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October 19, 2020


Real Estate Websites & Marketing by Feedbackwrench

Create a Steady Flow of Qualified Leads & Nurture them into Sales.

We know what works with real estate, and we'll help you navigate the vast array of options when it comes to websites, CRM's, IDX listings & advertising. We know how to get results, and we'd be honored to help your team, brokerage or agency create a steady flow of qualified leads.

The Problem:

You're missing market share & easy sales because your website & ads are non-existent, or ineffective.

Our Mission: What We Do.

We transform lazy, ineffective websites into selling machines.  Then we fill your sales funnel and dominate your competitors with exceptional ads & seo strategies.

Our Purpose:  Why We Exist.

We exist to maximize the efforts of entrepreneurs so they can focus on what's most important in life.

I've built two businesses, and I know what it's like to take the risks necessary to succeed.  

You need to drive sales, and then execute.

We know how to invest properly to create a steady flow of qualified leads, and then help move them towards a sale.

Inbound Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Profitability Comes from a Great Website, Paid Advertising & Lead Nurturing.

You can handle social media, we'll handle the rest.

Before explaining our Real Estate Website and Marketing approach, I want to talk a little bit about something we both know: You can easily handle your Realtor Social Media.undefined

We help schedule posts and create inbound content, but we always encourage realtors to handle their own social media.

Too many realtors remain short-sighted about lead generation, and rather than invest $800 in a month on a great paid search campaign, they'll waste 45 hours a month writing social media posts that go nowhere.

Social media is important for Real Estate Agents, but it should only be a small part of your overall marketing efforts and approach.

Don't Forget to Calculate Your Time When Counting the Costs of Marketing.

Yes, we Recommend Social Media, but Only So Far.

To be a successful Real Estate Agent, social media activity, especially Facebook, is crucial because it lets your friends, family and community see that you're engaged in your business.

Videos, photos, and posting tips and updates is really helpful inside the native platforms, but you'll miss out on market share and easy sales if you neglect your website with paid search ads & remarketing.

You've Heard it Before

You've inevitably had some peers and coaches tell you that facebook will make your practice rich.

It's true that social media can help lead to big sales, but there's some underlying problems with relying heavily on social media while neglecting what we call "inbound marketing".

Let me talk about some of the issues with heavy social media reliance in a real estate business.

Problem #1 with Social Media for Real Estate Agents:

The main problem with relying heavily or solely on social media for a real estate agent, is that you're missing out on TIMING.

Timing is everything in sales.

You need to be top of mind when they're starting to solve a problem, not during an irrelevant time.

Your business oriented facebook posts might grace the news feed of friends and family occasionally, but the chances of your social media posts providing TIMELY marketing exposure is much smaller.

You'll want to use inbound marketing to intersect with people when they start looking for solutions, and search is the best way to do that.

Besides the timing problem, you'll also see that Social Media posts don't help you intersect in search results.

Problem #2 with Social Media for Real Estate Agents:

Social media is only effective within their own platforms.

Google ignores instagram posts, linkedin ignores instagram, youtube ignores linkedin.

Google, Bing, Siri and Alexa will serve up solutions -but they don't help their competitors.

Instagram posts, videos and facebook posts aren't served up by Siri, Google, Youtube, Bing or other Web Searches, except for branded searches, some rare exceptions, or with Twitter.

Social Media is Disruptive, not Inbound.

Inbound marketing is using your website and youtube to create assets that will be crawled and indexed by Google and Bing so that when people search, these assets can be found.

Inbound marketing is amazing because you can provide a solution to a problem, at exactly the right time.

We recommend putting 80% of your effort as a real estate agent into inbound marketing, which includes video content on youtube and your blog, as well as written content on your website.

Inbound Marketing also has the benefit that you can utilize paid search advertising, which fast forwards you to the top and can easily drive great leads.

Pay to Play for Reach:

Besides those problems, social media companies also know that businesses will pay to get in front of their users,  which means they've really downgraded and manipulated the organic reach of people's social media posts, particularly businesses posts.

Your posts are facing an increasingly uphill battle to get in front of people, unless you pay to boost or run ads.

Social Media Only Gets you So Far

Social media helps you connect personally and create awareness, but it's quickly becoming an expensive marketing platform.

When I say expensive, I don't just mean the increasing costs of Facebook Ads.

It's expensive because the energy and time you put into social media is quickly forgotten.

Your posts will be algorithmically negated and flushed out of news feeds, and essentially lost forever.

But youtube videos, blog posts, and inbound based content is much more permanent.

In fact, well written website guides and solutions to questions, actually get BETTER with time, which is opposite of what we see for social media posts.

Inbound Marketing & Paid Search Will Dominate Over Time.

I want to urge you that you can experience dramatic increases in leads, and you can get better ROI on your social media activity, if you integrate a high quality website, along with targeted paid advertising campaigns through Google Search, Bing Search, and remarketing on Social media.

Let's Dive into our Real Estate Marketing Perspective.

The Market Share You're Missing - Kick Zillow's Butt

Zillow is Killing You.

Every month, thousands and thousands of searches are made for real estate, and Zillow, Redfin and the big juggernauts will always dominate you when it comes to organic search results and organic SEO....;

That is, Zillow and Redfin will win with broad searches, and they're pretty conservative on their paid search campaigns.

You can beat Zillow and Others with Paid Search & Organic SEO for Niche keywords

This matters because I think you'd be amazed at the monthly search volume you're missing out on.

Scott County & Dakota County Search Volume Example:

This is just for an example, in two counties in Minnesota, but I'm telling you - you have the opportunity to intersect with people for a dime, for a dollar, or for VERY inexpensive.

Would you buy coffee for someone who's been searching "Houses for sale in Lakeville MN?" if you focused on Lakeville?

Google Ads has a tool called "the Keyword Planner", which can take key phrases, and show you historical data and average bid requirements to win.

This should show you just a little bit of what's at stake, you can easily get in front of thousands of perfectly timed prospects, and then remarket to them.

Feedbackwrench Real Estate Websites & Lead Generation

After transforming hundreds of businesses digital marketing, we've developed 6 core services that help our customers

  1. Develop Your Core Focus
  2. Clarify & Create Your Messaging
  3. Build a Website & Online System
  4. Drive Leads with Advertising & SEO.
  5. Create Customers with Nurture Campaigns & Tools.
  6. Serve as Your Website Team

Types of Service Levels We Provide:

Our team is able to deliver the amount of value and service you actually need. If you want us to update a campaign, or work with Me (Rob) on your business with hourly consulting, that's an option.

  1. 6 Step Setup & Management - $2500 - $8500 and then Monthly Service
  2. "Marketing Machine" Setup - $1500
  3. On Page SEO Optimization - $500 - $3500
  4. Small to Large Website Design & Development - $500 to $10,000
  5. Hourly Consulting or Development - $150/hour

3 Stages of the Customer Journey:

Good customers come from a healthy pacing, just like a healthy spouse.  

You can't move too fast, nor can you miss out on asking for the sale.

Curiosity - Pique people’s curiosity about how you make their lives better.

Enlightenment - Enlighten them as to how you work to make them thrive or survive.

Commitment - Move the relationship forward with appropriate & healthy pacing, not asking for the sale too early or not at all. 

What this translates to:

We build you a: 

a Lead Generation Funnel - Generate targeted traffic and turn into a lead

a Sales Funnel - Enlighten your lead & turn them into customers

Our 6 Step Process:

Develop Your Core Focus

Clarify & Create Your Messaging

Build a Website & Online System

Drive Leads with Advertising & SEO.

Create Customers with Nurture Campaigns.

Update & serve as your website team.

3 Pieces of a Real Estate Website:

The tools for Realtor digital marketing & websites are usually a combination of 3 different things.  It's important to make a distinction between these functions of the service so you can identify what's most important for your business model and goals.

  1. CRM, Email Nurturing & Sales Tool - Think Mailchimp, Salesforce, Constanct Conctact or Hubspot.
  2. IDX Listings Tool - The system showing MLS Listings and allowing people to register to see them.
  3. Website System - Web pages, blogs & landing page creation.

Tools we Prefer:

Webflow, Wordpress, IDX Broker, Followup Boss, and Chime.me are the tools we prefer to use for our Real Estate Agent marketing. We've worked with Kunversion/KV Core, and RealGeeks, but we keep coming back to one of 2 scenarios:

1 - Webflow + IDX BrokerActiveCampaign or Followup Boss

2 - Chime.me here.

Lead Generation Strategies:

When it comes to generating real estate leads, there are two primary routes when it comes to digital:

Search Engine Marketing - Paid Search.

Social Media Targeting & Lead Generation

Both of these techniques should be followed up with remarketing campaigns.

Search Engine Terms:

Search engines are built around questions and queries, and if you intersect around the right search terms, you can drive traffic, and hopefully turn them into leads.

Here's the Most Prominent Search Term Strategies for Real Estate:

Realtor & Real Estate Agent Near Me

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale “Niche Area”

“Niche Home Type” for Sale “Niche Area”

Lead Generation Funnel:

Paid Search Formulas: Niche and Broad.


Realtor/Homes for Sale - to search tool.


Create Niche Landing Pages for Queries

Run Paid Search Ads on Queries

Capture Registrations to View IDX

Create Compelling Value-Focused CTA’s

Run Targeted Remarketing Campaigns

Run Nurturing Campaign

Things to Consider:

Duplicate Content 

Most Real Estate website tools, CRM’s, lead generation platforms & IDX tools have similar or identical content across each of their customers; and only unique content will perform well in search engines.

Ownership & Permanence of Content

Typical You want to own your website and each web page so that if you ever change platforms, you can bring the content with you. Each web page, and it’s authority with search engines, are like a tree which has been planted and is growing it’s authority.  

It’s a tremendous loss for your own SEO when you pick up and remove the pages you’ve planted in the past (as long as they’re actually useful).

Nurturing Campaigns:

Delivering emails & communication that are value-less or spammy will hurt your inbox open rates as a domain.  You do not want to send emails that go largely unopened, because you’re training the inbox of the user that your domain is spam.

You also need to present valuable information & resources.

What works?

Up to date listings of their desired property types.

Up to date sold information around their neighborhood and comps

Truly helpful resources & educational content (skimmable, helpful contnet_

Locally relevant updates & content that connects at a personal level

Google Ads for Real Estate Agents & Lead Generation:

Google Ads should be run for conversions, and each ad group and campaign needs to be highly optimized in order to maximize your ad spend.  

Without proper conversion attribution, you won’t be able to utilize machine learning, and your campaigns will waste money on results you don’t want or need.  

Campaigns running for conversions require long-term commitment, and you’ll need to prune and improve them over time.

Ad Relevance & Quality Score come as a result of synthesizing Search Term, Location, Ad Text, Extensions Text, Landing Page Experience & On Page Metrics once there.

How much should you spend on Google or Bing Ads? 

You’ll want to consider the area in which you’re advertising and your quality score efforts to determine how much you’ll want to spend.  $20 a day is always a good start, but you’ll want to move that needle according to your business goals, cost per click, cost per conversion and your overall ROI. 

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