The Best Bookkeeping Payroll Tax & Accounting for S-Corps, Small Business & Freelancers

Thursday, August 22, 2019

I've Found, and Now FULLY Endorse, Xendoo as an all-in-one solution for accounting, bookkeeping, tax & Payroll and advice. We have an affiliate relationship, but I fully endorse this as the best solution for small businesses.

All right. Hey folks. So if you're looking at becoming an LLC and converting over to becoming an S Corp so you can save in those self employment taxes. The year is 2019, some things have changed. We're going to be updating this video, but chances are you found us because you are wondering about the tax difference between an LLC and an S Corp. Well, please go to our channel and watch this. This has been an absolutely stunning video. We've had over 1.5 million in watch time from this, 270,000 views and things have kind of changed in two different ways since that. Because of that, I'm going to show you the best payroll, bookkeeping and accounting solution for a small S Corp. If you're not a big operation, you don't want to commit 500 to a thousand dollars a month for a bookkeeper or a tax person. This video is for you.

I've been scouring the nation for the best option in payroll, bookkeeping and accounting for a small business since I left my old firm Nuance Financial Tax and Accounting. We had a little bit of a difference of opinion and some things happen. Now is great if you're looking for a solution that is truly boutique, they do the bookkeeping, the tax return, they do everything for you. Still check them out if you like that idea. But if you like the idea of saving some money, I've got a solution in here. And just to be upfront, I have a commission relationship with these guys because I reached out after using them to find out if they have an affiliate program and they do so.

I tell you what, I just want to show you my family right now. I'm a small business owner. I don't have it all going on. We help entrepreneurs. We've been creating contents on this channel to help more small business owners. I have four kids. We'd love it if you'd take the time to head over to our patreon or even go onto our website. And we've been appreciating these little five dollar tips that people had been leaving us. Five dollars a month helps us to continue to create content and then if you click to sign up for a free trial for this service, I'm going to show you we earn a commission. So I just want to be up front about that, but let's dive in here. So if you want to become an S Corp, the first thing that you're going to have to do is actually file your S Corp paperwork.

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I really recommend going to LegalZoom to do this. Go to In fact, if you search LegalZoom, this is how you do it Legal Zoom, S Corp. What LegalZoom is going to help you do is get everything set up, but then they'll also help you with your papers, which is great. They're inexpensive. You want to check them out, head over there and give them a shout. I have no affiliation with them. If you remember when you become an S Corp, you're going to be taking a salary through a payroll system and then the distribution. What you need when you become an S Corp is a bookkeeping solution so that you have your accounting going on. Then you're going to need a payroll system to actually run and send yourself your reasonable salary. Here's the big problem. When you line up, whether you use, you use QuickBooks Online or if you use … there's

These guys do a great job. Nobody is doing a phenomenal job at providing tax advice along with bookkeeping service for you where they go in and do it for you as well as a turnkey payroll solution except for this company here. Xendoo is absolutely powerful. Check out the link in the description. Like I said, we get paid a commission whenever you go to it. But if you're a small S Corp and you're looking for the best turnkey solution, you know they're between 150 and 400 bucks a month depending on what you go for to get your corporate tax return, to get tax advice from a live CPA. I think they're based out of Florida. You're going to get a payroll service, you're going to get the Xero Accounting Service, they're going to do your bookkeeping for you and it truly is very helpful. Take a look at this.

Welcome to Xendoo. We make your financial life easier by taking care of all your accounting and bookkeeping needs for your small business with an online service that's simple, secure and worry free. You get a personal bookkeeper and CPA team providing weekly bookkeeping and monthly financials and more importantly your piece of [inaudible 00:04:28]. Xendoo keeps you compliant. Getting started is quick and easy. Here's how. Choose the plan that's right for you and fill out our short online form. We'll then reach out to you and sync up your data. Next, we schedule a call to introduce you to our dedicated accounting team to learn more about your business and discuss your financial needs and debt. That's it. Congrats. No more late nights worrying about your account. Now you have the opportunity to get back to growing your business. Take a vacation, enjoy some time with your family. Deal with what you do best. Xendoo.

Xendoo the best s-corp accounting system available (for sole props as well)
Xendoo the best s-corp accounting system available (for sole props as well)
Xendoo the best s-corp accounting system available (for sole props as well)
Xendoo the best s-corp accounting system available (for sole props as well)

All right, so Xendoo. I've been on the lookout for a great solution nationwide, and I'm telling you these guys are … they provide high end professional bookkeeping services, payroll service. They use big tools. They're using Xero, which is nice. A lot of these firms will use their own custom stuff, but please check out the link in the description. Please use that. I've been creating content and most of what's been happening, it's just been helping my former business partners, which is great. But we've really appreciated the support. So please check out Xendoo. There are other great solutions. You can go with QuickBooks Online. They have a great software, they have a ton of opportunity for you to get bookkeeping done for you. Now for a reasonable rate the catch is that they will not provide the tax return and tax advice for you, whereas Xendoo is going to provide a CPA to actually communicate with as much as you possibly want.

So head over, check out the link. That's the best accounting, payroll, bookkeeping software done for you and your tax returns that I've found in the United States as of 2019. Checkout Xendoo and we hope you head upward and forward.