannot Google and find Facebook posts in your Google search results. It's kind of weird, because you can actually find images from Facebook in the Google images returns, but they will not index anything from Facebook or Instagram. If they've taken one of the biggest sites in the entire world and nullify it with their search results, because they don't want to lose advertising budget and profits, then don't you think that they will take a giant bite out of these third party aggregators when they can?

It's because of this that I believe that over the next 10 years The businesses that diligently build up their Google My business profile will experience massive success, and they will basically be able to crush their competitors like Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor.

There will be two types of companies when it comes to Google my business, those that built into it, got reviews, made posts, and optimized with their websites, and those that don't get any leads from Google anymore.

This is really evident because you need to remember that Google treats every serter like their daughter looking for a new husband. They are very careful about selecting only trustworthy, relevant, and authoritative sites to serve up in their search engine result pages. They're even more careful about a business that shows up for a commercial keyword.

it's because of this, I wanted to take time to talk about what I think is the best way for you to get more Google reviews, so that you can dominate the Google Maps, and help your business build massive financial momentum through your digital footprint.

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