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Xendoo: The Small S-Corp Holy Grail for Payroll, Bookkeeping Service, CPA, Accounting 1120s, and Tax Returns

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If you don't know this already, implementing an S-Corp can save you a ton in taxes.

Xendoo the Best Payroll, Accounting and Tax for S-COrps

If you're an S-Corp though, you'll need:

  • Payroll Service
  • 1120s Corporate Tax Return
  • Good CPA Advice to manage the tension between a reasonable salary and distribution.
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Corporate Documents

Well, I've found the HOLY GRAIL of Accounting solutions for small businesses, particularly for small businesses from 1-20 employees that are an S-Corp.

Here's My Quick Word About Xendoo:

5 Reasons Why Xendoo Accounting is Best Payroll, Bookkeeping, Tax Solution

1 - Xendoo has Relatively VERY Low Costs

Typical S-Corp Costs:

  • Personal and 1120S Tax Return ($200 - $1500)
  • Accounting Software - $40/month - $480/year
  • Payroll Solutions - $40-$200/month $480 - $2,400/year
  • Time Spent Coordinating & Bookkeeping - $500 - $3,500/year

Get Xendoo + Payroll + Tax Returns Done for about $2500 - $4,000 / Year

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Reach out to them at our Affiliate link, but I'm telling you, these guys have put together the absolutely most attractive solution out there.

2 - They Use Xero

Xero is big enough to provide lots of integrations, a ton of vendor merch accounts, and a serious bookkeeping tools. The fact that Xendoo decided to leverage a partnership to drive down prices is VERY encouraging.

Xero bookkeeping service by Xendoo

3 - Save Time with Virtual Solutions

Why in the heck, in the modern internet era, do we need to sit face to face with a droning accountant to make sure our government compliance is in line?

Xendoo is a virtual solution, which means that they've invested heavily in making virtual conversaitons, meetings and solutions EASY.

Their secure app and Xero make things REALLY easy - and I'm glad I no longer need to screw around with appointemnts.

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4 - They Have CPA Tax Return & Tax Planning Included

Alright, if you were to get setup on, Merrit Bookkeeping, or any other Bookkeeping services, you'd quickly realize two things:

a - Most online bookkeeping don't have tax return and CPA Advice

b - They don't provide Payroll

What good is getting bookkeeping done for you, if you still have to hire a CPA to comb through everything, fix the errors they seem to find, and then charge you to give you advice?

With Xendoo, you're getting REAL CPA advice, along with the service you will love.

5 - Payroll Service Provided & Integrated

Xendoo has AMAZING prices that include payroll.

Seriously, not only do they provide payroll, but they provide a very economic payroll in the XERO payroll solution.

ADP Payroll, Paychex, and everyone else except Gusto, are trying to charge premiums for payroll and work really hard to get you into their HR products.

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