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Liking Google Reviews: What is Impacted when a Review is Liked?

Here are some things to know about liking Google Reviews. Google My Business is pretty much the most important tool for small businesses in 2019, and there's a curious feature where you can "like" a review.  What happens when someone likes a Google review? Does having "likes" on your reviews help with local SEO? Who should be liking your Google Reviews?

One feature of Google My Business is the ability for you, and others, to "like" a review.  But what actually happens if people are liking your reviews? Is there an impact when one review on Google has more reviews than another?

You can read a great article here about the impact likes have on Google Reviews, but I'd just watch the following Youtube Video that walks you through this cool little hack to help your small business with Local SEO.

Video Explaining Liking a Review

So if you're wondering what we're talking about, here's a photo showing exactly where you can like a Google review. Remember, people will have to search for your business, finder Google my business on the search engine results pages, and then identify a particular review that they like.

Miriam, a thorough SEO writer, entrepreneur, and consultant, spent time engaging Google to find out more about whether or not business owners should pursue “likes” on their reviews, find out if it breaks the Google My Business Terms of services, and identify how it impacted local search SERPS.

Things to Know About Liking Google Reviews

  • Reviews with more likes TEND to show up in the GMB summary
  • As Always, be careful about following the GMB terms of service
  • Miriam couldn't get a firm answer about if it breaches the GMB terms

Take a look at the bottom area of the photo below to see what seems to be the actual impact of Google review likes.

So what is the impact a like has on a Google review in your Google My Business profile? It seems that reviews with more likes will have a tendency to show up in the GMB profile.

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