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There's one critical new reason to get your own Real estate agent website from FeedbackWRENCH..... .

The biggest reason why real estate agents should get their own website:

Should you invest in your own Realtor® Website?

Should you get an IDX Website from FeedbackWRENCH?

I'll keep this brief because I don't need to waste your time with a long preamble, real estate agents have lots of choices when it comes to marketing. One of the things that ends up being optional, is whether or not you would create your own standalone website or simply use the one your broker gave you.Many agents decide not to get their own website, sticking with the broker provided page because they think the website would require too much money, time, and might be silly because it could never replicate the IDX experience of Zillow, Trulia, or the brokerage website.But there’s definitely one reason you should get your own Real Estate Website...REMARKETING.

Remarketing is the #1 Reason for a Realtor® Website

Unless you get access to specific tools on your broker provided website (which is unlikely), you are not going to be able to install your own Facebook pixel, Google analytics tracking code, and your Google AdWords tra Save & Exit cking code.These tracking codes are what make it possible to perform Remarketing or Retargeting.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing will create a custom audience out of the users of your website, or web pages, so that you can serve up custom advertising through the Google or Facebook channels to those specific users.People come to your website, these tracking codes allow you to create audiences, then you create posts or ads JUST for them.Examples of the Custom Audiences you Can Target with Remarketing:

  • People Who viewed a City Landing Page
  • Neighborhood Landing Page
  • Land For Sale Landing Page
  • New Construction landing Page
  • Lakefront property landing page
  • School District Landing Page
  • New development landing page
  • People who found you on Google.
  • People who found you from a particular geo-targeted Facebook campaign you ran
  • People from your email list that visited a certain number of times

Remarketing allows you to maximize every campaign you run, from door knocking, to post cards, to personal referrals.That's right, you can even target .csv lists you have.We believe you should NOT do any Facebook advertising or Google advertising unless you’ve setup the Remarketing tracking codes. Why? Because remarketing will allow you to target the subset of unconverted campaign respondents (people who clicked on marketing campaigns but didn’t convert) and allows you to serve up specific content to that custom audience.When the tracking codes are installed, you can create a custom audience, or a subset list, of people that have gone to any webpage, and then serve up ads.The most practical thing is to run campaigns in neighborhoods showing recently sold listings for that neighborhood, and then pay to get your face and brand in front of respondents so that they think of you as the neighborhood expert.You can target neighborhood by using Facebook, or better yet, use tools like Remine to create geo-targeted lists to run Facebook campaigns to….present to the list the idea that you’re the neighborhood expert and showcase every property you’ve sold in their neighborhood.

Minnesota Real Estate Websites

Like doing business with other Local Minnesota Businesses?

FeedbackWRENCH provides IDX websites, both high and low scope, to Minnesota Real Estate Agents & Brokerages.

Get a Real Estate Marketing Plan & IDX Website Quote

We help many Real Estate Agents, serving as their outsourced marketing teams. If you're from Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, RE/Max Results or Advantage Plus, or any other brokerage, we can help you implement marketing systems to drive leads.

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