Websites for Construction Companies: 6 Reasons Why Websites and Strategic SEO are Important for Construction Companies

Considering whether your construction company needs to invest into a website? Here's our argument for taking the plunge and getting started with SEO.

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6 Reasons Why Websites and Strategic SEO are Important for Construction Companies

We're going to list out the different website tools that contractors, construciton companies and builders can use to build a website, but the tools and platforms don't matter.

Wordpress, Squarespace, Webflow, Wix, Weebly, Godaddy and other website platforms can be good, but it's really not about the website tool.

Your website is simply a medium, much like paper or a word document.

You need compelling content, writing, images, design, and psychological connection for website to be effective.

What Makes for an Effective Construction Website?

What Makes a Website Excellent?

  • Great messaging that connects with your core customer & their primary problem
  • Show how you work to solve customers problems
  • Clear value proposition & differentiators from competitors
  • Provide guidance as to how a wise customer should choose a vendor or solution
  • Beautiful, clean design that represents the brand
  • Excellent user interface
  • intuitive in how people use it
  • Fast loading, mobile responsive
  • Words that connect with the customer and their core problem.
  • Trust-gaining factors throughout the website
  • Clear and compelling calls to action
  • Showcase of your projects to show you're a competent solution
  • Show Google, Facebook and other reviews on page
  • Show customer reviews
  • Rank in search engines for important keywords
  • Rank for ALL the important keywords your company needs to rank for
  • Convert traffic to sales
  • Optimized for Paid Search Ads, so you can create a consistent stream of leads
  • Work on all devices
  • Easy to update and use without breaking the site
  • Backups & security
  • Fully customizable to put design elements where you want
  • Affordable & consistent in it's usability

Web Design By Feedbackwrench

Looking for a Website For your Construction Company?

Here's a long form conversation about some ideas for your digital marketing for your construction company.

Construction Branding & Web Design

If you're looking for a Website for your Construction company, we've got your covered. Whether it's a completely custom branding and website package, or a cost-efficient template based site, we serve construction companies of all sizes.

Construction Video Production

One of the major services we provide is professional video production for small to medium sized business.  Video is perfect for showcasing projects, communicating your value proposition, and it's helpful in SEO to dominate your competitors.

Construction companies should have great Websites, SEO and Digital Marketing.

In the midst of a massive economic upswing, why should construction companies invest into their website?

If you don't need more sales, why should construction companies work on their SEO and digital marketing?

Sure, that’s easy for me to say right? I want you to hire our company to serve as your outsourced website, SEO and marketing company…But there are more important reasons to consider than that - construction companies are facing new realities that require them to invest into their online presence.

So why should your construction company invest into its online presence?Well, it’s simple. Your competitors will.If your competitors invest into a website and search engine optimization, then they'll be getting assistance from the world's most powerful companies and technology, and you wont.Sound like a weak argument?I would challenge you on this - just because you’ve been able to grow your business in spite of a dismal or subpar online reputation doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do that in the future.

You see, websites and SEO are like planting a tree. When was the best time to plant a tree?  30 years ago.

When’s the second best time to plant a tree? Today.

Here’s what I mean: Sound search engine optimization, and a great website, payoff in an exponential way over time.Those that invested into good SEO 10 years ago are now benefitting from being on top of result pages in search queries that matter to you.So why does this mean that construction companies NEED to invest into their website and SEO now? It really comes down to the fact that their competitors will be, and that means they will benefit from the momentum built online.

The companies that we work alongside of end up becoming the most dominant players in their sector - and that momentum is hard to stop.Those that implement the right construction website and marketing strategies now will enjoy the long-term benefits of having their website crawled and indexed by Bing and Google - and eventually they'll be seen as the authority on their subject matter.That said, you might be saying - We’ve gotten this far without a good website or SEO, why do we need it now?Construction companies are notorious for having non-existent or bad websites. Even great construction companies and general contractors have been known to have no website or what we call an “online business card” - a website that simply contains contact information and a couple of very basic pages.Why have construction companies done relatively well even with minimal online presences?That’s tied to the type of business they run.Construction companies have been able to rely on the quality of their workmanship and their reputation for excellence up to this point. If construction companies do a good job, treat their customers well, and price themselves properly, they’re bound to succeed. But imagine if a company did all those things well, and also had a good online presence. What would the result of that be?

The Two Reasons Why Construction Companies Get Away with Having Lousy Websites:

1 - Their Business Growth Comes from Great Execution (Not Marketing)2 - They Grow Their Company Through BiddingIn fact, there are some cases where high profile construction companies want to be "more seen than heard,” being known for under promising and over delivering. Adding to that dynamic,  I think that many construction company owners dislike sales hype and nonsense, which causes them to over-correct and neglect their sales process, marketing efforts, and public relations. I’m arguing that the construction companies that get ahead in their website and search engine optimization efforts are going to get a leg up on their competitors.What Should You Do?1 - Build a High Quality Website2 - Create Ongoing Content on your Website for “Inbound Marketing”3 - Develop Your Online Reputation4 - Showcase the Work You’ve Done5 - Convey Your Values & Approach Online That’s basically a list of what we do as a company, and I hope you’d contact us for a free consultation over coffee or the phone.

6 Reasons Why Websites and Strategic SEO are Important for Construction Companies

1 - Attract Prospective Customers2 - Solidify their Reputation3 - Have Virtual Conversations - Convey Your Company Values 4 - Attract Amazing Employees5 - Showcase Your Work 6 - Provide Leverage

1 - Attract Prospective Customers

We can help drive sales with the right website and SEO approach.Have you ever done the homework to see how much action a certain keyword phrase is getting?We highly recommend that you do. As part of our process, we will brainstorm what keywords and phrases would be relevant to you and your business, and then do some work to find out how much traffic that keyword is getting in your region.Inbound marketing and SEO is the art of creating, optimizing, and marketing relevant online content so that people find your solutions in a search query.People might search for your sector, your competitor, advice, or about certain problems… and you can drive traffic to your solution by creating answers to these queries on your website.It’s not easy to get website content to rank for every keyword you target, but the first step is creating that content and answering those questions that people might be wondering about.Also, we work alongside our clients with reputation management and social media. You know what happens when you’re the highest ranked company in your sector and region?  You tend to get more prospective clients.

2 - Solidify Your Reputation

The internet is providing companies with the tools to serve up their referrals to everybody querying on the internet.A review is an amazing asset to a business. It's essentially an immortalized referral or testimonial that will be served up to everybody searching at just the right time.When a company invests into reputation management and makes the small steps to acquire reviews over the long haul, they’ll find that their company can close more deals and have increased traffic from the Google and Bing Local snippets.As part of what we do, we help you gain reviews for your accounts on Facebook, Google, and other platforms while also showcasing relevant testimonials.  Nothing is more helpful than concise, authentic reviews and testimonials.

3 -  Have Virtual Conversations

This isn’t meant to be a silly thing - it’s valuable.Your web presence should control the narrative of your sphere.You can convey your company values, differentiators, and even your opinions into the public realm. Look - this is about conveying your core competencies, your approach, and you’re company values to prospective clients and employees.

4 - Attract Amazing Employees

Your company should use landing pages with keyword optimization to post job openings and to market yourself to the right circles.Great businesses are built by great people - your website should serve as an attractant for those high caliber people.Just like the point about having online conversations, your website can serve like honey to attract the types of people you want to hire. Even if you can’t attract prospective team members with your website, the online presence will convey who you are and hopefully help the right people to get in contact with you.

5 - Showcase Your Work

One of the most important functions of a construction website is to showcase the good work you do.Construction companies have a major problem in that they do really neat stuff, but few people get to experience what it’s like. Whether you want to show the before and after of your construction projects, showcase your equipment operator's skills, or just show pictures of the pretty homes you built - you should use your website to showcase your work.

6 - Convey Your Values and Approach

Why are you different? What’s your unique approach?Why is it that your able to perform better than your competitors?Why should people choose you? Your website and online presence should clearly answer these questions. If it does, you'll find that customers are more likely to line up with the intention of working with you. Why? Because consumers are much more confident in companies that they feel like they know and understand.

What's the best website for construction companies?

A great website comes from a great design, excellent copywriting, and putting trust signals where they need to be in order to cause people to actually choose you.

Here are Feedbackwrench, we specialize in creating websites that not only look great, but they're optimized to "pick the locks of people's minds", to help them choose to take a step with you.   Construction companies have a series of things their website should include, and not only do we understand how to deploy them well, but we know how to execute on them better than just about any

Feedbackwrench Websites for Construction Companies


Wordpress is one of the largest websites platforms that Construction companies will end up using, but the quality of a wordpress website is tied directly to the designer and the developer.  We've built scores of websites on Wordpress, but there's a number of challenges that come with choosing a wordpress website.

Problems with Wordpress:

  • They require a theme to build on
  • When people fill out forms, it can be messy to get those leads where you want them without a CRM or other system.T
  • The website is built on plugins that need constant updating
  • There are lots of sloppy, non-custom web designers for Wordpress
  • There are visual limitations that requires lots of custom CSS - meaning your tied to a developer if you want to put a button in a unique spot or have a particular type of drop down.
  • Over time, they plugins & build require lots of upkeep - if you're not on top of it, it will collapse on itself

2 - Squarespace

Squarespace provides a more turn-key, DIY system for web design.  For a flat monthly fee, you'll get access to their templates, their editor and their tools.  Squarespace websites for construction are not bad, but they are built fo rbeginners to jump in and make a site off a template, and they're not really easy to customize to look the way you REALLY want them to look. We don't use squarespace because we've found that it doesn't provide excellent tools to showcase your projects, customer reviews, Google reviews, and you're not really allowed to fully customize the buttons, menu, and put cool features like animations.

Bottom line: If you're going to spend your own time creating a very simple website, squarespace is probably the best place.

You should hire Feedbackwrench because our designs, process, price and outcomes will quickly be a better value for any contractor that's doing anything meaningful.

3 - Free Google Site

Your Google My Business page has the ability to have a free website attached to it. It’s VERY basic, but it’s free. Not only is it free, but it’s tied to Google…which means you’re playing with the big boy. With this builder, you'll have the opportunity to get something out there on the web, and something is almost always better than nothing. Another unique advantage that comes with using the Google builder is this - there are few other website builders that are likely to be as carefully setup for SEO results.Since this builder was built by the largest search company, it's not crazy to think that it has some big time SEO benefits tied into it. If you don’t know what Google My Business is - then we need to chat.

Ongoing Content & SEO for Construction

Search engine optimization is an interesting beast.There are things you need to do in order to help rank your content, but there’s also nothing better that you can do than to keep on creating great content. Without fresh, relevant content, Google will have nothing to index on your site and you won't have the ability to appear for relevant search queries.But what is great content?Most simply put, great content is content that satisfies your customer's search intent. If they look for "home builders in mn" then they're expecting to find information about home builders that can service them in their area. They wouldn't be happy to find out of state companies or construction companies that don't build homes.Because of that, it's your job to create pages that are true to who you are and what you do so that you can bring the right kind of people to your site.


If you're ready to take on search engine optimization and website building, we'd love to be your partner in the process. We have tons of experience in building sites for construction companies, and we'd be happy to help you rank on Google, Bing, and all of the other search engines out there.Your site should be your best and most effective sales tactic - it would be our pleasure to get you there.

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