5 Sealcoat Advertising Strategies that Actually Create Leads

Sealcoat Company Advertising: We're sharing the strategies we've learned actually create sales for asphalt companies & sealcoat companies

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5 Sealcoat Advertising Strategies that Actually Create Leads

Sealcoat company web design and paid advertising.

If you own a sealcoat or asphalt company, and you’re looking to fill your sales funnel with new leads, we’d love to help you out.

We specialize in helping Sealcoat companies get a website that actually converts, and then fill their sales funnel with great leads for both residential sealcoating, and commercial parking lot sealcoating.

5 Keys to Getting Sealcoat Leads

  • Build a Website that Converts
  • Build up your Google & Facebook Reviews
  • Show the trust you’ve earned on your website
  • Optimize for paid ads & dominate with Google & Bing paid search ads
  • Ignore Facebook & Instagram except for 2 things

First off, we have really affordable options to get a high converting website, and highly optimized ads campaign along with it.  If you’re looking to get started or finally take control and gain market share, then book on my calendar and we’ll get you rolling.

It’s all about full utilization.

We understand that your business is really about utilization.  Sealcoat companies are trying to make sure that they have a steady flow of residential and commercial business throughout the year, so they can keep their crews and equipment fully utilized.

1 - Sealcoat Company Website Built to Convert

We specialize in both websites for sealcoat companies, as well as Google Ads or PPC for Sealcoat companies.

High Converting Websites for Sealcoat Companies

We build high converting, fully custom websites that do a number of things.

Feedbackwrench Website Points of Excellence: 

  • Clear calls to action on mobile and desktop
  • Optimized for speed and responsiveness so they work well on phones and desktop
  • Excellent form & email deliverability
  • Super secure SSL and ultra fast AWS amazon hosting
  • Google, Facebook, Yelp and other reviews showcased
  • Full bodied SEO built in, including SCHEMA markup, meta titles, meta descriptions & sitemaps
  • Landing page system for Google Ads optimization
  • Process that ensures it looks great & functions perfect

Check out the Feedbackwrench websites and you’ll see that our design and development process leads to beautiful, fully-custom websites that really connect with people.

Website Trust Factors

The other thing we work hard to do is implement custom branding, photography, and instill the trust factors you have for your business.  By displaying your company’s true identity, and then showcasing the reviews you’ve worked so hard to obtain, you’ll see that your website has a tendency to convert more people than the typical sealcoat and asphalt company website.

Clear calls to action for this sealcoat company

2 - Build Up your Google and Facebook Reviews

Nothing helps your sealcoat and asphalt company marketing more than getting Google and Facebook reviews.

Reviews are the new referral system, and if you can build up more reviews on Google My Business, as well as Facebook, you’ll see that you’ll drive more traffic, convert more leads, and build much more momentum in your region and sector.

Digital marketing for asphalt and sealcoat companies is primarily about local SEO.

The distance between your company and the searcher is really important.

When you search “parking lot sealcoat near me” or “sealcoat companies” or “sealcoating near me”, the search engine result page is going to show local features.

What shows in the sealcoat search engines?

A - Google Ads
B - Google My Business
C - Organic Search results

Why are Facebook reviews important for Sealcoat marketing?

Facebook reviews are utilized by Bing Places, and windows machines use Bing a lot more than what most people realize.

Facebook reviews matter PRIMARILY because they are used in Microsoft Bing Places, and Bing Places is often used when a windows machine, or an XBOX, makes a search.

Google Reviews lead to more traffic for your sealcoat company website.

When you have more reviews than everyone in your industry within your region, you’ll see that more people will start to click on your business when searching for a sealcoat company.  If you can have as many, or more, reviews as the top 3 in your region, you’ll start to get a massive increase in your traffic.

Google Reviews Help with Google Ads

I’ll hit on it in a little but, but when you have “top 3” number of Google Reviews, you’ll have a great deal of success when you run Google Ads for your sealcoat companies.  While organic traffic, Google reviews and SEO are great for business, you’ll see that Google Ads are the most predictable way to drive leads and keep your sales funnel full.

3 - Show the Trust You’ve Earned on your Website

I’ll keep this short.

Show your reviews, and show the work you've done.

Show your google and facebook reviews on your website

Customers want to see that you’re doing work in their area, and the more before and after photos you can show on your website, the better.

Show before and after, show the date, and show the city.

When you show the work you’re doing, whether it’s a parking lot or a residential driveway, you should tag them and sort them by the location they are in.  

When you can tag your work by city, eventually, you can create location landing pages and put these photos as “check-ins'', with schema markup, on those landing pages.  These landing pages can also be used in hyper-localized Google Ads, meaning you run a Google Ad to a specific city or region, with its own landing page for that city.

Show the projects you complete.

Hyper local landing pages take time to build out, but in competitive regions, these hyper landing pages will rank better on SEO, they’ll get a better quality score in Google Ads, and it will lead to various levels of momentum gained through the years.

4 - Optimize for Paid Ads & Dominate with Google & Bing Paid Search Ads

Paid Search Ads are the #1 way to drive consistent sales

Google ads take up the first, most prominent areas of the search engine result page.

Google ads will also show on the Google My Business, if you’ve attached the location extension.

Organic traffic is great because it’s “free”, but what you’ll see is that organic traffic is incredibly unpredictable and spotty.

What makes Organic Traffic Unpredictable and Unreliable?

  1. Regional competitors easily replace you
  2. Algorithm changes can kill your SEO ranking
  3. Organics are low on the actual results page
  4. Users need to be CLOSE to your GMB to rank
  5. 3rd Party aggregators like Angie’s List gobble up organic traffic
  6. Google Home Services / Google Guarantee can spoil everything

I love organic traffic, but you need to realize that even if you work voodoo magic for years, your SEO efforts can become useless very quickly.

Google makes its money from Google Ads, and you can rest assured that Google will find ways to keep its revenue humming over the years.

The main problem I’ve found is that as more and more sealcoat companies improve on their digital marketing and their Google My Business, you’ll see that each region has more pressure and becomes more competitive.  

As each region has more companies vying for the search traffic, you’ll see that the organic traffic becomes even tougher to secure.

We know how to get leads on Google Ads, but we only KIND OF know how to get leads with sealcoat SEO.

The organic algorithms are secret and shrouded, and your best bet is to do some simple things over time to build up your organic traffic, but you’ll make more money focusing on paid ads & reviews.

5 - Ignore Facebook & Instagram except for 2 strategies

Are Facebook and Instagram advertising any good for sealcoat lead generation?

In my opinion, facebook and instagram ads, which are “disruptive advertising” are really only good for 2 things in your sealcoat business.

I’ll jump into them, but the main thing I want to hit on is that Facebook and Instagram are missing the most important factor for marketing, and that’s timing.

Timing is everything in sales.

You need to have the right product, with the right value proposition, at the right price, AT THE RIGHT TIME.

If you’re not there when it’s time buy, you’re out of luck.

If you’re there at the right time, you’ll get the order.

Facebook and Instagram can be great, but in general, it’s terrible because you’re paying to push marketing to people who don’t want your service.

2 Facebook and Instagram Advertising Strategies that are worth it for Sealcoat companies

  • Seasonal group discounts to neighborhoods
  • Remarketing for short periods of time

Let’s get this out of the way: Facebook marketing CAN work, it’s just unpredictable.

It’s particularly unpredictable now that the machine learning of conversion tracking is gone in IOS.

If you run a “get a discount” to neighborhoods, you’ll see people flock to your offer.

In fact, you can create a landing page for neighborhoods and offer up “same-trip” discounts.

Same Trip Discounts

I can’t emphasize this enough, you should work hard to carry forward the idea that if a person can get their neighbors to schedule Sealcoating the same day, in the same trip, you’ll offer huge discounts.

Nothing is better than getting to do an entire street worth of sealcoating in one trip.

In fact, I’d challenge you that the thing making your business unprofitable, is that you drive all over the place chasing small deals.

If you can transform a small deal into a large one, but offering a “same trip” discount, that’s HUGE.

Here’s what you can do to encourage a same day discount.

When you get a customer, give them their own landing page for the neighborhood and tell them to post it on social media.  On that landing page, you’ll be able to have people line up for a discount in the person’s neighborhood and just leave a referral spot on the contact form.

People will have to be flexible, but there’s no reason to ignore this type of discount.

In fact, there are many industries that could benefit from “same trip discount”, such as concrete aprons, lawn care, landscaping, roofing, siding, and even some construction.

We’ve achieved some great results for our sealcoat companies, and we’re confident that our website and marketing setup can be spectacular for your sealcoat and asphalt business as well.

We’ll keep the leads coming so you can “make hay” when it matters most.

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