How To Use Client Testimonials to Boost Your Website's SEO

Use these tips to improve your website's search engine optimization.

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You're good at what you do. You are – and it's OK to say it! But what's better than having YOU say it on your website? Have your clients say it!

Showcasing your client reviews on your website is essential, as these will build credibility with your potential customers.

It will also increase your search engine optimization. How does a positive review from a customer impact Google's ranking of your website in local searches? Find out below!

How Do Testimonials Impact SEO?

Getting customer reviews or testimonials can impact your site's SEO through user experience, domain authority, and search engine results (SERP) rankings.

While it might feel like putting testimonials throughout your website is just tooting your own horn, it's helpful to prospective customers. Sprinkling customer reviews throughout your website in places where it makes sense—like on services pages, landing pages, and your home page—can give leads the proof they need to show them why they should hire you.

Mentioning your company on their own site can boost your site's authority. These backlinks show Google and other search engines that your company is reputable and a trusted source that others want to mention on their own sites.

Testimonials – especially positive ones – can improve your SERP rankings through positive sentiment and backlinks. The more positive reviews you have, the more credibility Google will give your site.

This all sounds great, right? Well, we know what you're thinking now – HOW?? How can I use testimonials to boost my site's SEO? How do I get testimonials? How can I get help?

We're here for you – check out our tips below!

How to Use Client Reviews to Improve Search Rankings

When used correctly, your customer testimonials can enormously impact your website's SEO. This seems like an intimidating project, but it can be easy when you take the proper steps.

#1 Tip to Use Customer Testimonials to Boost SEO

Get Reviews

Before creating a strategy around your customer reviews, you first need to get testimonials from your clients. This sounds like an intimidating task, but it's not as difficult as you think it is. When running your business, we know you are focused on delivering exemplary work and getting new customers – you're not always focused on going back and following up with past clients to get feedback on their projects. You can easily do this by creating a survey that automatically sends to past clients soon after you complete a project or service. You can also ask a staff member to follow up with customers to get testimonials.

After spending the time to set up a process, you can then start to get reviews coming in regularly, like we've seen with our clients:

Performance Financial LLC 

Fredrickson Masonry

Country Creek Builders

Whyte CPA

#2 Tip to Use Customer Testimonials to Boost SEO

Create a Page

Building a page dedicated to testimonials is one of the first steps to using client reviews to improve your search engine optimization. This gives you a place to house your reviews and keep them organized and boosts your authority by creating a landing page. This makes the reviews more searchable and allows you to add SEO-friendly elements to the landing page with a page title, URL, and metadata.

You can add these pages to your navigation and organize the reviews in an easy-to-read manner. Check out how some of our clients are crushing it with their pages, including:

New Spaces

Asnani CPA

Pulver CPA

Metro Duct Cleaners

Preferred 1 Concrete

#3 Tip to Use Customer Testimonials to Boost SEO

Pull Out Keywords

Once you start to receive customer testimonials, it's essential to review them. First, you must know what your clients say about your work. If they give you a negative review, you want to know why and need to follow up with them. Suppose they are willing to provide you with a bad review on your website. In that case, they are also likely to give you a bad review when talking to others, which can tarnish your reputation.

There is also an SEO reason to read your reviews. Look for key phrases or words that customers use. You can place the keyword in the page title to boost the page's searchability. They will also give you new keywords for your site and ads.

For example, Passageway Financial could pull out "responsive," "kind," and "great to work with."

Minnesota Landscapes could use "great experience" and "highly recommend."

Bettencourt Construction could use "amazing," "trustworthy," and "reliable."

Upfront CPA could use "phenomenal CPA," "highly recommended," and "exceptional service."

Moderno could use "project management," "honest," and "best builder in the South Metro."

#4 Tip to Use Customer Testimonials to Boost SEO

Get Backlinks

 Another way to boost your SEO is to get other websites to link to yours. Whether you get another company to mention a positive review of your services and include a link to your website or if someone puts it on their site or blog, backlinks can help boost your credibility and recognition.

For example, by including the following tidbits and links to our client's sites, we are giving them a backlink:

  • Get top-notch concrete services in Burnsville, MN, from Christian Brothers.
  • Catch out the excellent and modern Bar Bistro remodel from ProBuild.
  • The Duplex Doctors has the best multi-family home listings in the Minneapolis area.

There are easy ways to get backlinks. To start, you should look at the companies you do business with. Ask them if they'd be willing to include a testimonial and a link on their site, and in exchange, you will do the same for them. This gives you both a boost for a win-win situation.

How Can I Get Help?

There's a lot that goes into boosting your SEO through reviews. We know it can feel like a lot—especially when you're getting started collecting testimonials—but our team at Feedbackwrench is here to help! Contact us today to set up a time to chat about how we can help increase your SEO.

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