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3 Tips to Get Bookkeeping Clients with High Retainers

How to start a bookkeeping business & get clients.

Let me clear, my tips on how to start a bookkeeping business and getting bookkeeping clients isn't built around generic marketing principles, this is something I ACTUALLY did. I grew, along with my old best friend, a million dollar "outsourced accountant" firm in less than 2 years, and it grew much further after that. The problem was, my partners pulled some shenanigans and cheated me, so I left.

So these 3 tips for getting bookkeeping clients are things that I actually did and that actually work. Besides them being things that I did personally back in 2014, I've also built scores of marketing systems and websites for accountants over the last 3 years, and these strategies really work.

Check out my youtube channel, where i have a couple of playlists with hundreds of videos that will teach you how to start, build and grow a high retainer bookkeeping business or accounting practices from scratch.

3 Tips to get high retainer bookkeeping clients.

#1 - Use Local Search Engine Marketing

It's worth saying that search engines are the best tools for marketing because you can show up to the right people at the right time.

No other form of marketing allows you to show up right when they're looking for a solution.  

This timing factor is incredible important when thinking through your marketing ideas for your bookkeeping business.

The first tip is to tap into local search engines.  Most people starting a bookkeeping business get all sorts of advice on how to use a lead funnel and facebook ads to get bookkeeping clients, or they'll use third part aggregators or LinkedIn outreach, which have their place for bookkeeper marketing.

Videos on how to Start a Bookkeeping Business & Get Bookkeeping Clients.

Here are some of the Feedbackwrench videos about how to start a bookkeeping business, how to do marketing for a bookkeeping business and what it takes to really start and grow a super successful accounting firm or tax business.

But the core marketing you should focus on is local Search for bookkeepers.

All the bookkeeping keywords that would get searched have a local search result.

Keywords with Local Search:

  • Bookkeepers
  • bookkeeping companies
  • bookkeepers near me
  • bookkeeping businesses
  • bookkeeping companies near me
  • accountants near me
  • accounting firms near me
  • business accountants
  • local CPA's

Now some of you bookkeepers might be shuttering whenever I roll taxes and accounting into the same sentence as bookkeeping services, but please read about my outsourced accounting model so you can see why it's important NOT to be a commoditized bookkeeping company.

You can easily target the business owners in your 30 mile area searching for a bookkeeping company, accounting firm or tax company, and then get them into your marketing funnel.

Why is using local search engine marketing to attract bookkeeping leads so valuable?
Because whenever there's a local search engine result, that means you'll ONLY compete against local companies for that keyword.

Local Search Results Keep out the Big Nationals.

You will be up against a shorter list of businesses, and you'll actually be able to rank well.

If you focus on your local SEO for bookkeepers, you'll start to get traffic to your Google My Business profile, which ends up being a source of high trust traffic.

Local SEO means people can see your reviews, which leads them to trust you and then choose you.

2 Main Reasons to Use Local SEO to get Bookkeeping Clients:

  1. You get a 30 mile exclusivity, where you can outrank the big national companies
  2. They will see your Google My Business profile, which conveys the trust you've earned

How can you get bookkeeping clients with local SEO and search engine marketing?

Ranking your bookkeeping business in the local search engines isn't easy, and the longer you wait the more difficult it can be.

This is a bit like growing a tree, you're going to set some things up, optimize them, and then do the right things over time.

Simple Steps to Start with Local Search Engine Marketing for Bookkeeping Businesses:

  1. Setup a Google My Business for your bookkeeping business
  2. Setup & completely fill out all social profiles
  3. Build a website with proper SEO setup
  4. Get your business on all the Google systems like Search Console, Analytics, and Google Ads
  5. Get more Google Reviews than anyone else.
  6. Write guides on your blog that can rank for good keywords
  7. Build up votes of confidence in the form of backlinks to your website & google my business profile

Set things up right, get more reviews than everyone else, invest in your long-term SEO for your website, because Google says it will use that website SEO in it's decision for the Google My Business Rankings.

#2 Use Google Ads with a Google My Business Location Extension

Once you've setup a good website & gotten lots of Google Reviews, we can make sure you dominate the 30 mile radius by setting up Google Ads.

When we run Google Ads around your 30 mile location, we'll be able to attach what's called a "location extension" to the ads.

We can pay to get your Google Reviews to Show Up.

When we create a google ad, we attach your "location extension", and your ad is in the first 3 results that have a location extension, you google my business reviews will trigger and show up as a paid ad.

Besides the ability to put the google reviews on the ad (which are always effective), we can also show up in a highly prominent manner on the top, and use language that leverage your local business appeal.

Local business owners like buying local.

You'll see that if we show up for certain using Google Ads, and we showcase your Google Reviews and the fact that you're local, you'll start getting lots of excellent calls and leads.

Remember, it makes no sense to have lots of traffic to a website that doesn't convert.

But we can certainly use a locally focused Google ad for your bookkeeping business which will help you get traffic from people looking for a bookkeeping business.

Get Clients Using Paid Search During Tax Season:

Video on How to Get More Google Reviews:

#3 Increase Conversion Rates with Remarketing

If you take anything away from what I'm teaching here, you must understand the power of retargeting for bookkeeping businesses.

Retargeting is when you run ads to people who've come to your website, clicked on an ad, or have been exposed to your business through digital marketing.

You should use paid search and search engines to get the first click, then come to them where they are.

You'll create audiences out of people that have been to your website or clicked on your content, and make those audiences on the major marketing systems.

  • Facebook/Instagram Audiences
  • Google Audiences used in Youtube, Google Display, Youtube Discovery and Gmail Ads
  • LInkedIn Audiences
  • Tik Tok Audiences
  • Pinterest Audiences

You must embrace a healthy pacing for your sales.

Good sales occur when the person goes along at a normal, healthy pace.

Most website traffic doesn't close right away.

If you come to them over and over on the different platforms they spend time on, you'll see they will be much more likely to call you eventually.

The idea is that you'll move them through the customer journey using other ads, which will cause them to come BACK to the website and call you when they're done doing research or when they're actually ready.

How to Get Bookkeeping Clients with Retargeting:

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