Remodeling Testimonial Video Production

We produced video for our client New Spaces Remodeling. Take a look at the various videos we produced from this one shoot.

Problems We solved

Showcase the Remodel, Capture & Convey the Customer Story & Trust




New Spaces Remodeling

Video Showcase & Client Testimonial for New Spaces Remodeling

Every spring and fall, the Twin Cities Parade of Homes hosts what's known as the Remodelers Showcase.

My client, New Spaces Remodeling, enlists us to drive leads, produce video content and help them grow their business.

Below is an example of a client testimonial we shot after, along with footage of the completed project.

A Library of Video Content for Re-Use

We work with our marketing and video clients to build a library of content that can be used throughout the years in various ways.

Most customers want continuous production of content, and they want help posting it to various mediums.

We shoot the testimonial, build a library of b-roll, photos and other content, and then produce an array of video content moving forward

Ways this Content will be Used:

We will create dozens of videos from this one shoot, and use it various ways.

This video library will be

  • Remodelers Showcase Event Marketing - Youtube Bumper Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads
  • Placed on Website to help earn trust and close deals
  • Showcased on the website to show the project
  • Ongoing Social Posts
  • Placed on Youtube for Inbound Marketing Purposes
  • IGTV Instagram TV Post

Youtube & Testimonial Content:

IGTV Content

Youtube Bumper Ads:

Long Form Testimonial:

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