How to rank on the Video tab in Google

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Ranking on Google's Video Tab

Hey, what's going on everybody? Rob from feedbackwrench. Today we're going to talk about how to optimize your videos and get more views.

What we've learned around how to tap into search engine optimization for Youtube. What is it that we need to know in order to have success and get more views to your youtube channel?

I've got quite a few youtube channels that we manage, some really big ones, some small ones. And then we've got our own here and this is just my entrepreneurship outlet. I've got other outlets and here's what we've been noticing.

You can Grow your Youtube Channel by Creating "inbound" or "Query-based" content.

Using Google Search and a Blog to help drive viewership helps grow an audience.

Video reach and views will change drastically throughout the growth cycle of a youtube channel.

But remember Google and youtube want to serve up the most relevant content from the most trustworthy authoritative sources.

And that even goes for Youtube. But most youtube video views are going to come from suggested videos or browse features. They're going to come from people that are not your subscribers. I think this may be different for very large channels, but for the most part, the most success we have on youtube are when you're getting views from other channels.

That is great. If you are getting suggested, that means Google's recognizing that you satisfy the customers that the other group satisfies and then it says, hey, there's overlap. We can control that to an extent, but not really. But here's some interesting stuff. When you take a video and you optimize it for search queries, so search optimizations all about a question that people are going to ask. There are certain sets of your videos that are just meant to be entertaining, but there's some that should be really optimized around a search query.

So how do you do that? Well, first of all, remember that the content should have a core focus. It shouldn't be so broad that you're going to be competing against too many youtube videos for that search volume. You want to, unless you're big, if you're big, you can win. Like if you're going to do an iPhone 10 review or an x review or whatever it is, you know there's a lot of huge channels that will be very hard to beat. Your best bet is to pick a niche, a long tail keyword phrase that you're gonna go after, and here's why this is important. Search engine volume to your youtube videos are going to get new customers because there's two groups of people that search. You have people that search on youtube and you have people that search on Google or bing.

Narrow Your Focus for Query Based, think about niches for videos.

There are way more people searching on Google than Youtube.

Then there are people searching on youtube.

Now, people searching on youtube are obviously great to target for inbound query based content, You want to win that. But how do you optimize for that?

You start out by knowing your question you're going to address.

The second thing you're going to do is create content. Remembering that Google is listening and translating, and transcribing every bit of audio from your video.

You need to use the words, phrases and terminology that you're hoping to rank for - while simultaneously being engaging and having your video actually cause the viewer to stay engaged.

You need to be engaging and create good content, but you ought to say the words that you're trying to rank for such as "SEO for a youtube video". From there though, here's something that youtube creators should be doing to help garner more views - CREATE A BLOG to go along with your content.

Inbound, query based Youtube Viewers are usually BRAND NEW to your content.

If you want to rank on Google search, as well as Youtube, you need to build a blog or website, optimize the site, and then place your content, alongside written content, in order to rank in search.

Put your videos on blog posts, and write engaging blogs about the same subject matter.

Besides the basics of actually

plugin for wordpress for structured data helpfree SchemaHere's a

The next thing you can do is you can use a plugin that has schema markup, Schema markup.

You can have, there's about 50 different types of Schema markup and it's a little bit of language you put into the coding of your page that tells Google and these other big players what your content is about. There's such thing as a video markup for Schema and that's how you get into the rich snippets really easily. So there's a, uh, a plugin that you can download and you would actually go to your, and once this plugin is download, you'll hit add schema, select video, and then you put in the information and hit save. If you do those things over time, and then you optimize your site for SEO, which one of the most basic things is to submit your site to Google Webmasters and put a site map in there, have it crawled and use Google analytics so that it knows what's going on. If you do that, you're going to start getting traction from the web over to your videos. You're going to have, um, backlinks to your videos, which Google is just crawling everything. And taking note from what we can tell, it's just this overarching, continuously improving crawl of the entire Internet and it wants to serve up the most relevant solution to a query from the most trustworthy source and having signals from a website that your video is that can help you rank for SEO. I hope that's helpful.

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