8 Amazing Websites & Branding for Custom Home Builders

8 Examples of Good Web Design for Custom Home Builders. Home Builder Web Design Ideas & Custom Home Builder Marketing Ideas

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8 Amazing Websites & Branding for Custom Home Builders

Amazing Examples of Home Builder Websites

We do websites for custom home builders, and here are some amazing websites for home builders from our portfolio and others.

Creating websites requires skill. You need to keep the user interested and engaged with the page and make the website easy to navigate so they can find what they are looking for. In this blog FeedbackWrench will show you some examples of beautiful web design and inspire you with ideas on how to improve your website.

When searching for a new home and browsing through potential home builders, you want someone with a good website. If they cannot provide a good website, you can only imagine the quality of the homes they build. Below are great examples of high-quality websites showcasing home builders' abilities.

We build remodeling websites that are designed to convert using techniques proven to yield results, and that is why we do not provide you with a cookie-cutter website like most remodeling websites you see.

Home Builder Website in Minneapolis

#1 Custom Home Builder Website is Moderno Homes by FeedbackWrench

Check out Moderno Homes, constructed by FeedbackWrench.

Moderno Homes

Moderno Homes is a family-run South Metro Twin Cities home builder founded by Jake, Ashlee, and Alexandra Tupy.

We built Moderno Homes to attract more clients, specifically in the South Metro, using a modern theme that reflects the homes Moderno builds.

Moderno Homes builds scenic bay estates, villa homes, and acreage lots.

Washington DC Home Builder & Remodeler

#2 Home Builder Website High Crown Development

Check out the website we built here at FeedbackWrench for High Crown Development

High Crown Development

High Crown Development is a home builder and remodeler focused on luxury homes. With luxury in mind, we designed this website to fit the homes that High Crown Development would be working on.

That is why a modern theme is used, and we have highly optimized this website to build a captivating home remodeling website.

If you are looking for a Washington DC-based custom home builder & remodeler, High Crown Development, we want to see them become a prominent force in the upcoming decades.

Twin Cities Home Builder & Remodeler

#3 Remodeling Website New Spaces 

Check out this clean and simple website designed by FeedbackWrench

New Spaces

New Spaces has a small team of designers and carpenters, just like other websites that FeedbackWrench has built websites for.

We helped Bjorn make a website that fits his specific needs and implemented our techniques to develop his website and positioning.

New Spaces remodels just about anything in your home and showcase those on the website.

South Metro Twin Cities Home Builder

#4 Home Builder Country Creek Builders

Check out this aesthetically pleasing and straightforward website.

Country Creek Builders

Country Creek Builders is a home and commercial remodeling contractor in the South Metro Twin Cities. Unlike other home builders & remodelers on this list, Country Creek Builders does commercial work, and home additions along with home remodeling.

We built this website to be informative, optimized, and compete with home building & remodeling websites.

West Metro Exterior Contractor

#5 Remodeling Website Example Landmark Exteriors

Check out this Twin Cities premiere exterior contractor.

Landmark Exteriors

FeedbackWrench built this website to showcase Landmark Exteriors' prior work and help people with a remodel within their budget and imagery that communicates what is capable. We wanted to create a website that is high-converting and compelling.

Landmark Exteriors specializes in roofing, siding, painting & decks, and check out their portfolio on the website. If you’re looking for a locally owned startup business in the Twin Cities, you should contact Landmark Exteriors and request an estimate.

Twin Cities Home Design and Remodeler

#7 Home Remodeling Website Example James Barton Design-Build

Check out a Minnesota Remodeling and Renovation Company.

James Barton Design-Build Inc

James Barton Design-Build is an award-winning Twin Cities home remodeling, renovation, and construction company that helps bring the dreams of homeowners to life.

The focus is on the kitchen, bathroom, and main-level renovations.

With two decades of business, you can trust James Barton Design-Build to accomplish your needs as a homeowner.

Twin Cities Home Builder

#8 Home Builder Sharper Homes

Check out a Twin Cities Luxury Quality Custom Home Builder.

Sharper Homes

Sharper Homes have been building homes in the Metro area for over three decades.

There are available homes that Sharper Homes have constructed, or you can create a custom build on your lot.

There is also an inspiration gallery of rooms that Sharper Homes have built that allows people who may need clarification to find a style they like.

Don't Fall Victim to a Template

It may seem easy to buy a template from a marketplace, replace the information with your own, and settle for that. Instead, you should invest in building a website from the ground up.

Either learn to create a website or pay someone to create a high-value website like ours.

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