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New Google My Business Sort by Rating and Sort by Hours Feature 2017

There's a New Google My Business Sort by Ratings Feature

It’s not everyday that there’s a new meaningful update to Google, so when something like this happens, we’re excited.Google has been slowly rolling out new features in it’s Google My Business tools, which is meant to be the solution for local small businesses to utilize Google.

There's a New Google "Sort by Rating" Feature for Google Maps & Local Snippet

Here at FeedbackWRENCH, one of the foundational philosophies we carry is that Google has two macro-level priorities: To serve relevant content from trustworthy sources.

Google's Top Priorities to Protect the Quality of Search:

  • Reward Trustworthy Vendors and Websites
  • Reward Relevant and Engaging Content

Check out our tips to get small business Google Reviews postRelevancy is done by creating fresh, engaging, and helpful content that people can't help but consumer, while building trustworthiness is primarily done through two things: building your online reputation through reviews, and backlinks.

Conveying Trust is Done by:

  • Online Review Signals
  • Backlinks from Trustworthy Sources

Google My Business is the Best Small Business Tool Online

New Google My business sort by rating feature

We do lots of work helping small businesses build up an authentic, bona-fide online reputation because we believe that it’s critical for Google’s search results, as well as improving the likelihood of closing deals because it becomes easier to trust a company with a solid reputation.

Filtering Local Google My Businesses by Review Count

Because of this, we’re actively working inside of the Google My Business environment with our entrepreneurs constantly - and we’ve noticed a new groundbreaking feature for Google’s local results.Remember, a SERP (search engine results page) can vary depending on the intent of the inquiry and that actual search terms, but it’s generally the most relevant breakdown is as follows:

Basic Breakdown of a SERP

1 - Paid Adword Marketing on the Top2 - Google My Businesses featured on the “Local Snippet”3 - The Organic Results

Small Businesses have been given a strong tool with their Google My Business page, which can then receive reviews and be placed on the local snippet results.You can learn more from Tom Capper here about the Google my Business Page best practices.

New Google My Business Results Filtering and Sorting

In mid-august of 2017, we’ve seen a new feature get folded into the mix. The Google my Business and local snippet now allows results to be sorted by both ratings and hours.

Sorting by Ratings in Google My Business

Sorting by Ratings in the Google my business page currently allows to show vendors that have reached an aggregate rating threshold. EIther 4.5 stars and up, 4, 3.5, and all the way down to 2 and up.This is incredibly helpful for users that want to find the best results for a specific industry or inquiry.We’ve spent the morning testing the results, because it now allows us to validate some of our foundational assumptions about Google My Business local snippet factors - and we’re quickly moving to help our small businesses dominate in the local snippet arena.

Sorting by Hours in Google My Business

This tool will create a huge efficiency in finding a solution to many in-person needs. Think of how much more important Google My Business has become to the end user.

  • Quickly find health care facilities that are still open.
  • Quickly sort restaurant or bar options
  • Easily filter out attractions that aren’t still open
  • Find things to do with your kids at parks, amusement rides, and other attractions.
  • Easily find the coffee shops that open really early
  • Identify the movies theaters open late
  • Find Church Services and other places of worship on certain days
  • Easily find concerts and events on certain days

The list of possibilities are huge - and it’s also providing a new tool for SEO experts to study what on-page and off-page factors were contributing to local snippet results.We love online reviews, even though Google seems to have some fatal flaws because it’s so easy to fake reviews. But when a business owner abides by acting in a trustworthy manner, and creating relevant content, they’re going to have good results from Google.Google My Business reviews are incredibly important, we’ve written about it here (eric, find link to Google My Business walkthrough.

Local Business Filtering Settings Preferences

Another feature we've seen is that when you come back to search things, the local results seem to automatically hold the setting which you put it on.In our experiments this morning, we were filtering out all results except 4.0 star and above, and when we returned later in the day to try out some "best chicken sandwich near me" and "best pizza near me," the results were automatically filtered in the same manner we had done with previous local tests.

Increasing the Importance of Google Reviews.This new feature makes it absolutely critical for businesses to get really intentional on two things:

  1. Google Review Outreach Tactics
  2. Underlying Signals for Regions & Keywords

Our testing now-shows that the local snippet takes it's signals from the website - along with the obvious stuff stated in Moz's amazing 2017 SEO survey resultsHere's what we're getting at:You need to create meaningful, engaging, and keyword + region specific contact to communicate to Google what regions and industry keywords you're relevant and trustworthy in.For example:Masonry companies might see drastically different search terms being used, that are relevant to the local snippet:

  • Masonry Company XYZ City/Region
  • Tuck Point + XYZ City/Region
  • Chimney repair
  • Chimney renovations
  • Stoneworker
  • Stoneworking company
  • etc.

The local snippet still takes it's queues from the website of the company, among many other things.This means that building out relevant, trustworthy, and strategic web content for your local small business is critically important - while maturing your online reputation in a real, authentic, and honest way.

google my business page new sort by rating feature
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