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Real Estate Agent SEO for Kunversion and Boomtown

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KUNVERSION Commissions Inc.BoomTown, Kunversion and Curaytor

Real Estate Agent SEO for Kunversion and Boomtown

I have to agree - every realtor wants to see a killer ROI when investing in Kunversion or Boomtown.Using Boomtown or Kunversion might be the best decision a real estate agent can make, but if you’re not intentional about search engine optimization, you’ll never rank on Google. If you invest into SEO, you’ll have to treat it in the same way that you would if you were planting a seed that will eventually grow.SEO for Kunversion or Boomtown requires patience and an investment, but it could make your website “your best employee ever!”

SEO for Real Estate Agents: A Very Wise Investment

SEO Eventually Reduces your Reliance on Paid Advertising. If you invest into SEO for Kunversion, BoomTown, Curaytor or Commissions Inc., you’ll eventually need to do less paid Facebook advertising, because you can rely on more organic traffic. Without SEO, your site will only ever be a mediocre tool. It will allow your clients to search for properties or serve as a landing page for expensive Facebook ads. What is SEO for Realtors? Real estate SEO or “realtor search engine optimization,” is the art of working with your on-site web assets, as well as off-site SEO factors to cause your content to rank for specific search queries that matter to you.Real Estate SEO is hard because there are massive players involved that invest millions into their websites and social media. How can a small real estate agent rank for keywords against Zillow?By working smarter and harder than their monstrosity ever could - and adding value to your community so they’re eager to pay attention to you when the time is right.Is Boomtown and Kunversion’s property listing or IDX MLS feed, ever going to be better than Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, or your broker’s site?The crux of our method is to use your website as a tool to amplify you and your work!  Don’t think that your Boomtown or Kunversion website, or the optimization work you do will ever replace prospecting activity or referrals. Real life always matter most.We’re going to teach you four ways to dominate with SEO using Kunversion, Curaytor, Boomtown or Commissions Inc, to help maximize your ROI.When realtors approach SEO for the first time, they often ask:Do Boomtown or Kunversion provide good SEO?  

  • How well do Boomtown websites rank on Google?
  • Will Kunversion websites have good SEO?
  • Is search engine optimization included in these tools?

If you’ve been asking any of these questions yourself - then we want to help you out.First off, we are FeedbackWRENCH. We help small businesses go from good to great by making the web their best employee. We do search engine optimization and digital marketing for small businesses - and we’d love to help you out with everything we’re going to talk about here…no matter where you live.

What are Kunversion and Boomtown?

Boomtown and other services like Kunversion are all-in-one solutions for real estate professionals, providing email marketing, website hosting, a website builder, a CRM and an IDX MLS feed that will show all the properties found on the MLS. It provides all this along with powerful analytic tools and easy to do marketing for Facebook ads.Instead of using your brokerage website, Wordpress, Squarespace, or Wix, and jimmy-rigging a bunch of other services - Boomtown and Kunversion combine everything together.

Drawbacks of Boomtown and Kunversion

Later on we’ll provide a full review of Kunvresion and Boomtown, because there are tradeoffs that are important to understand if you’re going to build your agency around such a tool.  The biggest con of Boomtown and Kunversion, is that you’re essentially renting your website.  If you were to switch to your own platform, you’d find that you’re pretty much stuck on their platforms.We don’t think that’s a problem, and the benefits of an all in one solution can far outweigh the drawbacks.  That being said - we want to help you with SEO.

Local SEO with Kunversion or Boomtown

Optimizing a Kunversion site or Boomtown website is going to be one of the most talked about subjects for many brokerages because many agencies are switching from their broker’s site to a custom URL.These solutions also provide agents with the the necessary tools to increase activity, take notes, and stay on top of their logistics.  Having a CRM combined with your web tool is an attractive value proposition.The problem is that now more people are in charge of their own search engine optimization….. Which is a foreign subject to most realtors, brokers, and agencies.Outranked by Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and your BrokerageIt’s frustrating as an agent to see Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and even your own brokerage website outrank your agent real estate website.  These monster websites are dominating the organic search results in Google, and have giga-marketing budgets to invest into both SEO and pay per click advertising. Then, on top of that, you have Dave Ramsey bidding on Google AdWords so that he can hand leads over to his endorsed local providers.These large real estate websites are making it very difficult for local agents and their SEOWe’re here to help -  I’ve got four ways to improve the SEO of your Kunversion or Boomtown website.  

Five Ways to Improve SEO for Kunversion or Boomtown

1 - Realize that They Provide No Search Engine Optimized Content Out of the Box

Out of the box, the Kunversion and Boomtown tools are literally useless to rank in Google for everything except your specific name and URL.That’s right, your Boomtown or Kunversion website will not rank for anything in Google when it’s right out of the box.I don’t want to bore you, but I do want you to understand just a little bit of what the tools’ website builders are doing so that you can realize why it literally provides no SEO help.Kunversion and Boomtown take what’s on the MLS through what’s called an “IDX FEED,” and creates posts out of the listings. When it’s fresh out of the box, Boomtown and Kunversion only have content that Google will disregard for search queries.For Kunversion and Boomtown SEO, you’ll need to create additional content.Let me quickly tell you what’s happening here with the Kunversion and Boomtown IDX feed.  The MLS is updating itself constantly, and it sends out a feed that can be tapped into if you pay a fee.  That feed is tapped into by your Boomtown or Kunversion website, which is called “scraping.”  Your website then does two things:  Creates posts or pages of what the MLS feed had, and then uses jquery and iframes as widgets to show different types of feeds on different areas of the site.So each property you want gets created as a post, and then retired when it’s done for or sold. The Kunversion site pulls data from the MLS IDX feed, creates blog posts, and places the information from the feed into the HTML source code of each post, verbatim.Your posts are word-for-word the same as every other realtor website posting MLS content.Kunversion and Boomtown will add categories and features to each of the listings so that they can be sorted by various criteria.  Also, Kunversion and Boomtown are monitoring every web activity that happens so it can give you those powerful analytics.The analytics, tied to the CRM, is extremely helpful.What I want you to know, is that out of the box, the Boomtown and Kunversion tools simply repost what was on the MLS website.Having the listings on your site is useful in a couple ways, but useless in a couple of others.Benefits of Out-of-the-box Kunversion and Boomtown IDX Feed Listings:A - Facebook Friendly PostsB - It provides analysis and behaviors as an online brochure all tied to the CRMKunversion is good for Facebook ads & social media sharing.The tool’s posts have the proper OG:IMAGE, OG:TITLE, and other Twitter and Facebook SDK markups so that when you share the property on social media, it looks correct.  And those posts, and subsequent web traffic is monitored by the analytics tools. Very handy!The benefits of the listing tools are mainly for people that have arrived at your site already or that you’ve attracted using a social media post.If you’ve posted on social media, boosted a post, or gotten people to use website already - the tools are amazing.  The listings are also useful for your clients to browse properties and provide you with notes, information, and favorites.Kunversion and Boomtown Have Benefits, But…“Out of the box” Kunversion and Boomtown will never, ever, ever rank on search engines for anything except your exact name.Without an investment into SEO and web development, the tool is only good for social media marketing - not organic SEO or local SEO.

The Two Major Problems with Kunversion and Boomtown Out of the Box:

There are two major problems with “out-of-the-box” when it comes to SEOA - The content will be duplicate content, so Google won’t index it or treat it with respectB - It’s using JQuery and Iframes - meaning that all pages, except the landing page of the property, will be filled primarily with goofy JavaScript rather than text like Google wants.

A - Duplicate Content with Kunversion and Boomtown

Everything that Boomtown or Kunversion puts on your website by itself, is useless for SEO.Kunversion and Boomtown are “scraping” the MLS IDX feed and simply posting what the feed tells it - which is how EVERY MLS SITE WORKS!  All the text and descriptions from the MLS listing are word-for-word, exactly the same that will be found on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia and every other agent website.Google doesn’t like duplicate content.  When Google crawls a website and notices that it’s word-for-word the sames as other websites - it immediately decides that it’s not trustworthy and should be ignored or unfavored.In the real estate world, Google decides to then reward only mega-sites for duplicate content.That’s why when you search an address or some general terms in the MLS descriptions, the Google search engine results page seems to always reward the mega-large real estate websites.Everything that Kunversion and Boomtown do for you, out of the box, is duplicate content, and useless for SEO purposes.Let me really quick remind you or teach you what is good for Google SEO:Google rewards original, relevant content and trustworthiness.

Google rewards original, relevant content and trustworthiness.

Google cuts off every shortcut to the Google results page so that we continue to use their search engine.  If what popped up at the forefront of a Google search were only websites that knew how to game the system, then we’d quit using it.  Imagine a search engine that didn’t provide you the most relevant and trustworthy solution to your question about something like chimney repair - but only gave you links to the chimney repair people that used black-hat SEO tactics like buying backlinks in southeast Asia, or keyword stuffing?Rather than getting a solution to your problem or answer to your question, you’d be left frustrated and you’d quit using Google to search.You’d get mad and move on to Bing.If you want Google to reward your website for anything besides your URL or your specific name, then you need to invest into creating relevant, useful, and unique content for your prospects on your website.Want SEO for Kunversion and Boomtown? Then Invest into creating relevant, useful and unique web content.Luckily, Kunversion and Boomtown are tools that you can use to create that type of website content.SEO for Boomtown and Kunversion only happens when you create additional, unique content.If you rely on the out-of-the-box content, Boomtown and Kunversion are only useful for Facebook ads, a CRM, and as an online tool for current clients.So the first thing you need to do for SEO for your Kunversion or Boomtown real estate website is to create your own web content, website pages, and blog posts.Only unique, non-duplicate web content will rank on Google for anything.Are you tracking with me?If you want SEO for your Kunversion or Boomtown real estate website, you’ll have to invest into creating content such as web pages, blog posts, and even unique pictures.The second key to getting your Kunversion or Boomtown website to climb the Google results page has to do with the actual content of the web pages you create.

2 - Create Niche Web Content - Hyper Local & Specific

You need a niche. Yeah yeah yeah, you’ve heard that before from your coach. I used to hate when people would tell me to choose a niche when I was an investment advisor.  It’s like - “I’m rubbing two sticks together here, I’ll do business with everyone I can right now!” Take every deal that comes your way - we don’t care.  We’re talking web content here.Your agent website, or team website, will likely never out-rank Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and your broker’s site for broad real estate keywords and terminology.You’re not going to rank for terms like “Minnesota houses for sale” or “real estate Minneapolis,” or even for your local city, unless you work diligently over time on the web.Finding a Web Content Niche is Critical to SEORanking for broad terms and keywords is hard, but long-tail keywords are your best friend.What’s a long-tail keyword?Look at this example that goes from broad to long-tail:

  1. House for sale
  2. House for sale Minnesota
  3. House for sale lakeville MN
  4. Rambler house for sale lakeville MN
  5. Ramblers for sale lakeville MN Bracketts crossing golf course

Many people search the broad category - these often aren’t the people who you’re trying to attract.  But a person looking for a specific house, in your town, near a golf course that you’re familiar with - that sounds like a perfect prospect! Zillow and the big boys are currently unable to create compelling, useful, and relevant content for their site concerning these types of niches.  If you do research, you might find that Zillow is winning long-tail realtor keywords that you would want, but these long-tail real estate keywords are the best chance you have to beat them.Create long-tail content by combining certain criteria and categories such as:

  • New construction / construction type
  • Adjectives such as “remodeled” fixer upper, flips, foreclosures, biggest backyards, etc.
  • Single level living
  • Neighborhoods
  • Towns / regions / districts / county
  • Local landmarks
  • Associations
  • Golf courses
  • School districts
  • Type of home model (rambler etc)
  • Builder
  • Acreage
  • Amusement parks
  • Nearby employers
  • Sheds, extra garages, relaxed zoning laws,
  • COLOR?!?!
  • Any other unique thing people might have interest in…

After you find a niche, build out content that’s unique and compelling for each of these types of keywords.  You can then curate listings according to the content you create.Obviously, we just shared a massive list of idea generators, and you wouldn’t want to keyword stuff, over optimize, or do anything else but try to provide helpful information for people that MIGHT search for some of these niche terms…Intent matters when it comes to search queries. WHY would someone use a certain search term, and how can you make sure you satisfy that query so they’re left happy?The content you create should be focused on buy-intent type keywords.  Write your content to the person you want to help - and make sure it’s a prospective buyer.If you don’t build it, Google won’t help you.The bottom line is that you need to create unique content on your site, and that content needs to be relevant to your desired audience.  If you want to sell homes, or find listings in your region, then you need to create well-written, engaging, relevant, and helpful content on your page.Remember - Google cannot possibly serve you up as a search engine result if you don’t have unique content.If you create this content on your page and then achieve off-page SEO success with things such as backlinks and citations, then you’ll find that this content will start to rank in the search engine result pages, giving you a long term, permanent prospecting tool.Blog Tips & White PapersAnother thing you’ll want to create on the page is interesting, relevant, and helpful content for people.Create resources that are useful when buying a house, useful when choosing an agent, and help people in even a more general sense.Your expertise is what’s useful here - but I recommend creating web pages and PDF downloads of all the tips, tricks, how-to’s, and advice you could possibly give. Show the world your expertise.Quickly Connect with PeopleAnother important thing to remember is that people want to know more about you once you’ve been able to garner their attention.  Showing some photos of you, your family, hobbies, and some other real-life things can help others connect with you.You don’t want the site to be about you - but I also think it’s important to introduce yourself and share a little bit of your story.As we all know, most people buy with emotion, and they want to work with someone they like and connect with. You don’t have to be their best friend, but you should have posts that help connect with people and share common ground.Remember that social media is a cool way to connect, but that nothing you post on social media helps SEO in a significant way.Sprinkle in some personal stories, photos, and conversations so people can connect with you.

3 - Capture Every Successful Transaction on Google Reviews and Facebook.

This SEO tip has very little to do with the Kunversion or Boomtown tools themselves, but it’s becoming more and more relevant as Google evolves its local snippets.Local snippet SEO for realtors and real estate agents is powerful.I have other videos and content that teach about the importance of Google Reviews from both a user’s standpoint and Google’s standpoint, so I won’t be long winded here.Google My Business pages are important for realtors and real estate agents, so make sure you claim your page at google.com/business.After you’ve claimed your page, build it out with images, descriptions, and other relevant information.Local SEO for real estate is impacted by your Google reviews.

Local SEO for real estate is impacted by your Google reviews.

Every time you have a successful real estate transaction, you should be positioning yourself to obtain a 5-star review with some description of what it was like to work with you. These reviews should be real, authentic, and bonafide reviews, but you’ll need to do proactive outreach in order to get those reviews coming in.Read about tips to get Google reviews for small businesses.A Google review shows others that you’ve executed and are worthy of trust, and it positions you against your competitors from both the user’s standpoint and Google’s standpoint.

4 - Get your Website Foundations Right

Boomtown and Kunversion are good tools, but they’re simply a content management system for realtors like Wordpress or Squarespace - it’s kind of like being given a tablet and a pencil.To really win with SEO, you need to develop a robust website, full of relevant content, calls to action, and other technical best-practices.Each page or blog post should be written well, addressing a central theme and keyword. It should have only one H1 header, just a couple of H2 headers, and a clearly structured meta title and description.Images should be optimized for both speed and the user experience.Your site should be on Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, and it should have a Sitemap.Your site should be clean with well thought out sections and links that make sense.Each page on your site needs to have internal link optimization so that people can get around the site with ease.You can’t rely on the “out of the box” content, and you need to make a site that has good fundamentals.

5 - Backlinks & Citations

2017 and 2018 SEO best practices are all about backlinks.A backlink is when another website hyperlinks over to your website, creating a small vote of confidence for your website.Over the years, Google has had to work hard to eliminate everything that scams their system, and it’s arrived at the conclusion that one of the best ways to show how authoritative a piece of content might be is to pay attention to how other websites link to it.If you wrote a piece of content meant to help Kunversion and Boomtown users how to increase their SEO, you’d expect that the piece might garner some attention eventually and other sites would link to it.In 2017 and 2018, nothing can impact your search engine optimization more than backlinks.This will probably change in the future - but for now, creating amazing content and marketing it so that others will link is one of the most important content strategies around.

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