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Here's how to Setup & Share Access to your Facebook Business Manger and More

This is meant to be a quick and easy walk through for Feedbackwrench clients to setup and share access to their Facebook advertising assets so we can create advertising, remarketing, audiences, events and more.

What you will need to do:

  1. Have a Facebook Account & Business Page.
  2. Be logged into the Facebook Account with Admin rights to the Facebook Business Page.
  3. head to Business.Facebook.com and setup a business manager account.
  4. Find "Business Settings" when in the manager.
  5. Add People as Managers - the Feedbackwrench team.
  6. Add Your Business Page & Share Admin Access
  7. Create Your AD ACCOUNT, share admin access & ad your billing information.
  8. Create a Facebook Pixel (under data sources), and share admin access
  9. Select Your Pixel, hit Ad Business Asset, by adding your Ad Account as a business asset.
  10. Add your INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT & share admin access
  11. Ensure admins have proper levels of access to perform their jobs.
  12. Download the Facebook Business App on your phone.

Alright, let's dive into this a little bit.

Add People & Admin Levels

Facebook is setup to add users as admins to your facebook page, Facebook pixel, Ad account, Instagram account, and other assets.  As we progress, you need to know that you'll add PEOPLE into the account, then you'll set their access levels to ALL ASSETS.

Ensure you set Feedbackwrench Managers as Full Admins for:

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Ad Account
  • Instagram Account in Facebook

Read Below how to add people to the account.

Step 1 - Create Your Business.Facebook.com Account

There's a completely different system for all the business settings, and you'll want to first log into facebook as your core admin, and then open up https://business.facebook.com - you can only setup one of these per business.

Step 2 - Find Business Settings

Facebook is a pain because it's constantly changing and rolling out different layouts, so you'll need to be on the prowl for the BUSINESS SETTINGS PAGE. Depending on how your admin page or splash page looks, there are a couple places to look for the business page part.


The business settings page is read from left to right, helping you stay organized. Things are handled like "assets" which you will add to the system, then add admin rights to them, and in some cases, provide additional settings or connect them.

Adding Assets & Adding Admin Permissions:

You will want to add in the users you want to help you on Facebook and provide them multiple layers of access.

Feedbackwrench will need FULL ADMIN access in order to create events and audiences, and the more complicated things.

You should create a backup facebook profile under another email, and add it to the business account with full admins.

Facebook has censored and arbitrarily shut down MANY users accidentally, and you need backup access to your business.


  • Pages - Facebook Page.
  • Ad Account - Create This and add billing information
  • Facebook Pixel - Create it, setup and email instructions to your team.
  • Instagram Account

Please add Feedbackwrench to your assets with full admin rights.

Step 3 - Add the Facebook Page

You'll need full admin access to the Facebook page, but what we'll do is:

  • Hit Pages on the left
  • Hit add page
  • Find your page (you might need to find the URL to your page and add it if it's not finding it)
  • Add access to each person
Add your page and admin levels

Step 4 - Create Your Ad Account

The next thing you'll do is create a Facebook Ad Account.  The ad account is what allows us to advertise, create a facebook pixel for tracking, create audiences for retargeting, and a host of other things.

You can only have one or two ad accounts per user, so each business page should make their own.

  • Under Accounts, hit Ad Accounts.
  • Hit the Blue Add Button on the left
  • Create, Add or Request Access to the Ad account.
  • Follow all the prompts to fill out URL, add billing information.
  • Give Users the permission levels necessary (Feedbackwrench needs the full admin access)
Create or add an ad account

Step 5 - Create a Facebook Pixel

Once the Ad account is created, head to DATA SOURCES and hit Pixels.  We will now create a Facebook Pixel, Connect it to your ad account, and then hit setup and email instructions to the Feedbackwrench team so we can install it on your websites.

  • Hit Data Sources
  • Hit Pixel
  • Create a Pixel
  • Follow Prompts to Install, then SEND INSTRUCTIONS TO DEVELOPER
  • Set admin access levels for each person.

Create a Pixel
Select EMAIL INSTRUCTIONS TO DEVELOPEr, and enter our email into it.

Step 6 - Connect the Pixel to the Ad Account by Adding a Business Asset to the Pixel

This step is kind of annoying, but if you miss it, you'll be out of luck.

  • Hit Data Sources and Pixels
  • Select the Pixel in the middle row
  • On the far right, hit connect business assets
  • Select the ad account and add it
Connect the Pixel to the Ad Account

Step 7 - Add the Instagram Account

You'll want all ads to run to both facebook and Instagram, as they've morphed into essentially one platform (for the most part).

Before you start, log into Instagram on a desktop and make sure you KNOW YOUR PASSWORD and username.

  • Verify your username and password to Instagram
  • Be logged into Instagram in another tab (helps sometimes)
  • Hit Add Button and follow the prompts
  • Add access level to all admins

Add your instagram account to the business manager

Step 8 - Add People & Set Access Levels

Now, you could have done this in the beginning, but it's helpful at the end.

You'll want to add in USERS and PEOPLE that will help you with your page, ads, pixel on more.

  • Under Users hit People
  • Hit the blue Add button in the middle column
  • Add Email Addresses for the Admins
  • It's easy to lose that invitation, and people often clean out social and promo email tabs swiftly
  • The user will accept the invitation and fill out their name, password etc.
  • SET ACCESS LEVELS TO ALL ASSETS - Page, Pixel, Ad Account & Instagram Account

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