What Email Companies Allow Marijuana or Cannabis Marketing for Dispensaries?

What email providers allow marijuana and cannabis marketing? Here's the authoritative list of cannabis friendly email marketing companies. Marijuana Dispensary email marketing authoritative list.

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What Email Companies Allow Weed or Cannabis Marketing?

In this article, we’re going to show you which email marketing platforms allow you to send emails, sms texts, and provide other marketing services to the marijuana, cannabis and CBD industries.  In other words, we’re going to answer the question: What email service will allow for marijuana marketing?

If you’re starting or growing a cannabis dispensary or marijuana delivery service, we’re here to help. You’re probably asking some of the questions we did when we first started:

  • What POS or bank will service Marijuana Dispensaries?
  • What is the best website platform for a Dispensary?
  • Can I advertise on Google, Facebook or Instagram?
  • What platforms allow for Marijuana Marketing?
  • How can I use social media for my Dispensary?
  • What email software will allow me to send emails soliciting marijuana sales?

Marijuana Marketing Problems:

What Advertising platforms Allow Weed or Cannabis Marketing?

In a more typical sector, most advertising would be done on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Youtube, Bing, and Instagram, but this isn’t your typical industry right? I mean, look at the IRS 208e law, not your typical situation.

Most SAAS and marketing companies still ban the marketing of weed and cannabis sales, and this includes many email companies. 

Keep reading to hear what email services allow marijuana sales. 

Two Types of Marketing: 

  1. New Client Acquisition
  2. Organic Growth (growth from within)

New Cannabis Customer Acquisition

Before we hit on the email marketing for cannabis, let’s talk a little bit about new customer acquisition. 

Gaining new customers as a delivery service or a dispensary, is going to have to come from organic search engine traffic.

Until your dispensary has established a good footprint on Google and Bing SEO, you’ll need to rely more heavily on the platforms that already rank in the search engines, such as Weedmaps, Leafly, and the litany of third party review sites popping up.

Relying on third party platforms like weedmaps and leafly are just like relying on Home Advisor, Thumbtack, and Angie’s List - you’ll have extra costs, and you’ll be helping build THEIR online platform, rather than your own. 

Weedmaps & Leafly shouldn’t be your long-term strategy.

Top New Customer Acquisition Marketing for Dispensaries & Delivery Services

  • Reviews / Testimonial Marketing
  • Organic SEO
  • Weed Maps & Leafly
  • Google My Business
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Alliances & Co-Marketing

There’s much more to say about each of these, so stay tuned.

Your Own SEO vs. Third Parties (Weedmaps etc.)

Rather than spending time investing in these 3rd party platforms like Weedmaps, I’d recommend you take control and build up your own digital footprint to attract, convert and delight cannabis users in your area. 

The Top Digital Marketing to Invest Into:

  • Reviews
  • Organic SEO
  • Email / SMS Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing

Email Marketing for Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Services

The #1 Tool to Deepen Relationships for Cannabis Marketing is Email and SMS

You need repeat business - especially as a cannabis biz.

Once you’ve gotten the customer’s email and phone number, your challenge begins to delight them and build a great relationship with them.

You can’t do any of this, however, until you’ve identified an email marketing & email automation system that actually allows you to sell marijuana.

Here’s What Email Service Providers Serve Dispensaries:

Here’s a list and breakdown of the services we asked about. We will also be providing screenshots of their reps confirming the use so you can see we actually did the hard work of identifying the winners. 

  • Sendlane
  • Moosend
  • Mailerlite
  • Drip
  • Klaviyo
  • Automizy
  • Aweber
  • Ongage

Sendlane for Marijuana

Sendlane is an autoresponder company providing an all in one management system for digital marketing. 

With their high-tech innovation and intelligence-driven behavioral based automations, they offer the tools and processes necessary to be successful in the cannabis industry.

  • Email Autoresponder & Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Native & Direct Integrations
  • Analytics, Reports, & Live Chat Support

Below is a screenshot confirmation that Sendlane is indeed a cannabis-friendly Email Service Provider. 

A link to their Commerce Roundtable was provided including discussions on CBD and the cannabis industry.

Sendlane also provides all new customers a free 14-day trial run with no credit card required.

Moosend for Cannabis

Moosend is an intuitive, cloud-based wholly automated marketing software platform. Offering user-friendly options and uncomplicated “Campaign Creation Wizard” alongside its real time analytics, powerful personalization and segmentation abilities, Moosend is a contender amongst the automated email giants like Mailchimp and ConvertKit.

  • Ease of Use “Campaign Creation Wizard”
  • Complete Tracking & Analytics
  • Personalization Capability
  • E-Commerce AI
  • Web Integration


Mailerlite for cannabis

Mailerlite is an effective and affordable email service provider. With its modern mobile responsive designs and advanced functionality, you can create dynamic content, email campaigns, and build eye-catching landing pages with their easy and simple to use editing software.

  • Subscriber Management: Segmentation & Personalization
  • Website Builder & Landing Page Editor
  • Form Building & Pop-Ups
  • Dynamic Content Editor:Free Templates
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

Mailerlite also offers add-on packages ranging from $10 to $100.

Screenshot below confirming MailerLite being a cannabis friendly email service provider.

Drip for cannabis

Drip’s email marketing software delivers a broad CRM platform geared towards empowering ECommerce by way of its smart data collecting. 

Drip’s entirely cloud-based service, transparent pricing, customer-centric, and straightforward automated workflow is a platform made to grow as your company does.

Klaviyo for Cannabis

Klaviyo is an email service provider containing a robust set of automation tools for companies of any size. 

Klaviyo’s enterprise-level software offers functionality with their user-friendly visual based platform and real time analytics. 

  • Welcome Series & Browse Abandonment Automation
  • Visual Flow-Building
  • Easy UX
  • Individual Tracking & Analytics Measurement
  • Software Integration Capabilities
  • Full Customization & Personalization

Below screenshot of Klaviyo confirming via email of being a cannabis friendly email service provider.

Automizy for cannabis

Automizy’s intuitive and insightful email automation platform contains a sleek design with a user-friendly interface.

In combination of their powerful analytics program and high delivery rates, your business can achieve its optimal customer relationship results.

  • Fully Personalized Email 
  • Automated AB Test Feature
  • Straightforward Pricing
  • Highly Responsive & Comprehensive Support Team
  • Customized Metrics
  • Simple SignUp & Onboarding Process
  • Campaign Builder

Screenshot includes a response verifying that your business can use their service as long as your cannabis dispensary is following legal guidelines.

Aweber for cannabis

Aweber is a budget-friendly email servicing provider that reliably delivers a platform to manage and build your small business. 

AWeber’s seamless subscriber integration and use of the newest powerful email technology makes email automation creation a breeze. 

  • Subscriber List & Third Party Integration
  • Responsive Email Designs
  • Split Testing Capability
  • Landing Page Builder With Real Time Testing
  • Over 700 E-Newsletter & Campaign Templates
  • New Technology - AMP For Email

Below is a screenshot revealing AWeber is indeed a cannabis-friendly email service provider. 

Ongage for cannabis

Ongage is an advanced email automation service provider who specializes in large volumes of subscribers. Allows marketers to execute multiple campaigns across one or more email platforms. 

With their feature-rich dashboard, businesses can  create dynamic content and increase ROI with access to top-tier delivery vendors and have the ability to use all primary functions regardless of the package chosen.

  • Multiple Email Platform Functionality
  • High Email Delivery Rates
  • API for Running Multiple Simultaneous Campaigns
  • In-depth Data Analysis
  • Effective Reporting Tools
  • Litmus Integration Email Tool

While Ongage is positioned to assist in-high-volumes, however, utilizing their 14-day trial run may be worth experiencing what they have to offer and compare.

Ongage verified cannabis-friendly. See screenshot below.

With automated email marketing, you can engage, increase sales, promote your products, and grow your customer base.

 Pairing this with your dynamic content marketing plan of leading customers to your website and signing them up to your subscribers list, you can:

  •  Cultivate Strong Customer Relationships
  • Build Value
  • Set Your Cannabis Business Apart From Others

Be mindful and thoroughly read through each company’s User Agreements and Restricted Content Disclosure. 

Without knowing their restrictions, you may bring about a potential email marketing disaster. 

Wrapping Up

Partnering with a Cannabis Marketing Agency

Creating quality daily content that converts customers on all your channels requires a tribe of experts. Here at FeedbackWRENCH, a cannabis marketing agency, has a knowledgeable team with an arsenal of marketing tools to help with all your marketing needs. 

Our goal is to Welcome, Nurture, Engage, and Expand. 

  • Welcome New Contacts
  • Nurture Leads With Drip Campaigns 
  • Engaging With Your Audience By Segmenting Contacts
  • Expand Your Social Reach With Social Media Ad Sign-ups And List-Building Forms 

FeedbackWRENCH will build successful 

  • Personalized Email Campaigns 
  • Exciting Visuals And Compelling Calls-To-Action 
  • Eye-Catching Content
  • Long-Term Customer Relationships

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