Ace Auto Commercial

Ace Auto, a car dealership with a unique value proposition, hired us to develop messaging, and create a one minute commercial that would be used on their website to help connect with people and convey their value propositions.

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Quickly Communicate Value Proposition & Frame the Conversation with Website Traffic & Social Media Visitors


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Ace Auto Jordan Minnesota

Quickly Communicate Ace Autos Value Proposition in an Affordable Video Format

We had the opportunity to serve Ed Tabakov, owner of Ace Autos, a unique car dealership in Jordan Minnesota. Ace Auto has grown significantly over the after 5 years, and they faced a unique challenge.  They wanted to clearly communicate their value proposition to people that landed on their website, in order to help people understand them better.

Ace Auto also had some limitations in their website options because they use an automated inventory management system for their website, so we couldn't completely revamp their messaging online.  This lead us to the conclusion that a video would be most effective to quickly communicate their value proposition, as well as frame up the conversation to prospective buyers.

Their website traffic is strong, and we decided that it would be very valuable to use video to have the conversations they repeatedly have with people on the phone, as well as framing up their value proposition.

We worked on developing the terminology and messaging for his value proposition, wrote the simple script, and got the video shot quickly, efficiently and without disrupting their business operations.

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