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Unconventional Marketing Ideas: StumbleUpon

Advertising on StumbleUpon

Ever been on StumbleUpon? The site literally exists to bring users to landing pages. The catch, of course, is that the users are coming to these pages with the expectation of being entertained or informed.

On StumbleUpon, users pick a series of interests (say, sports and entrepreneurship) and then click "Stumble". After clicking Stumble, the user is served a web page relating to their interests.

If they did select entrepreneurship, they might be treated to an interesting blog post or a video about small business ownership. This content could be relating to business law, digital marketing, or just about anything else that's covered in the broader search term - entrepreneurship.

If the StumbleUpon user doesn't like the looks of the site they landed on, they simply click "Stumble" again and move on to the next site.

As with most sites, business owners have an opportunity to market on it to gain exposure for their ideas.

But what does advertising on StumbleUpon look like?

StumbleUpon describes their advertising platform as a way to promote "anything with a URL". Meaning, of course, that you can promote photography, blog posts, videos, and just about anything else. By the way, in this article we detail how content and blogging helps SEO - just in case you weren't already convinced of the value in content creation.

The only thing you'll want to keep in mind is that your content must be engaging and optimized to capture traffic that would otherwise be fleeting.

So fleeting, in fact, that StumbleUpon users are known for spending less time on web pages than most other platforms. They're also known for converting into leads at a slower rate.

However, unlike most advertising platforms, a promoted StumbleUpon post could live on after you've finished paying for it.

A promoted StumbleUpon post could live on after you've finished paying for it.

The site determines what people want to see primarily by the "thumbs up" that users can give your post. That means that if your ad was well liked, it will continue to be served up as an organic result even after your campaign is over.

Obviously, then, there's a real opportunity for generating free leads. To do so, focus first on your content. To create content that's fitting for StumbleUpon users, try using the platform for yourself. Select some interests and "stumble" through some of the sites that the platform sends you to. You'll find that, after a while, you're rapidly moving through sites to find something of interest. Take note of the sites you stop at. What was it that you found interesting about them? Do they encourage you to read (or view) on? How so?

If you think you have what it takes to engage StumbleUpon's audience with great content, or if you want help implementing a StumbleUpon Ads strategy, give us a call today! We'd be happy to help guide you through the process. If you're looking for

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