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Shooting Your Own Small Business Videos

Entrepreneurs, brokers, small business owners and freelancers should all be creating content for their websites, social media, and Youtube.Why?Well, content allows people to connect with you, Video platforms are given extra "reach" and SEO, and Video is worth a million words.When it comes to video content, I think that small businesses should create consistent, fun, authentic video to help them connect with people, and then use them in targeted advertisements (more on that below).Besides connecting with people, small businesses can benefit by creating video content pertaining to their industry, region, and problems they solve.

Here's what I want you to do: Create Video Content! JUST DO IT!

The #1 Differentiation in Sales is Connection

If you can connect with people, in an authentic way, your close rates will skyrocket, people will refer you, and you'll have a much better time.Video and photos are some of the best ways to connect with people, but business owners always struggle to get video out unless they hire a firm like FeedbackWRENCH to do it well.If You're Working with Us, we want you to shoot your own video, and then we'll make it look right and edit it.Why? Because when brilliance strikes, or your schedule opens, you need to be ready to create! We'll take care of the rest.So in the rest of this article, I'm going to give you a couple of tips, and then show you how to get the video up to us so we can help edit it.

11 Quick Video Tips for Small Business:

  1. With all content, think 80/20 connection vs. promotion. Add value and connect 80% of the time, then promote only 20% of the time.
  2. Modern Iphone and Smartphone Video is good enough for DIY content
  3. Use Natural light, go outside or find a window - low light is the ENEMY of good video.
  4. Let the light fill your subject, don't shoot with bright windows or lights behind your subject... it messes up the exposure and you wont see the face
  5. Audio is critical, nothing makes people ignore your video like crappy audio so if you're far from the camera, use a mic or speak VERY CLEAR
  6. The first 5 seconds matter, just get right into whatever you're going to say and don't waste time
  7. Use Landscape (wide video) for Youtube and Portrait (tall video) for Facebook and Instagram.
  8. Use Video to Show your Niche Expertise.
  9. Talk fast and clear, people listen about twice as fast as we can talk.
  10. Keep your camera steady, using a Tripod or Gimbal (even if it's a phone!) unless someone is careful and using a modern top-end phone with stabilization
  11. Tall portrait videos are for facebook and instagram, landscape wide videos are for Youtube and Website.

Get your Phone, use the tools I show you below, and shoot content. You can either setup a tripod, or get someone to mount your phone on the Gimbal from DJI, and then walk around while your talking to keep it interesting.

Gear I Recommend for DIY Video

1 - Use a Joby Grip Tight Mount System to hold your smartphone on a Tripod.

This thing will hold your phone, and then you can put it on a Tripod. It's secure, which is really important. I use this all the time, and it is pretty durable. Joby makes the best one of these things, and if you buy one of the cheap plastic ones, they will break the first time you drop it on a tile floor or even hard carpet. Joby iphone and smartphone holders are the best.

2 - Use a Tripod

Best Cheap Tripod: Poloaroid 72'

This is only a good CHEAP tripod. I'm not here to tell you the professional tripods you should consider (I like monfrotto stuff).This is just meant to be a good solution for you.

3 - Audio Recorders

If you're going to be in a noisy place, or more than about 8 feet from your camera/phone, you should use an audio recording solution,The best solution is to use a lavaliere microphone, which will be worn on your person and then be pinned right up next to your mouth. This allows you to get great speaking audio.The Tascam DR-10L is my absolute favorite. Yes, it's $200, but it comes with the recorder, it's high quality, and it includes the microphone and the recorder. This Tascam DR-10L is what we use, and if you invest in a quality recorder, you wont find yourself buying another in a couple months. Good battery life, quality results, easy to use, and a great solution.

4 - Gimbal from DJI when following someone

Static video can be boring.Moving video can be shaky and distracting.This $120 Gimbal will hold your phone, and allow movement to be smooth as can be.These are REALLY cool, and they're VERY easy to use. If you have staff, or someone to follow you around, this is really cool.There's a bunch of different smartphone Gimbals, but the DJI one is the easiest to use, and delivers the best value.

Shoot & Upload it to FeedbackWRENCH

Alright, once you get the gear you want, it's time to shoot video!Remember, low light stinks, and get the audio right by either standing close to the camera or use the external recorder.Setup the Camera, Setup the microphone, turn on the microphone and then start shooting.When both the microphone and phone is going, start or end your video with a clap or loud noise, so that we can sync the audio to the video easier.After you've shot your video, head over to the shared Dropbox folder on your smartphone, and upload the video. If you used an external audio device, then take a minute download onto a computer and upload it into the dropbox we've shared with you.

  • Share with Dropbox App on the Smartphone
  • Transfer Audio using SD card reader and upload to Dropbox on PC

Once it's all sent to us, we'll make it look great!

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