Sony A7Siii NEWS - B&H Indicating an upcoming Sony A7S3 Release Date?

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June 20 Sony A7Siii release date news

Alright, I'll admit it, I've invested into the Sony ecosystem with their lenses, and I own a Sony A7III.

I love the camera, but I also want to get a second camera for doing more interviews for my clients. So, I'm eager to get the next full frame Sony Alpha camera for photos and video, which is supposed to be the Sony A7SIII.

I made a Google Search as usual, for Sony A7Siii and a7siii.

I also hit up my favorite source for Sony A7Siii release date rumors, here Here, here

Then today, I saw this article at FStoppers, whom I respect.

But Look what I found!

B&H has a Google Ad and Bing Ad (yes, that's a thing) for the SonyA7III

Sony a7siii update june 20 2019
Sony a7Siii release date coming B&H ads?

I've been searching this often, and I've never seen this ad, although I could be wrong

It could be nothing, because most digital marketers are using dynamic ad sets, and bidding on close variants and misspellings of model numbers.  So, it might be nothing, or, it could be that they're starting to work on A7sIII digital marketing.

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