Setting up Google Email on a Google Domain

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Setting up a Company Email with Google on a Google Domain

If you didn't know this, google is one of the best places that you can set up and host your email for your small business. Google has had a service called G sweet for a long time, but it has recently been re-branded as Google workspace. In this article, I'm going to show you how to simply set up google workspace email for your small business and how to purchase domains from Google domains.

What's the best email provider for small business? What's the best place to purchase your company domain name? You might think that Godaddy, wix, Squarespace or even web flow are great places to purchase a domain an email, but I highly recommend sticking with google solutions. You can purchase a domain through Google at domains that, and you can Purchase email service for you and all your employees at work

Google Provides Excellent Small Business Email Services & Domain Purchasing

Purchase Domains from Google Here

Purchase Email from Google Here.

You can also add the Google Workplace email setup within

Tutorial on How to Setup Google Domains & the Google Email

If you’re trying to set up email and domain for your website, I highly recommend using Google domains to purchase the URL, and I would use G suite for your email.

There are lots of different options for your email such as using office 365, Godaddy, and a host of others, but Google Workspace seems to be the most ubiquitous and easy to use across all platforms.

Rather than buying your domain at Godaddy, Square space, wicks, or any other domain registrar, I would recommend purchasing the domain at Google.

Here are the basic steps to get started with a domain purchased at Google, and how to set up their G sweet email service.

Step 1: Log into a Gmail account.

Create one if you don’t have one

Step 2: Dead to

Find and select your domain.
Purchase the domain

As you are purchasing the domain, Google will usually ask you if you want to have a custom email address and also prompt you to create a website. I would not create a website through this tool, but I would absolutely set up their custom email address. Most recently, this is called Google Workspace

Step 3: Purchase Google Workspace

After you’ve purchased your domain, if you didn’t add the Google workspace email into the check out, you can add it later on.

To purchase Google workspace email with your domain, simply had to do my domains tab on the left-hand side and then hit the manage button on your domain. This will get you into the domain settings page.

On the left-hand side you will see a number of things, but click on the email tab.

This will look a little different throughout the ages as Google continues to update things, but under the email tab, you should have something that says get google work place. Simply click that button and start setting things up.

Get signed up and then we can take it from there after you add us as an admin to your domain.

How to Add an Admin to your Google Domain Account

Don't Share Passwords or Logins, Add them as Admins

In order to have your webmaster get access to your domain without sharing emails and logins, it's best to simply add an administrator into your Google account. I can't emphasize this enough, people should stop sharing passwords to their stuff and start utilizing the user systems within Google, Godaddy, and every other platform. Security is important, quit sharing your passwords and usernames

Adding an admin is easy.

Step 1 - Click on My Domains

Step 2 - Click on Manage

Next, you'll click on the manage button on the right. It's in blue and there's one for each domain that you own.  When you hit this, you'll be able to set the DNS settings, and find all sorts of other settings.

Step 3 - Click on Registration Settings

You'll then select the registration settings on the left.

Stpe 4 - Add User Under Domain Permissions

The last thing you'll do is add the user as an admin.  I find it much easier to keep sending invites to Gmail addresses so they don't have problems in the future.

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