Google Ads Do and Don't Help with Organic Traffic and SEO

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Will Google Ad Campaigns Help with SEO?

Google has long claimed that paid ad campaigns will NOT help you in the organic search engines.

But in the year 2020 and later, it seems that paid ads can help you with rank better on Google and Bing, for one specific reason.

Why do Google Ads & Adwords Help with SEO?

Many people wonder whether or not they can improve their organic traffic on Google or Bing by spending on paid ads with each of the platforms.

Google has answered multiple times that it will not bias towards a big spender, and that it has no impact on organic results, but we've found that Paid ads can absolutely stimulate your organic SEO in some particular ways.

We've found that Google ads and paid search campaigns will help with your organic search results because the modern machine learning on Google and Bing seems to pay close attention to what's called "on-page signals", such as time on page, bounce rate, and average session time.

How can search engines know if your content is good unless it analyzes how people consume and use it?

Think about it, unless Google and Bing see users on your website, it's really hard to know whether or not your content is authoritative, helpful and useful.   Google has shifted to the "EAT" principle a long time ago, and now it seems like they're genuinely interested in serving up the most helpful content to the searcher. Google's guidelines are always important, and you can read the guidelines Google has provided it's own human evaluators here, but it's pretty easy to say that great content will rank.

Google Ads stimulates on-age signals, which allows Google to see how people actually consume to your content.

Google ads and paid search generates traffic, and then Google and Bing can see how people are navigating your website and your specific ad content.

Let me be clear, when you turn off a paid search campaign, you're going to see a massive drop-off in traffic and it won't be replaced by organic traffic, but we have run many tests that show that the traffic from paid ads will help Google and Bing see how your content fares.

Illustrations of Trustworthiness & Helpfulness

Google and Bing are careful about who they match up with their search customers, because the moment they get it wrong, they will risk losing market share to their competitors.

One way I like to teach this to people is that Google is like a parent, and the search user (their customer) is like their daughter. Google, the parent, is highly vested in making sure that their daughter (the searcher) is paired up with a trustworthy, competent, and authoritative solution to their query (you).

Google wont connect your business or website to their search customers unless you've done the right things, you play by the rules, and you show that you're not a bad-player.

That illustrates the "trustworthiness" factor in the Google EAT principles.

Food Illustrates Helpfulness

Imagine your at a restaurant that serves up food from all sorts of providers.

You sit down at the table, and you ask for the best Fried Walleye they have.

The server brings up 10 dishes, and recommends a couple to you.

The server in this example is like Google, and you ordering is liek the search customer.

If Google notices that people never consume the solution from your website, it's going to note that and push it down the the results pages because user-signals showed it doesn't solve the problem.

When People Consume Your Great Content, it Will Start to Rank on the Search Engines.

So in that manner, we've found that websites that drive traffic with Google Ads will often entice users through to additional content, which in-turn provides Google and Bing with the on-page metrics required to measure whether or not your search query solution actually solves the problem.

The result is that the paid ads lead to better results on Google and Bing.

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