8 Strategies to Dominate Market Share Like Amazon

Create Amazon levels of market share with this 1 Amazon Secret & 8 Strategies to capitalize on it

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8 Ways to Dominate Market Share For Small Business (like Amazon!)

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You can become the next Amazon of your industry.

Sounds like bull crap right, but I’m going to share with you one hidden factor about Amazon that I believe accounts for most of its success and why it dominated the market.

After I hit on that, let me unbox 8 things you can do to dominate market share and bring in tons of organic sales through the internet.

Your business can hit a point where sales start rolling in without much advertising at all.

What I’m gonna show you here are things that you need to do over the next 5 to 10 years in order to get your business to a point where you have tremendous marketshare.

Now let me dive into what I mean when I say you can be as dominant Amazon.

The One Untold Secret to Amazon's Success:

There’s a secret to Amazon’s success that most documentaries, authors and business analysts breeze past and don’t even mention, and it’s the one thing that truly gave them the competitive edge against competitors like JC Penny. Sears, Toys R Us, Circuit City, and the hundreds or thousands of other businesses who’ve met their demise because of this online juggernaut.

This one thing is a secret that slips past nearly all commentary you read about it, and I feel like this information is like special and secret knowledge.

You see, Amazon dominated not because it had an amazing online store front that was better, cheaper and more convenient than in person shopping. And it wasn’t because they avoided sales taxes for so many years either. Those factors all helped, but Sears, Walmart and target all invested in their online shopping fairly soon after the market shifted.

The one thing that set Amazon apart from its competitors was its amazon affiliate program.l - now let me explain

For those of you that don’t know, the Amazon affiliate program is where blogs and websites can partner with Amazon and if their content generates sales, the affiliate member would earn a percent or a commission.

For example, if I wrote a blog giving a review about the best DSLR camera, and then a person clicks on my Amazon affiliate tracking link and purchased something, I would earn a commission.

So how does that affiliate program transform Amazon from just a good online store, to the store in the world? Let me explain.

Amazon started its affiliate program back in 1996, and what it did was equip millions of websites to go out and create amazing content such as reviews, comparisons, and even repairs. Which all linked back to Amazon.

Amazon had hundreds of thousands of websites all working diligently to make sales on its behalf, but the real magic was that it built authority and backlinks to its website and product pages, leading to incredible page authority with Google and other search engines.

The affiliate program made Amazon the most dominant force in search engines, that’s why it crushed the competition.

If you searched for a DSLR camera back in the day, Amazon’s website would have ranked super high in google, and the other top 4-5 result pages would probably have eventually pointed users to Amazon.

A giant portion of all Website content about electronics, home goods and other categories were pointing back to Amazon.

Most of the search results you see now on a comparison blog or review, eventually point back to an affiliate program, and it’s usually Amazon.

The main reason why Amazon became such a behemoth was because they won the search engines and they unleashed a hoard of writers by aligning their best interests with Amazon’s best interest.

Writers were competing to attract traffic so they could make commissions, and it lead to Amazon infiltrating the entire internet.

Your small business can do a handful of things to command market share in a similar way to Amazon, even if you’re a simple accountant, Hvac company or contractor.

For a quick reminder, here’s what it takes to win on google.

For any business to win on Google, you need to have an actual solution to a search like a blog or YouTube video.

It might start by creating a blog page or solution to a query, but it takes more than that to rank high on Google.

The main factor that causes a website to outrank another is to have backlinks, or hyperlinks, for the content and the domain.

Whoever has the most backlinks, and has the most relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative content, tends to rank highest.

So Amazon’s success was magnified because they created an invaluable network of websites, bloggers, and eventually you tubers and influencers, all generating traffic and building up authority with backlinks to its website.

I believe this is the unsung, yet primary reason that Amazon pushed past the other giants to become what it is today.

And your business can do something very similar. but on a much smaller scale.

Things have changed since 1996, and let me show you the 8 most important marketing factors you can focus on in order to dominate your competitors and take market share forever.

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The first of the 8 factors you can focus on to command market share is building up a google my business profile with the most reviews and backlinks.

8 Strategies to Dominate Market Share Like Amazon

1 - Google My Business with the most reviews.

Most contractors, home services companies, and financial professionals have keywords that will trigger the local Google my business snippet.

If you get more reviews than everybody else in your area, you’ll be taught to beat.

For local businesses, nothing is more important than generating lots of high-quality Google reviews and even Facebook reviews.

You will close more business, generate more organic traffic, and close higher margin Sales, all from having the most reviews on Google My Business

2 - Excellent Website that Earns Trust

The second most important thing is to have a website that connects with prospective customers and clearly brings them through the buyers journey.

Besides that, your website needs to show that you are worthy of trust.

Filling your website with testimonials, examples of your projects and work, and helpful articles will allow people to more easily trust you.

Get a website that’s built to actually close sales AND rank.

3 - Quality Backlinks to your website

The third and most important factor in order to push your business above your competitors is garnering votes of confidence in the form of back links.

You need to find ways to attract backlinks to your website.  If you can collaborate with others, or even create pieces worth linking to, you’ll see your authority build and organic track increase.

The most important thing to bank on is content marketing, which focuses on publishing content and collaborating to build up backlinks.

4 - Create High ranking YouTube videos

If you have videos that rank for searches on YouTube, you’ll get o have a conversation with people and build a relationship.

IF you create excellent content answering questions, teaching on topics, and being helpful in your niche, you’ll get traffic.

Youtube is just as important, if not more important than you’re website, and it’s the second largest search engine in the world, invest in creating awesome content on YouTube.

5 - Create Hugh Ranking Articles

Along with creating excellent YouTube videos that are targeting your subject matter, niche, or questions that matter, you should invest in content marketing and writing content on your website.

If you’re website has authoritative, excellent written articles that target a single subject matter, question or topic, your website will get more traffic.

You’ll also want to build up backlinks to this content.

6 - email list of engaged users

Email helps you send your content to your engaged audience, and it protects you if you get banned on social media, or if your content get’s pushed out of the search engines for some reason.

If you build a database of other users, you’ll have more success!

7 - An engaged audience in social media, YouTube or your podcast.

The last thing you can do to dominate is to create content on social media and build up an audience that’s engaged on that subject matter.  This is the most difficult thing to do, and your audience is as the whims of the big tech giants.

I like YouTube the most because it can be found more easily than other social media.

If you want to grow to dominaance, become highly relevant on Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or some social platform.

If you build up an audience, you’ll be able to generate more momentum.

If I could summarize it, if you invest in your website, content writing, YouTube content and your google my business, you’ll then be able to build up it’s authority and dominate market share.

Good luck and God bless!

1 Google  my Business with lots of reviews
2 Excellent website that rants trust
3 Quality Backlinks to your website
4 High ranking YouTube videos
5 Articles that rank for great keywords
6 email list that’s engaged
7 an Engaged follower base on a social media platform

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