8 Best Accounting Firm & Bookkeeping Business Videos by Feedbackwrench

Feedbackwrench's 8 BEST Free courses & training on how to start an accounting firm, start a bookkeeping business or start a CPA Firm

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Free Training & Courses to Start an Accounting Firm

Looking for free training and online courses about starting and growing an accounting firm, bookkeeping business, CPA firm or tax business?

My name is Rob Satrom, and in 2011, I started and grew a unique accounting firm and built it to $1 Million in monthly recurring revenue in less than 24 months.

Since then, I built my web design and marketing company, and have helped hundreds of accountants & bookkeepers build significant & profitable accounting firms.

I have a paid course for $500 that comes with any website you might build with Feedbackwrench, but I've also created scores of videos on Youtube that will serve as free courses or training for anyone looking to start an accounting firm.

Tips on How to Get Accounting Clients & Bookkeeping Clients

The other thing you're going to learn here is how to get accounting clients.

Most bookkeepers and accountants are desperate to find ways to get more accounting clients, and in these videos, you'll learn deep trainings on how to attract and close accounting clients, bookkeeping clients and more importantly - high retainer accounting clients.

I teach how to get high retainer business clients, and then our websites and advertising will ensure a steady flow of accounting clients and bookkeeping clients come your way.

I created a lot of videos on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google My Business about small business tax and accounting as well as web design.

Learn more about the outsourced accounting firm to discover what the model looks like as well.

If you're looking to start or grow a bookkeeping business, accounting firm, CPA Firm or tax firm, then I think these videos will help you big time!

8 Best Videos by Feedbackwrench on How to Start an Accounting Firm & Get Accounting Clients

#1 - How to Start a Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax, and Accounting Company that Makes Big Money

Where do I get started with my own CPA?

In this video, I go over the most important things that an entrepreneur should consider when starting their own accounting firm.

3 Core Value Propositions to Selling High Retainers:

- Help mitigate their taxes

- Save business owners time

- Keep them compliant

- You will help them pay their share of taxes and only what is necessary.

When you save them time by doing their bookkeeping, payroll, and tax planning, you become a valuable resource for the company by taking the stress of finances off their back.

While mitigating their risk with the IRS and keeping them compliant with the law, their business runs efficiently.

That keeps them coming back monthly, which is how you get them onto a retainer.

Hiring you for $2,000 a month would be a better alternative than sitting down with an accountant reviewing financial statements.

In your outsourced accounting model, you should include the following:

- Personal taxes for the business owner and possibly family

- Create tax plans for their business and for business owners

- Online payroll

- Meet monthly for tax planning

#2 - Accounting Startup From the Ground Up

I talk about how I started my million-dollar tax accounting and bookkeeping firm and how your business can set itself apart from the competition and be more competitive.

While tax planning for individuals is getting cheaper and more accessible, tax filing and preparation for big corporations will become more complex.

This is where you can insert yourself as an accounting firm.

Most new firms are resistant to offering bookkeeping services, as they want to focus on their client's business' other aspects, but to help them mitigate taxes and keep them focused on their goals, you need to get an idea of the whole picture.

Entrepreneurs want to execute and, in the case of an accounting firm, help other businesses succeed.

They most likely prefer to avoid sitting down and reconciling bank statements, balance sheets and preparing financial statements.

#3 - How I built a Million Dollar Tax & Accounting Firm In Less Than 24 Months

I will show you the framework I used when I started my accounting firm before I created Feedbackwrench and go through what I did to develop the firm to exceed a million dollars.

The typical accounting model is what I followed before starting my firm, and I learned how to sell high-priced items with high fees, and it generated very little profit.

When I first started learning about what it takes to be an accountant that makes a difference, I read:

- Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

- Tax Loopholes of Real Estate by Garret Sutton

- Tax-Free Wealth by Tom Free Wheelwright

- Gospel of Roth by John Bledsoe

- The Tax & Legal Playbook by Mark Kohler

That's when I fell in love with helping self-employed people and small businesses move the needle to pay less in taxes.

Everyone wants to pay the least amount possible in taxes.

I partnered with a CPA, and I went out and prospected everyone with this service model and value proposition about how we would do all their accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll for them.

What stood out for me about other accounting businesses that made them bad:

- Bad business model

- Terrible value proposition

- Not good salesmanship

I focused on improving their bottom line and generating outcomes for them.

We had two phases of business; one was to do whatever we could to generate Google reviews and receive testimonials to show that we were credible.

The second phase includes honing in on what you are good at and offering unique services tailored to those to generate the most value for businesses.

#4 - How to start a Tax Preparation Business - Make MAJOR Money With An Outsourced Accountant Model

I only want to do bookkeeping, is that viable?

You should NOT start a bookkeeping company.

All H&R Block has to do is release one crucial update to their software to allow business owners to do their tax returns cheaply and easily.

The same goes for tax returns, payroll, and tax planners.

Every business needs their taxes to be filed.

You must learn how to do taxes if you're only a bookkeeper.

Tax offices only need to check boxes, click next on their software, and keep accurate records.

Tax returns are a process, and anyone can learn a process.

Bundle your services together, including bookkeeping, payroll, tax processing, tax return & filing, and proactive tax planning.

That bundle makes a business owner's life easier, and they see you as a time saver for them.

#5 - Big 4 Accounting Firm vs. Starting Your Own Business

Why start your own business instead of going against the big four firms, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and PricewaterhouseCoopers?

You either start working for one of these big companies making $50k-$70k yearly and try and move up the scale every 5-10 years, getting a gradual increase in salary.

If you start your own outsourced accountant firm with 10-20 regular clients, you can make as much money with less effort than the typical CPA.

The foundations of outsourced accounting:

- Not going to do individual tax returns

- Be their bookkeeper

- Run payroll

- Proactive tax planning

- Guide them to financial advice

- Save them time

If you can provide these services to the highest degree, you are guaranteed to have more small business clients who will have you working for them monthly.

#6 - How To Get Bookkeeping Clients And Accounting Customers

How can I develop clear messaging for my website?

You want a website communicating your value propositions to your potential clients and keeping them manageable.

Here at Feedbackwrench, we create valuable and high-converting websites for small businesses; get in contact with us to see if we can collaborate with you to make you a great website.

Giving the customers three pivot points and pointing them in the right direction is key since people like to choose between options rather than form their own responses.

Customers don't want to be manipulated into buying something they don't want to and do not want to be pushed down a specific path.

It would be best to have clear messaging that describes what you do and then, below that, talk about how you stand out from the competition and what you do differently.

#7 - #1 Thing to Lure in Accounting Clients: How to get bookkeeping clients & accounting firm clients

How can I have clients keep coming back monthly?

You need to provide incredible benefits to that business owner so they are thrilled to work with you, and it needs to be specific, so they lean into your ideas.

Being able to transform a small business's life and helping them make a lot of money will excite you both to work together.

Businesses help the local economy grow, and working collaboratively with them to save them money to put back into their business and keep growing should be exciting.

If you can understand why a business may owe $8k in taxes at the end of the year and can comb through their finances and pay throughout the year to lower that number, that is a valuable service.

A website with good design and messaging will drive your business forward, as it is one of the first things a customer will judge you on.

Take a look at the websites we have made, and get in contact with us if you think your website needs help.

#8 - 3 Ways to get BIG Accounting & Bookkeeping Clients to Get B2B Customers for a Bookkeeping Business

What can I do to provide valuable services for businesses?

I will discuss what I would do to get new clients if I had to start over from scratch.

I'd follow the outsourced accounting model, where you provide clients a stack of services, focus on what is valuable to them, and build a relationship with them.

These are the three things I would target:

- Reduce their taxes
- Make the business more efficient
- Proactive advice to scale

With this model, you will provide the following:

- Bookkeeping

- Tax returns

- Proactive tax planning & reduction

- Guidance

All for a flat monthly fee between $500 and $2500.

Your service will change based on your clients, if it is a solo entrepreneur, a small 4-10 person business, or a larger business, and being able to tailor your services to them is crucial.

Building reviews, in the beginning, is essential as it proves your credibility, and potential clients are more likely to take a risk with you if they see you've helped other businesses like them.

Try to cold call local businesses, talk about what you do and how you provide value and ask them if emailing them a little more information is OK.

Most of the time, they would be glad to hear what you offer.

Real estate agents can be good first clients with how much money they make, and communicating with them to try and help as much as possible is valuable.

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