8 Brutal Truths About Selling Accounting Services (and 4 Strategies to Beat Them)

Selling accounting services is a challenge. Discover the 8 harsh realities that hold accountants back and learn 4 proven strategies to attract and close high-paying clients.

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8 Brutal Truths About Selling Accounting Services (and 4 Strategies to Beat Them)

My name is Rob, and I am the owner of Feedbackwrench, and the primary coach of our accountant training course.

Selling Accounting Services & Bookkeeping Services is no small chore.

I've found there are 8 simple barriers, obstacles or challenges that exist between you and your customer

Selling accounting is hard for many reasons, but unlike most services or products, there's some even harsher realities.

Here's the Video, along with an outline so you can get the details!

Selling accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services can feel like a paradox – it's both the easiest and hardest thing to do. The truth is, most accountants struggle to land those lucrative, high-retainer clients. This struggle is the single biggest roadblock to growth for many firms.

In this article, we're getting real about the challenges of selling accounting services. We'll expose eight harsh realities that you need to confront, and then we'll equip you with four actionable strategies to overcome these obstacles and thrive.

The Good News (Yes, There Is Some)

Every business needs accounting services. You're not peddling a luxury; you're offering an essential service that businesses are legally obligated to have. The government practically enforces your value proposition!

Even better, many traditional accounting firms have failed to adapt to the modern business landscape, leaving a gap for innovative firms like yours.

The Bad News (Let's Get Real)

Despite the high demand for accounting services, 95% of accountants struggle to attract and convert quality leads into high-paying clients. Why? Because accounting sales are easy to get wrong, especially if you don't understand your target client and the complex dynamics of marketing and sales.

8 Harsh Realities of Selling Accounting Services

  1. Nobody wants to buy your services. Accounting is a necessary expense, not a desired purchase.
  2. Business owners dislike and don't care about accounting. Most entrepreneurs are passionate about their products or services, not tax deductions and balance sheets.
  3. You're selling an intangible product.  It's difficult to showcase the value you provide in a tangible way.
  4. Business owners procrastinate. They avoid dealing with accounting until it's absolutely necessary, often leading to costly mistakes.
  5. They don't know the problems they have.  They often have no idea how much money they're losing due to inefficient accounting practices.
  6. They don't realize the benefits they're missing out on. Most business owners are unaware of the significant financial and operational improvements a skilled accountant can bring.
  7. They think their current accountant is doing just fine. It's hard to convince someone to switch when they believe their current solution is adequate.
  8. They often have a personal relationship with their current accountant. This makes switching to a new provider emotionally difficult.

4 Proven Strategies to Overcome These Realities

  1. Market to them when they're ready to buy. Utilize inbound marketing strategies like SEO, paid search ads, and informative content to reach potential clients who are actively searching for accounting solutions. Hire Feedbackwrench to help you.
  2. Passionately seek to do a tax & accounting analysis. Offer a free assessment to demonstrate your expertise and uncover hidden opportunities for improvement. This helps potential clients visualize the tangible benefits of working with you.
  3. Don't waste their time talking accounting with them.  Keep your communication concise, relevant, and focused on their pain points and goals. Utilize personalized video messages to establish a connection.
  4. Create and utilize video. Video is a powerful tool for building trust and showcasing your personality. Incorporate video into your website, social media, and email marketing to engage potential clients and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Ready to Build a Selling Machine Website & Ads?

Here are Feedbackwrench, we will create you a website, advertising, SEO and automations that will help you bring in a steady flow of your perfect customers.

It's not easy building a significant practice, but we're confident that we'll give you the absolute BEST chance at getting clients possible.

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