3 Tips on How to Improve SEO for Bookkeeping Companies

Bookkeeping businesses can get leads through search engines if they do these 3 things. - SEO For bookkeeping companies & Bookkeeping businesses

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3 Tips on How to improve SEO for Bookkeeping companies

If you are a bookkeeping company or you’ve started your own work from home bookkeeping business, I wanna show you how you can get customers through search engine optimization or SEO for your bookkeeping company.

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People are always wondering how to get more B2B customers, and they forget that one of the most important aspects of client acquisition for your bookkeeping business is to show up in the search engines when people need a solution. Make sure you consider getting your bookkeeper website from us, and check out our free article about how to get bookkeeping clients.

SEO for bookkeeping company and bookkeeping businesses is critically important because you will be intersecting with potential bookkeeping customers right when they need help.

Search engine optimization is really all about showing to Google that you are a fantastic solution to a query, and most of the keywords associated with a Bookkeeping company will trigger a couple of things that we’re gonna hit on here.

3 Ways to improve SEO for a Bookkeeping Company

1 - Think Local SEO for Bookkeeping

The first important thing for search engine optimization for a bookkeeping business is to think about local search results.

One of the beauties of starting your own bookkeeping business is that you don’t have to have an office, and you can do a work from home operation.

While you may work as a remote bookkeeper, you should remember that some of your best clients are actually going to be local small businesses.

There are a ton of keywords that trigger the local search engine results page section or the Google my business map.

Bookkeeping keywords such as Bookkeepers near me, bookkeeping services, accountants near me, bookkeeping accountants, and many more will trigger the local Google review map section in the search engine results page.

Almost every bookkeeping keyword triggers the local google maps.

Even if you are remote, you should embrace trying to rank in this local Google maps section.

To a degree, your search engine optimization is going to be tied to a couple of simple local signals.

A - get more google reviews than the other Bookkeepers in your area

One of the major way is that you can get customers through search engines for your bookkeeping business is to have more Google reviews than anybody else in your 20 to 30 mile region.

B - Optimize Your Google Local Business profile

Besides getting more Google reviews for your bookkeeping business than anybody else, you will also want to make sure that you optimize your Google business profile and ensure that you have a couple of things filled out.

Easy Ways to Optimize for Local SEO
  • Define your Service area (keep it local and add all the major areas)
  • Logistic information like address and website
  • Make lots of posts
  • Reply to reviews
  • Post lots of photos and branded graphics

C - Citations and Local Backlinks

Another thing you can do to improve your bookkeeping company search engine ranking is to make sure that you get profiles filled out and pointing back to your website for your industry niche and locally.

It might be a good idea to sign up at the local Chamber of Commerce, get connected to other local entrepreneurs and back link to each other, and even find ways to get involved with local events for your major cities.

Long story short, if you get more reviews than everybody else, and if you fill out your Google local profiles, eventually you will start to rank really high for everybody looking for bookkeeping services in your region.

2 -Pick a Niche & Market to It with Content

It’s really hard to rank for the broad keywords nationally that are connected to a bookkeeping business.

If you focus on ranking for local bookkeeping keywords as well as niche bookkeeping business keywords, you are going to have a much higher chance of ranking.

Search engine optimization for a bookkeeping business is often about targeting sub niches and unique topics that the major bookkeeping company providers are not already ranking really high for.

It will probably be hard to get your bookkeeping business to rank for best bookkeeping service, but you might be able to rank for “Best bookkeeping service for concrete companies”

How do you rank for industry niche terms?

In order to rank for more keywords than what your homepage is going to, you’re going to have to commit to creating content and teaching or giving tips to this sub niche of industries.

If you want to show up when people search accountants for concrete contractors, or accountants for home builders, you’re going to need to have a page on your website that is dedicated entirely to that sub niche.

Drive niche leads with local niche landing pages.

Along with a separate service page dedicated to the industry niche, you should also spend time writing other blog articles that have a link to your core industry service page.

For example, your bookkeeping business can rank for niche keywords if you were to have the core service page set up for that industry niche, and then write 10 to 20 authoritative blogs that speak specifically to that industry niche. Along with the contents, you would also want to have internal links to those other blog posts pertaining to the industry niche, have a category and taking system within your content management system, and also include internal links to your core service page for that industry niche.

Long story short, if you create that niche content on your website, and you also get a ton of Google reviews, chances are that you will eventually start to rank for those niche industry keywords.

How to Use YouTube content to attract niche Bookkeeping Clients

Another important thing to remember when it comes to niche search engine optimization for a bookkeeping business, is that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

If you spend time creating YouTube videos distinctly for any industry niche, you’re going to find that you’ll start to get traffic and that the industry sub niche Youtubers will start to recommend your content.

Creating blogs and youtube videos for a niche will eventually lead to clients.

If you pick an industry niche and create in-depth contact for that industry, you will see that your videos will start to get recommended by other organizations and YouTube videos.

YouTube videos can often be more valuable than simply getting your bookkeeping business website to rank on Google, because YouTube will allow you to have a conversation with people.

I can’t emphasize this enough, if you want to improve your search engine optimization for your bookkeeping business, you’re going to need to invest time into creating niche content on your website and also create that content for YouTube so that people can find it when they search and so that the contact can get recommended when it aligns to that industry niche.

Create videos addressing your industry niches.

3 - Create Content & Teach on your Website & Youtube Channel

The last most important thing that you can do aligns a little bit with what I just covered, and that’s to create lots of blog content on your website that teaches and explains how to do things, as well as adds value to your end industry niche and locality.

Again, targeting industry niches and local keywords, will allow you to cut through the fray of large bookkeeping services and target the small person.

Your website needs to be a central hub for not only potential customers, but anyone seeking information about bookkeeping, tax law, tips and tricks, and even small business advice.

In general, if you develop a website that is seen as a solution to queries on the broad topics, suddenly your homepage, individual blog content, and your Google my business account will start to rank much higher in the search engine result pages.

If you commit to creating constant overtime, and you make sure that that contact is absolutely fantastic and actually helpful for people, your website, Google my business, and each individual page will start to rank higher and higher in the search engine result pages.

SEO Is all about creating excellent solutions to queries.


In conclusion, if you just commit to getting more reviews, creating net content on your website and YouTube, and continuing to develop thoughtful website content, you are going to start to rank in search engines for your bookkeeping business.

There’s certainly things that you can do to build up your back links to your car continent, and even build relationships with major high-ranking websites so that you can gain votes of confidence in the form of backlinks to your website content, but that is often a very time intensive and tricky process

Rather than investing tons of time building up backlinks to your website through outreach and getting spammee links, you should focus on creating amazing content that people will find and want to back link to.

If you focus on these things, your bookkeeping business will start to rank really high in the search engine result pages, and you will start to attract and close more bookkeeping customers, and even those outsourced accounting customers that I’m always talking about

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