How to get Retainer Clients During Tax Season for Accountants and Bookkeeping Businesses

Starting a Bookkeeping Business, Tax Firm, CPA Firm or Accounting Firm? Here's how to get retainer clients during tax season.

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Get High Retainer Clients During Tax Season

For those of your trying to start a work from home bookkeeping business, or launching your own accounting firm, CPA Firm, Tax firm or accounting business, I want to talk to you about the approach you should take during tax season to actually get retainer clients.

You should get as many business tax returns as possible, and then show them how much value you can add.

They only want a tax return in the beginning, but being an outsourced accountant, you do SO MUCH more than just tax returns.

Here’s a video about how to position yourself using your website, marketing, meetings and mindset to close high retainer accounting clients during tax season.

One of the main things I encourage you to do is to create a bookkeeping or tax firm that is an outsourced accounting model, were you add value to your customers with full service solutions that tackle all the business tax returns, bookkeeping services, tax planning, and even payroll.

While you do the services, do you want to bundle them all together for a flat monthly fee and then focus primarily on delivering some real value to the customer.

What value do business customers want from their bookkeeping company or tax firm?

  • Lowered taxes
  • Time Saved & Everything done for them
  • Compliance and protection against the IRS.

The problem is that while you are trying to build this business that helps them mitigate their business taxes, provides your round solutions, and even serves as an outsourced chief financial officer, your average business owner is pretty suspicious and does not feel the need for all of these expensive sounding perks.

Business owners think they want a tax return & some bookkeeping.

Business owners usually think that your outsourced accounting service sounds expensive, and if left to just the price, it IS expensive.

But we know that overall, your accounting firm startup is delivering massive value.

You usually save them more in taxes than what you charge them in retainers.

You eliminate the need for a part time or full time employee, saving them THOUSANDS a month.

You also make sure things are done properly, and they never waste time doing their own accounting in a half baked manner.

But they don’t know all that when they’re looking for a tax company, bookkeeper,  Business CPA or accounting firm.

They look for tax help, not all that fancy stuff.

You should definitely use your Business Tax return services as a prospecting machine, and then even before you start, use your website, remarketing, and email campaigns to start talking about the way you transform their life.

You see, these business owners don’t know how good life can become if they enlist you to be their outsourced accountant, so we’ll have to equip them with the content and proof necessary to actually

Get them to do their business taxes with you, but then work diligently to perform a tax analysis.

The video above walks you through how to position yourself as an excellent value, while you’re just hustling doing taxes.

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