Customer Setup for Go High Level or App.Feedbackwrench CRM Setup Steps

Most important client setups in Go High Level / CRM & marketing automation system.

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Welcome to the Feedbackwrench CRM/Go High Level Setup!

We want you to succeed, and we provide Go High Level CRM, email automation and marketing platform to customers to help them grow their business.

Our Go High Level has LOTS of features, but we want to show you the most important things to setup, and then use.

Watch a Quick Overview of our New CRM (Go High Level)

Don't worry about learning ALL of it right now, we want you to start by accepting the invitation, logging in, and setting up the functions that YOU need.

We will setup tons of the more complex stuff, but there's a handful of features that ONLY YOU can setup - so let's get started. Client Setup

Login to the System at

Please complete everything on this list to utilize the CRM.

We have a feature-rich CRM, emailer, calendar system and marketing automation service.

Please follow the steps below so you can get started quickly.

If you have any questions, please submit a ticket at

And a team member will reach out and help you.

1 - Accept the Invitation to Your Account

Accept the invitation

  1. You will receive an email inviting you to create an account for
  2. Follow the URL, put your phone number, password, first and last name.
  3. Click save

2- Setup Your Email to the CRM:

Video Tutorial Here:

This CRM will integrate and sync with your Gsuite, Gmail or Office 365 email.

Within the CRM, you can email directly to a lead.  You’re also able to send automated emails to leads.

Also, integrating your email will log your emails in the system, allowing you to keep track of things.

Here are the steps to get your G-Suite, Gmail or Office 365 Setup.

3 - Setup Your Appointment Calendars

Sync your Gmail or Office 365 Email to

Video Tutorial

  1. Log into
  2. Navigate to Settings (lower left)
  3. Access Your Profile

Click on “My Profile” in the settings column.

  1. Set up Two-Way Sync With Gmail
  1. Scroll down to “Email - Two-Way Sync” section
  2. Select Gmail
  3. Click “Connect”
  4. Click the popup and allow all the necessary permissions
  1. Verify the Two-Way Sync Setup
  1. Return to your profile page
  2. It should say Connected after refreshing the page
  1. Set up the Auto BCC Sync
  1. Copy the Auto BCC link
  2. Go to your Gmail account settings
  3. Then click ‘See all settings”
  4. Go to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”
  5. Click “Add a forwarding address”
  6. Paste the Auto BCC link from to the address field
  7. Click “Next”

Connect your Google Calendar to

Video Tutorial

  1. Go to and login
  2. Go to bottom left to Settings
  3. Go to Integrations in the left column
  1. On the left most column there will be Google Account, link your Google account here
  2. Ignore the top information and go to “Add another account”
  3. Click “Sign in with Google”
  4. It will say ‘Connected!’ - Do not make it primary
  1. Under settings in the left column, go to Calendars
  1. First, go to the top navigation bar and go to the left most tab, “Connections”
  2. Select your email under “Main Integration Calendar” - click save
  3. Scroll down and under ‘Check for Conflicts” use the dropdown to select your email address. - now save
  4. Now we will create the calendar
  1. Go to the top navigation bar to ‘Calendars”
  1. Then click “Create Calendar”
  2. Then do a simple calendar.
  3. Name it, add in a custom url ending (can be whatever), set the duration, what days you are available for booking, and click confirm
  4. Save your calendar link so you can send it to people.

4 - Download the Lead Connector App on your Phone

This app will let you communicate with contacts easily.

Apple Store:

Google Play Store:

5 - How to add Contacts & Opportunities to

This system allows you to track leads, opportunities & more.

Video Tutorial

Contacts: These are your potential clients, people who may be interested, etc.

Opportunities: The pipeline.


  1. Login to
  2. In the left column go to “Contacts”
  1. To add a new contact click “New Contact”
  2. Add in their information like first and last name, email, phone number, contact source, contact type, any additional information (once there are custom fields they will be here), opportunities, etc.
  1. The middle column is where the conversations take place with the contact
  1. You can either email them or text them via SMS
  1. The right column has notes, activity, tasks, and appointments
  1. If there is anything special notes for contacts you can enter it here


  1. Login to
  2. In the left column, go to “Opportunities”
  3. Here you can access the Pipeline with opportunities inside of it
  4. Create a pipeline
  1. Go to the top navigation bar and click “Pipelines”
  2. This can be sales, service, etc.
  3. Name the pipeline
  4. Give it one or multiple stage names, like “new lead uncontacted”, “getting appointment”, “meeting set” , “take action”, etc.
  1. Create an opportunity
  1. Enter the contacts name, email, phone, etc.
  2. Name the opportunity
  3. Select which pipeline they are in and in what stage of the pipeline they are in
  4. Define if they are open or closed
  5. Then Click create to save
  1. You can then drag and drop the opportunity through the pipeline
  2. Now, you can assign a opportunity to a contact back in their profile

How to Talk with Contacts

  1. Navigate to the “Conversations” tab on the left column
  2. Here is were you can talk to contacts who have already messaged you
  3. Or, you can go into the contacts tab and find a specific person and talk to them

Request Reviews Through

Video Tutorial

  1. Log into
  2. On the homepage, click on Reputation on the left column
  1. Click into the Requests tab in the top navigation bar
  1. Make sure your review link is good
  1. Click on the settings gear icon in the top navigation bar
  2. Under Review Link, paste your review link from Google My Business
  1. To get this link, go to Google My Business under the menu section next to your profile picture on the Google search page
  2. Select your business profile
  3. Find the “Get more reviews” panel and copy that link and paste into’s review page
  1. Under the review settings, write a short SMS message and email template you can use.
  2. Click “Send Review Request”
  1. Choose the contact, their phone number & email will populate, and then select either the SMS or email.

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