18 Questions to Know Your Customer's Internal Problems

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Discover the Internal vs. External Customer Problems

Customers have immediate needs and problems, and companies often use a ton of energy to market to those problems.

The truth is, that internal problems are what cause someone to actually buy.

I found these 18 questions on Donald Miller's Storybrand website here, and I think they're really useful to develop an understanding of the internal problems lurking inside your customer.

Questions to Discover Internal Customer Problems:

1. What tasks does your customer dread doing as it relates to your industry?
2. What are your customer’s dreams for their family?
3. What confuses your customer as it relates to your industry?
4. What keeps your customer up at night?
5. What makes your customer feel cool?
6. What makes your customer upset or angry?
7. What kind of friends does your customer seek out?
8. How would your customer’s life look different if they had more leisure time?
9. What does your customer do for fun?
10. What would your customer do if they suddenly doubled their income?
11. What regrets does your customer have (as it relates to your industry)?
12. What makes your customer feel embarrassed or self-conscious?
13. What makes your customer feel nostalgic?
14. What kind of rewards does your customer prefer?
15. How does your customer relieve stress or relax?
16. How does your customer want their friends to perceive them?
17. How does your customer indulge?
18. What makes your customer nervous as it relates to your industry?

customer profile questions for personas - internal problems of storybrand marketing
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