How to Write a Roundup Wrench Article

Roundup Wrench Articles are a content strategy is a localized and niche-focused website, blog, or content that drives search engine traffic to your website.

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Roundup Wrench Articles: a tool (content strategy) to dominate industry niches and local regions.

Roundup Wrench Articles: a tool (content strategy) to dominate industry niches and local regions.

Local businesses want to rank higher in Google; they want their Google business profile to rank above their competitors on Google maps. They want to get lots of new leads of appropriate types of customers and do it with minimal advertising spend.

Investing in local SEO & Roundup wrench articles will help you:

  • Outrank competitors on Google map
  • Rank for more cities on google maps
  • Cause entire sectors to want to talk with you
  • Help your clients and pay it forward to them
  • Get more referrals
  • Drive organic traffic
  • Reduce advertising costs
  • Provide referral networks
  • Help your customers potential customers find great solutions to their problems.

A Roundup Wrench Article is a particular piece of localized and niche-focused website, blog, or content that allows your business to drive search engine traffic.

The backbone of flawless search engine optimization for local companies is content.

Great content that genuinely helps improve your google rankings is hard to create, and it's even harder to create good content that a reader will appreciate.

Content will only help long term if a person would want to read it.

It can be difficult to know what type of content you should create to help local SEO, and then it's a pain to put in the work to craft it in an engaging way

This Roundup Wrench Article strategy helps you dominate more cities and niche sectors.

Local SEO can help companies evolve into a more profitable and scalable businesses.

What is a Roundup Wrench Article?

Well, we are FeedbackWrench, and we specialize in building high-converting websites that dominate SEO

We provide an SEO service for businesses that are based on content.

We want to show you one of our favorite types of content that helps companies become a powerhouse in their industry niche and local regions:

The "Roundup Wrench" article

  1. What will a Roundup Wrench do?
  2. Who's it for?
  3. What is a roundup wrench article?
  4. How it helps your company.
  5. How it helps your business's current customers.
  6. How it attracts new business customers
  7. How to do it step by step.

What Does a Roundup Wrench do?

A Roundup Wrench article allows businesses to create hyper local and hyper niche content that allows their website, brand, and YouTube channel to position themselves as an authority to that local community and industry.

When companies invest in Roundup Wrench articles, it allows them to help others, while search engines reward them with localized search results.

Any business that invests heavily in Roundup Wrench articles will dominate its region and sectors over time. Their Google Business profile, website, and YouTube channel get in front of the right people and help the industry see you as an authority and desirable partner.

It will:

  • Position you as a local authority
  • Transform you into an asset for the local community
  • Make you an asset to your customers
  • Create a desire for other providers to connect with you
  • Improve your local SEO, so your Google Business profile ranks higher on Google Maps
  • Improves the likelihood of ranking for more niche keywords inside an industry

The overall benefit is that your website will rank higher and get more traffic than any competitor.

In other words, investing in Roundup Wrench articles means you can reduce your overall costs for ad spend, get more free traffic, and build a much more scalable and profitable company.

You'll notice you get more specialized leads, and networking becomes easier.

Who is a Roundup Wrench Article For?

A Roundup Wrench article is for any business that wants to improve their local SEO, particularly their local Google Maps ranking.

The goal of this article:

Accountants & B2B companies can use their websites to attract new local business customers and rank higher in local SEO and substantially help their current local customers.

What it is and how it works.

What is a Roundup Wrench for local SEO?

A Roundup Wrench article is a type of "listicle" blog that pulls together providers of particular services in that location.


  • 7 Epic Accountant Website Examples
  • 8 Minneapolis Accounting Firms Specializing in Small General Contractors
  • 11 Websites for CPA Accounting Firms
  • 12 Leading Lakeville Realtors for New Construction
  • 8 Richfield Lawn Care Companies for Dandelion and Weed Control

Do you know who does a great job at this type of content?

  • Angi
  • Thumbtack
  • Houzz
  • Expertise
  • Clutch
  • Etc.

These companies pull together Roundup Wrench style articles, and they almost always rank really high in SEO.  Not only that, but it drives their entire business.

How to Write a Roundup Wrench Article:

Here's a simple guide of how we write these articles.

A - Plan Your Roundup Wrench article & keyword

The goal is to write an in-depth, helpful "listicle roundup" that's good for end users


  • City or region
  • Industry niche
  • Application or sub-service niche 

This step of the process requires you to put yourself in the shoes of these companies and then take it another step by placing yourself in the shoes of their prospective customers.

Think of how their prospective customers would search, identify the keywords, language, and vernacular that would be important for them.

Think of additional questions, queries, and things they might wonder about, and create a list of questions to go along with this article. 

Choose a Niche, location, sub niche.

8 Eagan Remodeling Contractors for Bathroom Renovations

Eagan would be the location

Remodeling contractors are the main parent category.

Bathroom renovations are the specific child service or sub-niche keyword.

B - Plan a high-caliber Roundup Wrench

A Roundup Wrench Article is more advanced than the typical listicle.

We need to write a better article than what Angi, Thumbtack, or anybody else has created.

The advantage is that you can put in the work to show off more photos, more information, and reviews. You can dive into the weeds at the small levels to create something better than the articles competing for this.

We will try to create an amazing resource for the end-user of this keyword, and FeedbackWrench Roundup Wrench articles can be better than what you'll see across the internet.

Stuff you can and should roundup:

  • Business name, enter 
  • link to the business website enter
  • Photos of projects
  • Links to their social media
  • Any captivating videos
  • Screenshots of their website and their logo
  • True positioning messaging

We put in the hard work to do better research and gather together more content than the mega aggregators like Angi and Thumbtack

When FeedbackWrench does your Roundup Wrench article, it will be much more engaging than the typical listicle.

C - Gather the list of vendors

Now, take some of your current customers and showcase them as some of the top-ranked solutions to these types of industries.

Here at FeedbackWrench, we actually use our local search engine tools to determine who are the highest-rated and most prominent players. Still, we will want to create a list and start gathering the data.

So the third step is to make the list.

D - Create your Roundup Wrench article

Now that you created the list of vendors, you need to gather the data, images, videos, and content you want.

Some roundups are super simple, but we want to do better. 

If FeedbackWrench is writing your Roundup Wrench article, we will use our system and do things the hard way.

In our Roundup Wrench, we will write, summarize, and put together lots of content about all the vendors.

E - Publish & Promote the article

Once it looks excellent, we publish it and show it to the world.

Post it on social media.

Make shorts about it.

Add it to remarketing. 

Your promotion should include outreach to all the vendors you've featured and ask them to shoot you a video or ask them if they want to write something for their post. 

In fact, we have the functionality where businesses can come in and manage their own listing pages and add in more photos, videos, and content. 

It's a really good idea to let them know you've included them, and it's a perfect conversation starter with cold leads.

"Hey, we're publishing an article on our website about the best landscapers in Minneapolis. We put you in the article and figured we'd show you and let you know it's there. If you want anything corrected or want to do your own write-up, let us know!

We want to help local entrepreneurs get some free publicity, and we want to work with you in the future here."

You can text, email, and connect with the folks in the listicle.

You could take it further and ask them to create a subsequent YouTube video interview or host them on a podcast. 

F - Interlinking, out-linking, and backlinking.

We need to go through all your current website contacts and add periodic inter-links to that new article you've written.

You'll also want to ensure that the article has outbound links to everything important for your research and include links to the companies you put in the Roundup Wrench article.

Last and most importantly, we want to build up backlinks to this piece of content so that it will rank at the top in search engines.

More backlinks will mean a higher ranking.

G - Write a script, and make a YouTube video.

Now the next thing you can do is make a script, gather up visuals, and make a quick video to out on YouTube.

This can be added to the roundup and serve as an executive summary of the roundup wrench article.


When you create a Roundup Wrench-style article and can nail down the niche, location, sub-niche, and a high-quality list of vendors, you will see an increase in traffic to your roundup.

Not sure if you know how to write a blog using SEO? Check out our page on how we can help you optimize your SEO.

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