8 Blogging Topics & Effective SEO Tactics for Bookkeeping Businesses & Accounting Businesses

Perfect Blogging topics & ideas for a Bookkeeping Businesses This will help with SEO for your bookkeeping business

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8 Blogging Topics & Effective SEO Tactics for Bookkeeping Businesses & Accounting Businesses

Scroll down a ways to get right into the 8 tips, otherwise we'll hit on some of the basics of SEO so you know what you're doing.

In this article I’ll share with you 8 blogging ideas for your bookkeeping business so you can rank your bookkeeping business in search engines.

You might be wondering what are the best blogs to write for bookkeeping businesses or bookkeepers, and I’ll show you precisely what to write to rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing, You can find some other helpful resources here, here and here.

If you write great blogs, you rank higher on google.

If your website ranks high, so will your Google My Business.

Blogging on

Watch this video about Google My Business Ranking

If you focus on your online content, your bookkeeping business will rank in google & you'll get highly qualified bookkeeping clients..

Showing up on search engines means the person needs a solution, which means they're highly qualified.

How to Get Your Business on Google Search Fast:

To do so, you’ll want to follow the basics of SEO for bookkeepers, but it eventually morphs into a blogging & Backlinks game.

You’ll want to create written content that helps business owners and ranks for important topics or keywords, and then you’ll want to attract backlinks to your content in various ways because when you get a hyperlink to your content, it dramatically increases that content’s likelihood to rank in search engines.

So you’ll want to write great. Content.

Video About Ranking on Google:

But that means you’re looking for blogging ideas for your bookkeeping business website right?

How many blogs does it take before a bookkeeping business Shows up on google?

Another important thing to remember for SEO for your bookkeeping business, is that there seems to be some critical mass when it comes to your content, so long as the content is actually engaging and worth reading.

Every price of content on your website should be amazing, worth reading of high quality, otherwise it won’t help your bookkeeping business rank on google, rank in local SEO, or help you increase traffic to your website.

We found that as long as your bookkeeping website is considered high-quality, you will want to get to a point where you’ve produced about 30 to 50 pieces of significant bookkeeping, accounting or tax content on your blog and website.

That means you’ll want to be writing bookkeeping blog posts or looking for a blogging service for bookkeepers like Feedbackwrench.

Whatever you do, only allow helpful, quality, engaging and really meaningful blog posts stay on your bookkeeping business blog & website.

Besides writing great blogs for your bookkeeping business, each article should then be promoted.

You need to get your great content in front of people so they can actually read or listen to it.
We created a 5 step content marketing strategy to get your amazing content in front of more potential bookkeeping clients.

Without further ado, here is the contact that I would commit to writing for your bookkeeping get business in order to try and find ways to get more bookkeeping clients.

8 Blog Topic Ideas for Bookkeeping Companies to Help Rank in Search Engines

#1 Write bookkeeping & accounting blog posts to other audiences like peers, students and more

It might be hard to rank a blog for a broad topic to a potential business owner, so our goal is to target long tail keywords & niche keywords.

"blog post ideas" is much harder than "Blog post ideas for bookkeeping businesses".

See what I did there? 

Remember that there are a couple different types of audiences you can target with your blog that will be easier to target than the overarching broad topics of tax, accounting and bookkeeping.

We need the sub niche because otherwise we'll be competing with Intuit, ADP and other mega corporations.

Audience Ideas for your bookkeeping business blogs:

  • Business owners
  • New business startups
  • People in accounting school
  • Accountants looking for training & insight
  • People dreaming of starting a business
  • Other bookkeeping businesses
  • Accountants in general
  • People needing help with accounting questions
  • People using accounting programs and software

Obviously our top hope is that your blog post will get in front of qualified buyers, but we also consider it a win if google sees that you handle all accounting traffic well.

Your overall site will rank higher, and your google my business will dominate locally, if you handle all accounting traffic well.

Google seems to stereotype you, and it’s just important to stay on the bookkeeping, business, accounting and tax topics, whether that’s to a potential client or some other curious reader.

This works so well that Feedbackwrench’s websites for accountants website has begun to rank in the accounting serps here locally.

It’s often easier to rank for the smaller niche of accountants looking for answers, than it is for the broad accounting topics, so remember you can write for your peers.

Tips and Advice for Other Bookkeeping Businesses & People Starting a Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax or CPA Business

When you first start blogging, It’s hard to rank for broad bookkeeping tips for business owners.

It’s much easier to rank content that helps other bookkeepers.

It’s also a topic you could easily speak on, as you’re learning many lessons as you build your own bookkeeping business.

Choose blogs that provide tips to other people trying to start their own bookkeeping business.

Blogging ideas that other bookkeeping businesses might read:

#2 Blogs for Startups in a Niche

The second type of blog post is to write guides for people starting businesses in other niches.

The niche could be an industry or it could be a region.

Writing to a niche means that your content has a much higher chance of ranking.

So if you write an encouraging and helpful article to people starting a business in a niche and region, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll rank.

Blog Topic Ideas to Target Startups:
  • How to start a contracting business in Minneapolis.
  • Accounting startup tips of Minnesota Remodeling Contractors
  • 5 Simple steps to start a landscaping company in California

I’m telling you, if you write content and then make a video in your it be covering the exact same information, you’ll get people calling you.

#3 Write Blogs Explaining Bookkeeping, Tax & Accounting Software

The more specific a question, the more targeted the audience is and the higher the likelihood you’ll rank.

One great way to get articles ranking for accounting, tax and bookkeeping things is to teach and solve questions concerning specific pieces of software.

Write articles very specific to the problem and the software.

Blog Topics About Bookkeeping Software:
  • How to run a profit and loss statement in Quickbooks online 2022
  • How to do construction job costing in Quickbooks online 2022
  • How to run payroll properly in Quickbooks intuit payroll 2022
  • How to convert from Xero to Quickbooks online 2022
  • How to convert from Quickbooks online to Xero 2022
  • How to connect ADP payroll to Quickbooks Online
  • How to add a 1099 contractor to ADP Payroll Run in 2022
  • How to Convert from ADP to Paychex
  • How to convert from ADP to Intuit Payroll System
  • How to prepare and file an 1120S Tax Return in Drake Tax Software

These blogs will drive traffic, help you rank for accounting & bookkeeping keywords and could also. make you wealthy with a youtube channel.

#4 Lists of software that’s good for businesses & business niches (for entrepreneurs)

You help other businesses and you've strated your own, that means you understand the poblems they face.

You can write articles that help, by listing out recommendations of the tools, software and products you use that pertain to business or accounting.

Bookkeeping Blog Topics about business software for niches:
  • 4 Best accounting programs for real estate investors
  • 4 best payment & invoicing softwares for Landscaping companies
  • 5 Best Email Marketing Systems for Bookkeeping Businesses
  • 4 Best SEO Software for Marketing Companies
  • 5 Best Invoice trackers for General Contractors
  • 5 Best Apps for Quickbooks Online
  • 5 Best CRM's for General Contractors
  • 4 Best Business Emails for Junk Removal Businesses

You wouldn't need to target the niche industry, but that can help you rank easier.

#5 Lists of aggregated bookkeeping content form other bookkeeping blogs.

People and Google love lists, because they're not so biased and they seem to be helpful to users.

One type of content could be a weekly roundup from around the web, pertaining specifically to bookkeeping content on other bookkeeping businesses, accounting firms, CPA firms etc.


  • 5 Under-appreciated Tips from Bookkeeping Blogs November Edition
  • November 2021 - 10 Best Bookkeeping Business Tips from Around the Web
  • Monthly Roundup of Bookkeeping Business Tips November 2021
  • 10 Tips from Bookkeeping Blogs November 2021 Roundup Edition
  • 10 Best Tips from Bookkeeping Blogs November 2021

The point here is to simply aggregate content and put the tips together.

You can also make tik tok videos and youtube content around these topics.

#6 Regionally specific tips, coaching and teaching

This is content written directly to folks in your city, state, and region.

The idea is that you'll be able to rank, as you get more and more specific.

This is really helpful to build up your local SEO footprint, and it can be a fantastic way to cultivate relationships with other local business owners, and probably attract backlinks to your own content as you pay it forward to others you've met.

Ideas of Localized Content:
  • 5 of our Favorite Lakeville MN Home Builders in the Berres Ridge Neighborhood
  • 5 Landscaping Companies in Lakeville We think you should consider
  • 5 Lakeville Realtors worth considering when selling your home in Lakeville or Rosemount

What will happen is that the content will begin to rank.

Along with the written content, you'll also want to create some youtube content around it too!

#7 Reviews of products and software for accountants

Write about accounting products, software and services.


  • Our favorite Payroll Services for Accounting Firms
  • 3 Best Professional Tax Software for Accounting Firms
  • 3 Best Payroll Services for your accounting firm or bookkeeping business
  • 3 Reasons Xero is better for Accounting firms than Quickbooks online

The idea is that you'll get accountants, bookkeepers and tax professionals asking these questions.

You should also be able to write pretty easily about this subject matter, so it's worthy ou cranking it out.

Again, write on these types of blog posts and also create youtube and tik tok videos around it.

#8 Tips, advice and lessons for accounting students.

Lastly, you'll want to write tips, advice, and answers to questions for accounting students.

This audience is hungry for summarized and helpful information, and it's on-topic.

You can try to make hard subjects easy, you could speak to the CPA exam, or you could give your advice about the best accounting degrees and colleges.

Accounting students are hungry for answers!


  • 5 Tips for Passing the CPA exam
  • 4 Tips for Accounting Grads from the University of Minnesota
  • 5 Things Accounting Students should know to work at XYZ Firm
  • 5 Quickbooks Principles for Accounting Students
  • 5 Bookkeeping Tips for Accounting Students

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